The Tomorrow Legion

First Day with the Legion

A Bad First Day

Field Report 1.0.0

Day one with the Tomorrow Legion has come to the end with me already taking a couple shots and attacked by a……….not really sure, but I am nursing some serious wounds.

Two concurrent missions are being run at the Legion against 1) cyborg group called the Avante Guard and 2) a drug on the street that gives temporary “super” abilities called Bull.

Spirit (wears a power armor) introduced me to Bogart (Squirrel) , Dr. Preposterous (Intense Doctor) , Diane (Huntress), Dead Man (‘Borg), and “Ben” (alien) at the Tomorrow Legion. I introduced myself as “Harry”. I was well received from all except Bogart who immediately gave me the cold shoulder. I didn’t know squirrels had feelings or could be jealous. It was an odd experience.

The group discussed a recent exit of two members: Hazel and Vigilance. There is still contact with Hazel, but it appears the one called Vigilance is on the lamb and looked for by authorities.

Assign to the drug “Bull” case with other members.

A recent OD’d girl began to give the Tomorrow Legion information on her dealer’s info with a phone number from her phone and his name, Hank. The cyborg mimicked the girl’s voice to make the phone call to the dealer where he arranged a pick up for more stuff.

Everything went wrong. The dealer made it a hit scene for the girl in 3 armored SUV’s. In the scramble I took a couple bullets from the gangsters, but we caught two for questioning.

Dead-Man was able to push the SUV to an abounded building and we began interrogating the drug dealers. I am not the best at interrogating, but between the good Doctor, Dead-Man, and myself we got some valid info from the perps. Like the location of the factory.

I tried to make Dead-Man look like that Ape-Thing that had been captured. While the others thought it looked awesome I was left unimpressed. I need to work on disguises more. Dead-Man made his way thru the back of the factory saying he was Maximal and he needed help escaping. Everything went to crap afterwards.

And when I say crap, I mean #$%@.

Giant statues came to life and one got a hold of me and was trying to crush me. That didn’t feel too good especially with the bullets still lodged in me.

This lady with a gawd awful laugh dressed up as a Nun. And another younger guy who moved un-fathomly fast. Doc P and Bogart took on Momentum while Diane and Dead-Man were cornered by the Nun. Me, I was still being crushed by a statue of a “Gargoyle”? until I went untangible.

Doc P was able to drop stuff into the drugs to destroy them.

The battle was fast until the horrible happened, Momentum killed Doctor Preposterous. The Nun turned into some kind of demonic thing and what was left of our team barely escaped.

It was a dark sad day.


Nice summary!

First Day with the Legion

Character death is always difficult!

First Day with the Legion
Tokobauzsos Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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