The Tomorrow Legion

To the Sewers!

“They don’t trust me. At least not really.”

This thought runs around in Cruor’s mind as he heads out of the Tomorrow Legion HQ through the roof vents. He allows his body to melt down through the drains to street level before pouring down into sewers between two of the buildings. Perhaps the large dead one thought he was convincing, but the fight club videos from the Legion’s files were quite well labeled and it was clear what had happened with Vigilence.

He had even recalled the Doctor raging about that evening. Upset with the team, upset with himself. So caught up in the fight that he lost sight of the big picture until it was too late.

“If they don’t trust me… fine.” He begins to walk through the sewers in the general direction of Waingroh. His blood fist lashes out suddenly and angrily against the wall. “They think I’m stupid.” He continues trudging through the runoff and the filth. “They think I am a Monster.”

A slight snarl curls across his lips. “I suppose we can find out if they are right.”

He walks on, listening to the sound of the city above his head, so close, and yet a world apart.

(added video because in someways it really fits)

Almost Human


Ugh! He is going into Waingroh? Ruh roh.

To the Sewers!

And what does Cruor thinks what happened to Virgil? I find this very interesting……

To the Sewers!

Looks like another hero is about to embark upon a dark path…

To the Sewers!

Dark or Death Path?

To the Sewers!
Tokobauzsos FarcicalFiend

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