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Hazel Makes a Baby




Ooohhh!!! What happened last night Matty?!?!

It’s been a pretty crazy month – few months. I helped rescue an in-bound alien named Marrakech Zimbabwe Golgo13’thasterror. Although he’s a Darclon so I don’t think I spelled that correctly. He’s a short, squat, black alien insect thing – ugly as all get out. But he’s psychic like Joan of Arc. Kinda creepy stuff. He was rifted in using some kind of super-advanced technology – almost magical – that can create inter-dimensional portals.

We helped him get settled in. I cooked a meal. DOMINOS and DUFF!!!! I set him up with a key to the bathroom, the janitor’s private stash of pornography, and his cracker jack TTL Decoder Ring. The little alien mentioned something about psychic surgery – but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have my tubes tied. Aaaaanyway, I realize it might be a moot point with the nuclear bomb approaching. I was thinking that I should get the heck out of Century Station and the more I’ve been reading Chuck’s journals – the more I can’t wait to go down to South America and really explore the Andes and the Nazca’s culture and follow his teachings – in his footsteps. It’s time for me to be an adventurer! I know that now. I’m not the little bookwormish girl I once was. I still have my passion for learning and my zest for knowledge but I need to discover my true self – to let my Morphus run free – and to do so out there in the wide world on my own.


I moved out of the TTL HQ. Oh wait, I already told you that. Did I mention that I’ve kept in contact with Bogart? I told you I don’t intend to die a virgin – and I think his Spd is over 52. Regardless, he’s the only other person who knows about Iron Mike and Black Friday. I just…I dunno. We agreed not to talk about it or act on our knowledge of the future and…well, I don’t think I can be a party to the end of the world watching party. Does that make sense?

Oh! Bogart and I met MELISSA and ARCANA of the Champions. I’m just glad Alpha Primate wasn’t there. Are women on her homeworld always on the rag? I don’t get it. She’s got this major hemorrhaging hardon for alien tech falling into the wrong hands but she doesn’t seem too concerned with the REAL issues facing this city. But Arcana and Melissa were nice. They were taken aback when Bogart pulled a fast-one and tossed the android to the ground. We met near the tree that harbors the fairies I told you about. We couldn’t let on to them that we knew about the time traveler that they suspected. And we sure as heck couldn’t tell them that he was in fact our BOSS, Spirit! Who actually goes by the name of wait, what was it again? Fructose? Fracture? Friction? Fruck me! I’ll never remember.

We did some more digging and research and found out that the drug MEGA is being produced right here in Century Station. Bogart stumbled upon a High School that would have been a perfect undercover operation for our boy Hot Head. But we haven’t seen him in a long time. Detention. And, I heard he got a 7th grader pregnant or something. Saliva probably wouldn’t have been the boy for the job. He’s the hero TTL needed, but not the one we deserved. So I think that was where I made my leave of absence known. Thaumaturge, Earth Angel, and Bella are some new contacts I made from the Telestic Society. I’ve been keeping it super-cazshual but it’s nice to know there are other folks out there to help keep tabs on the Cult of the Night and the Society of the Mystic Front. Vladimir, Gary Pender, and Triskelion are plenty to keep us on our toes. And right now I’m like a sponge. I feel as though I’m soaking up every last ounce of information that Charlie can divulge and I LOVE it! It’s coming to a premature end though – and soon. I need to find out more about my family – about my…CURSE…why my magic is messed up and why eight out of every ten spells I cast has unintended and unforeseen side-effects. I know it’s rooted in my heritage – this darkness, the Nightbane morphus, my true self. And I have a funny feeling I won’t find any answers here on earth. I will make my pilgrimage to the Nightlands – and I will return…WHOLE. Finally. Maybe then I’ll be able to shuffle off to south america and work on my legacy er…tan.



Good to see Hazel’s still kickin’ around. She doesn’t plan to stick around for Bloody Monday? I’m sure Spirit appreciates her discretion. I can’t wait to see what happens during her future adventures in the Nightlands!

Hazel Makes a Baby

That last picture… where do you find these images???

Hazel Makes a Baby

I agree on the last picture… awesome
I cannot wait for Hazel to be done with her Leave….

Hazel Makes a Baby
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