Anne Lewis

Captain Anne Lewis of the CSPD


Captain Anne Lewis, Cop. Nominally a good guy but no one makes it this high in Century Station without a few skeletons in the closet and some dirt on their hands.


Deadman sat in the interrogation room at the precinct for the 2nd time in as many weeks. everyone else from the tomorrow legion had been questioned following the cyborg attack and let go. Deadman had been asked to stay around just a little longer. “Some missing paperwork. Just take a moment” That was cop-code for icing the prisoner to make him nervous when they still wanted to try the soft touch. Probably don’t tell the difference between one cyborg and another. Hard to keep a cyborg from calling his lawyer with an implanted phone Encryption here was a joke of wasted taxpayer money. Deadman was streaming a trout fishing show to pass the time.

The door opened and a matronly woman with a limp and captain bars on her uniform walks in to sit across from Deadman.

“Anne? Is that you?”

“Captain Lewis please. It’s on the name tag if you forget. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind.”

“Sure Captain. Glad to see your still alive.”

“That’s the root of the question then. You aren’t alive. Alex Murphy got caught in the same cross-fire that shot up my leg… only he got hit a lot worse. We buried him with honors. I saw the body. The plastic surgeon did his best to reassemble Alex’s face. Now you show up over a decade later claiming to be Alex Murphy. No finger-prints. No DNA to scan. No ID. Nothing that can verify who you are. Care to tell me why you’re using the name of a dead cop and a friend as yours?”

“Anne. I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would…”

Anne slams her fist into the table with her face turning red. “That’s CAPTAIN LEWIS to you. L-E-W-I-S. Do you need spelling lessons?!?”

“Captain, I’m sorry. It really is me. I can’t tell you much about what happened. I think I was honestly dead for a while. I don’t remember much after the bust went bad until the simulator and then escaping the tank.”

“Is there any reason I shouldn’t have you arrested for impersonating a police officer?”

“Other than article 17.14 where in it can’t be demonstrated that I’ve even worn a cop uniform to a Halloween party… How about because the morning I died I had already picked up 2 coffees, mine 1 creamer, yours 2 sugar and a pair of jelly-filled but you were talking about fitting into a bridesmaid dress and turned down the donut so I gloated as I ate it in front of you. Then you proclaimed that all men were pigs so you were going to make me eat a salad for lunch and I carried on my half of the conversation in oinks until you threw the empty donut bag at me and got white sugar on my uniform which WOULD be a violation of uniform code 17.2 except I kept making oinking sounds and tried to lick it off.”

“Oh god it is you…” Anne started sobbing into her hands until she started hiccuping. “But you died!”

“Yeah, I’d like to figure that one out too. Look I’ve got a lead on who may have done this to me but I can’t be a cop any more. Too public and too many rules. I break things just by walking into them. It would be bad PR. I’m working with a group of supers right now. We’re fighting the good fight. But I need a favor. I can do a lot more as a dead man than I can as a cop. No friends or family to protect. No boys in blue risking themselves when the shit hits the fan. I should never have mentioned the name Alex Murphy. I need you to make that go away. Alex stays dead. There is only Deadman here now. Can you do that for me?”

“What, make paperwork go missing? You know that’s illegal.”

“Yeah and I know once Alpha Prime screwed things up it started happening a lot more frequently. There is no crime to cover. Alex Murphy is a common enough name. Close it as ‘mistaken identity’ or ‘suspect released with verbal warning’ and it will be one of thousands of useless reports lost in the paperwork. Can you do it for an old friend who has had a really REALLY shitty past decade?”

“Yeah I can but what about you now?”

“The tomorrow legion can always find me. Right now I just want to read the interrogation reports on the other cyborgs that were caught. They may have a lead on who did this to me.”

“There is nothing to read. They never spoke.”

“Oh? I bet I can make them speak. “

Anne Lewis

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