The Tomorrow Legion

Vigilance's Last Bell

Things go wrong


After a lengthy discussion at Harry’s Pub the group decided to get some intel and hopefully bag Maximal. I rather have gone to take down Iron Mike’s “Iron Works”.

I was angry and disgruntled. My cover has been blown and everyone smirked that it was blown. They do not understand what I had accomplished and done to get weapons off the street and to try to get as much intel about this Iron Mike. For once I think Salvo would have been a welcome face to have proper perspective of making a difference.

So off to “Fight Club” where Maximal runs his ring to check for new recruits. My invite was to look at myself as a recruit. And then it was just great that my co-workers from the garage found me. Nice guys, but stop with all the hype. My team stayed hidden and I could not even see Diane or Hazel.

Maximal finally showed his face while I was watching the fights. I made my way over to hand him my envelope from the sale earlier. Oh let me back up here.

I sold the guns and was lucky enough to have Dr. P do some timed modifications to the weapons. They will never be useful or on the streets to kill again. Also we are now aware these weapons were taken from the sunken ship in the harbor.

Back to Maximal, I handed him the envelope with all the money from the sale rather than a cut. He took the money and said a simple Thank you. I explained I was giving him all the money since I expected there was back pay from past sales, but I would need to go through my books to come to an exact amount. Then to make things clear I asked if I could blow off some steam with someone worthy in the ring and did he have anyone in mind. Also I was not looking to try out tonight.

He pointed me in the direction of who he wanted me to fight. I made my way to the ring until my opponent was called in. Guy put on quite a silly show. I see him talk under his breathe and then a shimmer appeared around him…….I know that shimmer.

I stepped into the ring still dressed as a mechanic with grease still stained into my hands and forearms. My co-workers went nuts.

I went into a football line stance. My opponent mocked me.

I let him throw the first two punches just to measure him up. Then continued to hit him with restrained punches. He was quite the bitch. Started getting upset and losing his cool.

I saw him trying to chant something else up when I decided to give him a regular punch. With that his Armor of Ithan went pop as his slammed to the wall thru the crowd. He left quite upset and continued to mouth off about he’ll get me. He has no idea how much I held off.

Money is being exchanged from bets when I took notice of Maximal looking angry and sniffing the air looking every direction. “You brought them here!”

All I could see was my team being slaughtered by this animal and it was going to be my fault. The team had no idea how strong this guy was. It would be the end.

I ran toward Maximal and he just stood there looking angry. I slammed the floor infront of him to knock him off his feet and he just stood there taking it all. Diane jumped in to attack from the flank with both of us hitting him he just stood. Thinking back I can now hear the screams and cries from what actually happened. The rest is a blurr.


It was raining steady as Virgil kept his head bowed down to keep the rain out of his eyes and to help his hoody keep his face hidden while sitting at dusk at the edge of a swamp in Florida.

It had been 2 days now and he finally stopped to reflect. No one appeared to be within miles of this desolate spot he had found.

The occurrence had still not fully taken full hold. Virgil slams the ground with his fist and all around him destruction takes place. Trees fall, water explodes into the air, and every bird within a quarter tells him their disgust. “WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!”

Virgil buries his hands in his palms and begins to ball not caring who is to see him in his grief. Thinks to himself, “All those people dead. Because of me. Maximal was supposed to fall down and instead everyone died.”

Hours pass until a palm of a stranger found Virgil’s shoulder.


Holy Crap! All dead???

Vigilance's Last Bell

“All” refers to a bunch of civilians caught in the blast radius of Virgil’s initial knockdown attack. The chaos of battle was in full swing here. So many people paid the price, but it was still far fewer than it could have been.

I like the reflection, the anger, and the “mystery” at the end. Who is it? And for what purpose? Where will this lead? Virgil’s parting from the Legion was a major upheaval. It changed the tone of the Tomorrow Legion and it saw at least one other member “retire.”

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of Virgil Lance.

Vigilance's Last Bell

Ahhh, was concerned that the group was done…

Vigilance's Last Bell
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