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Continued From:
Vigilance’s Last Bell
Hours pass until a palm of a stranger found Virgil’s shoulder.

Virgil turns to see a man who appears to be somewhere in his 50’s standing behind him. He is a tall, thin, wiry man and you can’t quite decide if he looks more like Jim Carrey from “A Series of Unfortunate Events” or Steve Buscemi from “Boardwalk Empire.” He is wearing clothes that are about two decades out of fashion. In his hand is a tablet that is no brand you recognize. Now that he has your attention he responds to you, looking down at his tablet occasionally as he speaks as if reading from it at the same time.

“Virgil Lance. Let me be completion honest. My name is called Æl Fric Prox. It is from a far place in your future whence I come. My reason to be at your now is for because your time is been changed. This all history has gone affected by a criminal from my hour. That what happened to you is wrong and never happened in a clock that is accurate. I am with sadness to inform my inability to change which has occurred. It is with your help that I implore, however, for assistance. The villain of my chasing is here affecting you and others in your every second. His name is called Frac Tal but who is he now I am unknown. It is though that I know his now purpose. Catch and apprehend him I will seek to do in later days and weeks. With hope I request your consideration for aid when the minutes close in.”

He finally stops referencing his tablet and focuses on you. It appears that this speech took some effort, as if English was not his native language.

“A moment, please.” Virgil has a puzzled look with a mix of connecting the dots, but not quite the eurica moment.

In a flash of memory, Virgil ponders what Joan of Arc said when they first met. The possibility that she was not completely psycho babble that Virgil took it to be from the psychic witch.
A shimmer of hope for a purpose, but a dim light since the death of many does not change.

Virgil takes a small step forward and extends his hand gently to shake. “Mr. Prox, I will help in any way I can.”


It’s all coming together!

Virgil's Talk to the Future
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