The Tomorrow Legion

Virgil takes a beating

Vigilance Log for Game #7


It has been a busy couple weeks and it has been straining enough that I have not even wanted to record it in my journal. Alas, here is an update.

I received a summons from the Jessie’s family and Jessie suing me for damages. This has been weighing on me heavily, but I guess it should be expected since Jessie has probably racked up quite a hospital bill. It’s my fault he was in the hospital.

On the other hand, he would have been dead with the rest of his gang when the “Shadowman” slaughtered his entire gang in jail.

I now have two attorneys working on my “side”. Actually I am not sure about this in concerns to sides. The Tomorrow Legion’s Insurance Attorney is on the scene and I have been working with an attorney from S.H.A.R.D. Both are too serious, but the Insurance Man is wound WAY TOO TIGHT! So badly I am tempted to send him out with Salvo on a patrol. Miss Burst from S.H.A.R.D. is interesting to me, although as said a little dry, and evidently she has some powers too. I am still in negotiations with S.H.A.R.D. on how much this is going to cost me. So far nothing, but we all know there will be a price to pay.

S.H.A.R.D. has asked to run tests on me. I have agreed, but I get this sinking feeling I have signed my soul away to the devil by agreeing. I think I will start digging here at my one resource Miss Burst.

Decided to visit Spirit/Matt today. I should have visited him sooner, but life has suddenly gotten very overwhelming in time management. I mentioned about visiting Spirit and to my surprise both Salvo and Diane wanted to go also. I’ve never been to a prison before and although I never want to go again I will for Spirit.

Spirit appeared to be in good spirits (hah hah ha, sometimes I need to make self laugh). He is confident the charges will be dropped. After we left and returned to HQ, Salvo did some digging to see if any false information was placed on Matt, but everything looked legit as Salvo found. Not good.

Odd, I tried to contact Hazel on her cell and got this member is out of provider range. I left a message, but this has me concerned about Hazel. Need to follow up on this.

Then I called Doc P and he rejected my call directly into voicemail. He did eventually called Salvo, but never returned my call. Nice….

Well, I may have never experienced an earthquake, but I have now experienced a giant trying to blow the building down.

Bam Bam and the whole building feels like it is ready to be knocked off the foundation. Archie begins telling us “Intruder Intruder” like that stupid robot out that old tv show. Brings up a video of some 50 foot giant punching the building exclaiming for us to bring out the rifle. Diane went directly for the roof while I got on the phone to the police hoping they would get here to protect the public. I told the dispatch officer who I was and where we were located. What was happening and they wanted me to stay on the line. I am following the rules and it is driving me nuts. Not sure where Salvo went. I think he is trying to calm the secretary down.

I hear Diane get hit. I then heard her scream and gasping as if she is being crushed.

Drop the phone.

I wish I could find a vacuum or anything like that but the lounge chair will have to do. I smashed it to bits as running out the front door and tell the giant, “Here’s you f-ing rifle” as I throw it into the street. I don’t curse, what the heck?

The giant drops Diane several stories up and exclaims, “What have you done?”

A barely make it in time to catch Diane. I keep running as the giant notices trying to get Diane clear of the battle since she is hurt badly. I guess Salvo decided it was time to give an ear infection because it appeared the giant was talking to someone not there. Punched the building with both hands and begun to shrink! I put Diane down and focus back at the building top.

Salvo must have gotten the upper hand cause next thing I see is a man hurdling off the building from an explosion. I do not think anyone can survive a fall from that height and begin running as fast as I can to catch the person. Then I see it is our villain. No matter.

I catch him. Immediately Diane has put two arrows into his leg. Then Slavo is there changing from energy form to give a diving punch into the guy. I am about to start screaming at my team mates until I notice this jerk is smiling at me, the arrows and punches meant nothing to him.

Holy Hot Potato.

I regrip onto his leg and start whirling him around like a shot put on a chain. Skyward bound! I think he made about 400 feet before he began to decsend……a bit higher than the building. As he began to fall he decided it was time to go Giant again.

Since these “Powers” developed I have thought about trying to punch something into orbit. That thought quickly went away and changed to, “Run Away”.

My team mates were not happy that I caught him. At least Diane shot him in the leg and not through the heart. Gotta look at the positives.

The giant does a “Cannonball” into the ground and almost knocks me off my feet with the impact. I punched him hard in the head and it barely does anything. As he was getting up he simply back handed me away which sent me 50 plus feet flying. And yes I was still standing. I guess the giant reassessed me at this point.
I’ve never been hit so hard. I was literally embedded into the asphalt as a figure shape. It took me a few moments to get up and I think the giant had something snarky to say, but I really could not define it from the birds flying around my head.

I believe Salvo had gotten back inside the giant because the giant now began to puke violently into the roof of the Tomorrow Legion Headquarters. Something else must have happened while I was doing snowman impressions because it appeared as if the front of the building was ripped into two and Doc P is definitely not going to be happy.

To Be Continued…….


Great perspective from Virgil! It was a tough fight but you three managed to put him on the defensive and pretty much keep him there. You guys used teamwork to great effect.

Virgil takes a beating

“I really could not define it from the birds flying around my head.”
Love that line! Great to see someone else writing a log!

Virgil takes a beating

Sorry for the long delay in being continued.

And thank you for the kind words.

Virgil takes a beating
Tokobauzsos Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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