Arctic Hellfire


HERO NAME: Arctic Hellfire
REAL NAME: Michelle McDaniels
POWER CATEGORY: Mystic Object / Fire & Water Warlock
EDUCATION: Two Years of College
ALIGNMENT: Principled
HEIGHT: 5’ 6½”
WEIGHT: 127 lbs
AGE: 20
GENDER: Female



IQ: 14
ME: 18 + 2 to save vs psionics/insanity
MA: 19 55% to Trust/Intimidate
PS: 10
PP: 15
PE: 12
PB: 16 30% to Charm/Impress
SPD: 14

H.P.: 29
S.D.C: 75
P.P.E: 172
I.S.P: None

POWERS & ABILITIES: Magical Amulet of Ice and Fire , Elemental Warlock abilities (see below)

EDUCATION: 2 Years of College (+15% to skill programs)

  • Basic Skill Program: Pilot Automobile (75%), Basic Mathematics (65%), Speak English (98%), Read & Write English (98%)
  • First Skill Program:
  • Second Skill Program:
  • Secondary Skills: Pick 10

Attacks per Melee:
Autododge: N/A
Roll w/ Punch:
Pull Punch:

HTH Damage: As per normal


AVAILABLE MONEY: 1,500 dollars in ready cash.


  • Bears an inscription in Runes.
  • P.P.E.: 200
  • Special Ability: Fly as the Eagle for 30 minutes at a time
  • Other Abilities: Confers + 2 to save vs magic
  • Spell Casting Level: All spells from the Amulet are cast at 5th level proficiency
  • Contains a total of 22 Elemental Water (Ice) and Fire spells: Blinding Flash (1), Globe of Daylight (2), Fiery Touch (5), Impervious to Fire (6), Freeze Water (8), Resist Cold (5), Spontaneous Combustion (5), Swirling Lights (8), Circle of Flame (10), Part Fire (8), Wall of Flame (15), Ice Bolt (8), Hail (20), Shards of Ice (15), Ice (8), Fuel Flame (10), Snow Storm (40), Encase in Ice (40), Blue Flame (30), Flame of Life (40), Fire Sponge (50), Burst into Flame (70)


Due to her link with the Element of Water, Michelle is able to the sense the location and direction of bodies of water, rivers, lakes, etc, within 100 miles at a proficiency of 62% + 2% per level of experience. She can also accurately calculate the amount of moisture in the air and predict the likelihood of rain, fog, snow, etc., and when a storm will hit (accurate within 6D6 minutes). When crossing a body of water she can intuitively sense the shallowest, deepest, and/or safest path to cross, as well as tell whether the water is contaminated by taking a tiny sip (this last at a proficiency of 30% + 5% per level of experience). This connection also gives her an instinctive swimming skill 65% proficiency (or a bonus of + 20% if the swimming skill is selected), and she can hold her breath for up to five minutes.

Due to her link with the Element of Fire, Michelle is able to sense the presence, general direction and distance of fires as small as a campfire within a 20 mile radius; a raging forest fire can be sensed as far away as 100 miles. Success ratio is 62% + 2% per level of experience. She can accurately sense air and surface temperatures and changes in air temperature. This power can extend to touching the charred remains of a burnt building or campfire and telling how recently it was active/hot (accurate within 6D6 minutes). This heat sensitive touch can also accurately measure a person’s body temperature to tell whether he has a fever. Success ratio is 30% + 5% per level of experience. This connection also gives her the instinctive ability to radiate a protective aura the makes her, her clothes, and body armor (does not protect vehicles or other people) impervious to normal fires (do no damage), but magic fires do half damage.

As a Fire & Water Element Warlock, Michelle knows the following spells: Nightvision (4), Spontaneous Combustion (5), Extinguish Fire (8), Mini-Fireballs (20), Blue Flame (30), Create Fog (5), Cloud of Steam (10), Resist Cold (6), Sheet of Ice (15), Skate Ice (5).


Several years ago, a centuries-old magical amulet mystically “called out” to teenager Michelle McDaniels. When she followed the calling and grasped the ancient amulet it connected her to its other-dimensional creators. They revealed to her that there was a great and dangerous Evil awakening in this dimension which had slumbered for centuries. If she would be their champion and fight back against the minions of this Evil, then they would empower her with magical abilities through this amulet.

She agreed and the mystic energies of the other dimension flowed into and through her, bestowing her with superhuman and magical powers.

Michelle began to oppose the machinations of a cadre of mages who were working to actively awaken the Evil. Through a series of adventures which included gaining allies who had been also been empowered by similar amulets, Michelle and her new friends spent the next few years fighting to protect our world from this Evil that few even knew about. In the end they managed to defeat the mages it tricked and confront the Evil itself, defeating it once and for all.

By this time Michelle had graduated high school and was ready to move on. With the main threat eliminated she could now leave her hometown to attend college, and move up from being just another magical girl to a hero in her own right. She passed on the mantle of leadership to one of the other girls and left her hometown for college in Century Station. Upon her arrival she updated both her look and her hero name in an attempt to move away from her “childish” heroic identity and became known as Arctic Hellfire.

Her exposure to the mystical energies of the amulet sparked power within her, and she has found that she can cast similar abilities herself without the aid of the amulet. She was invited to join the Tomorrow Legion by Spirit but she declined. She did agree, however, to join the Telestic Society when that invitation was extended to her. She is (more than?) friends with Charlie Kane.

Declassified S.H.A.R.D. data:

Arctic Hellfire possesses the ability to generate ice and fire, and can manipulate both those elements to a limited degree in order to produce a large variety of effects.

Rated Class 2 on the Hunter Comparison Index

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Arctic Hellfire - Fire

Arctic Hellfire - Ice

Arctic Hellfire - No Amulet

Arctic Hellfire

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