The Tomorrow Legion

Lieutenant-Field Report 1.0.1

A Witch's Cry


Project 73478-1: “Cruor”
Miss Amazing
Deluge (Water-Boy)

My reprieve from the Tomorrow Legion and return to surveillance was short lived and now I am back to the salt-mines.

During my absence, a new member was added to the Legion who from all I can observe and information fed to me through Alex Murphy shows he is a lab experiment of our good post-Doctor. Appearance is a red mass of a being in human shape although large. Watching in action he has incredible strength and able to morph his body into different shapes. Mentally, I am not certain of his stability which is probably due to his age only being measured in weeks. He is aloof which is not a good beginning for his development.

I’ve had to turn the charm on the receptionist of the Tomorrow Legion although it makes my stomach grimace. My impressions are she is as ugly inside as out. I don’t trust her and question if she may be one of the leaks of the Tomorrow Legion to Iron Mike.

Alex Murphy is / was a good cop and someone who I would have enjoyed sharing a beer with even before becoming “Dead-Man”. He has struck me as one of the “good guys” of the Legion and look forward to future projects.

Bogart the squirrel has gone missing from what I have gathered. I know his disdain for me, but he was a clever rodent able to do advance logical deduction far beyond his peers with possibly the exception of Doctor P. His absence takes away from the Legion strengths along with the good Doctor.

Vigilance. There appears to be mixed thoughts and feelings about this guy, but he is no longer among the Legion and is on the lamb from the law. Virgil did document his intel on Iron Mike’s organization which I am currently reviewing.

From Data Records. No Updates:
Fire Controller
The Blaster
The Huntress

Alex was giving me a review of current events at the Tomorrow Legion Headquarters. There was a heavy rain outside when an incoming call was received by Alex. He did not share who it was from although I did not pry into it either.

The call was a warning that a mile wide storm had developed centered over the Tomorrow Legion. As we peered out the windows of the main entrance area the rain was so heavy that it produced a fog we could not see far through. Our local water controlling kid confirmed he could control the downpour through the window so it did appear to be water based precipitation.

Small figures could be barely seen running about our building.

Running through the surveillance camera’s, Alex saw heavy activity at the garage door entrance. When Deluge and I arrived at the garage door, torch work was being done to cut through the metal garage door. “Water-Boy” was able to add additional water against the burn to stop the intruders from producing an entrance. Meanwhile Alex, Cruor, and our teen-age attitude Miss Amazing had made their way outside to investigate and stop the intruders.
While “Water-Boy” was stopping the intruders from inside, I made my way “thru” the garage door about 10 feet away from the invaders. There were three small Timex watch looking robots and once they were aware of me, one stopped cutting to attack me.

My railgun shots bounced off the little bugger a little too easily so I decided to exit stage left or rather through the building wall across the street. The rest of the team was in the middle of a heavy fight with the other robots.

I went through building a good 100 feet or so before reappearing in the street. A few things I noticed since the rain had appeared to let off a bit. The robot I disappeared on was still at the wall trying to find me and looked confused. The other was a strange figure staying away out of the fight but very intent on us all. I went back through the wall into the building and guessed about the location of our “stranger”. As I appeared behind the “stranger”, I screamed, “Halt, TRESPASSER” that appeared to startle him as intended and inform the team of my location plus I found something of interest.

Evidently this guy watched Clockwork Orange a bit too much. Plus he was controlling these mini-robots of destruction. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw “Dead-Man” take a shot in the sky with some missiles that caused something to fall. This resulted in the rain stopping.

Things were going badly for the invaders when that gawd awful witch voice started cackling and ordering her “statue” things appeared. My last greeting by these things stunk and left a lasting impression and that Witch’s voice. Nails on a chalkboard is more smoothing. Anybody got some Gorilla Tape for her mouth?

The “statues” were ordered to retrieve the invaders and return home. “Dead-Man” tried flying on the back of one as it took off with Clockwork and Crour was able to beat the other one to the top of the building then punch a hole through it making it turn to dust.

The sight of watching this ball of flying concrete, metal borg, and shifty pants was quite the sight to be seen.

There was not any time left nor anything I could physically do to change our circumstance so I tried to mimic the Witch’s voice to command the statue to drop Clockwork and “Dead-Man”.

AND THE STATUE BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As ordered he dropped his cargo and returned to wherever it was coming from. As we got everyone to the front door of the Legion we could hear a certain Witch scream as if in agony.


I loved that last-moment decision to mimic her voice! Blaspheme was nun too happy her orders were overwritten.

Lieutenant-Field Report 1.0.1

The reply to his report came swiftly. “And what of the others? The Astronaut. The Alien. The Commando. The Fire Controller. The Telekinetic. The Klutz. The Sorceress. And especially The Leader, Spirit. What have you learned about him?”

Lieutenant-Field Report 1.0.1

Changes to a group are difficult- I hope the new roster melds well.

Lieutenant-Field Report 1.0.1

I thought this particular session went very well with the three players present. Some of the awkwardness that may be coming through is myself playing a “Face” con-man type character compared to the tank of Vigilance. As players, this particular group of 3 appeared to me to work well as a team although our characters may not appear to meld well.

As a side note, my dice rolls sucked all night until I made that impossible roll of mimicking Blaspheme’s voice. I don’t often raise out of my chair with both arms raised screaming from a dice roll (read never), but this time I did.

Lieutenant-Field Report 1.0.1
Tokobauzsos Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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