Hero Name: Gilgamesh

Real Name: Hamid Mura

Occupation: Founding Member of the Centurions, Former Sergeant in the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

Alignment: Unprincipled

Power Category: Physical Training (Focus on Endurance & Strength)

Experience Level: 9th

Hit Points: 108

S.D.C.: 214

P.P.E.: 25

Appearance: He is tall and has a broad-shouldered build. His wide eyes are brown. He has dark-colored skin. He wears a brown gladiator outfit covered in pictograms (Sumerian writing) and a brown leather cloak. He carries a heavy club.

Attributes: I.Q. 9, M.E. 22, M.A. 14, P.S. 52 (Superhuman), P.P. 15, P.E. 40, Spd. 35, P.B. 17

Age: 29, Sex: Male, Height: 6 foot and 6 inches (1.98 m), Weight: 310 lbs (139.5 kg)

Combat Training: Aggressive and Deadly Combat

Special Combat Abilities: Power Punch x2 *(2), Power Kick x2 (2), and Force of Will.

Attacks per Melee: 8 (3 initial + 5 from Hand to Hand)

Combat Bonuses: + 5 to initiative, + 3 to strike, + 5 to parry, + 1 to dodge, + 37 to damage, + 5 to roll with punch/fall, + 6 to pull punch, and + 4 to disarm.

Saving Throws: Immune to disease, + 60% to save vs. coma/death, + 8 to save vs. magic, + 10 to save vs. poison, + 4 to save vs. psionics, and + 5 to save vs. insanity.

Combat Skills: Punch 2D4 + 2, Karate Punch 2D6 + 2, Elbow & Forearm 2D6, Knee 2D6, Karate Kick 3D6, Snap Kick 2D6, Roundhouse Kick 4D6, Axe Kick 3D6, Crescent Kick 4D4, Leap Kick 5D6 (2), Tripping/Leghook (cannot be paired, must dodge or knockdown), Backward Sweep (cannot be paired, must dodge or knockdown), Wheel Kick 3D6, + 2 to strike with a Critical Body Flip/Throw 2D6 plus P.S. damage bonus x2 (lose initiative and 1 attack/action), Body Block/Tackle 2D4 + 2 (parry or dodge to avoid knockdown), Pin 18-20, Crush 2D4 + 2, All Holds, Auto Back Flip, Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18-20, Knockout on an unmodified roll of 20, and Paired Weapons (all).

Other Bonuses: 35% charm/impress.

Educational Background: Military
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak Arabic 98%/97%, Mathematics: Basic 98%, Lore: Religion (Islam and Judeo-Christian) 75%, and Pilot: Automobile 87%.
Special Physical Program: Swimming 90%, Wrestling, Body Build & Weightlifting, Physical Labor, Athlete, and Outdoormanship
Espionage Program: Intelligence 73%, Detect Ambush 80%, Detect Concealment 75%, and Wilderness Survival 85%.
Military Program (Basic): Running, Climbing 95%/85%, Military Etiquette 90%, Radio: Basic 98%, Forced March, and W.P. Rifle (+ 5 to aim/ + 2 to burst).
Language Program: Read-Write/Speak English, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu 90%/82%.

Secondary Skills: Law (general) 70%, Pilot: Truck 92%, Pilot: Tracked Vehicles 98%, Land Navigation 72%, W.P. Blunt (+ 4 to strike and parry), W.P. Spear (+ 4 to strike and parry, + 2 to throw), W.P. Handgun (+ 4 to aim/ + 2 to burst), Public Speaking 95%, Recognize Weapon Quality 60%, Gambling (Standard) 65%, Seduction 36%, Performance 45%, Research 45%, and Dance 35%.

Money: 230,500 Euro dollars ($318,159 U.S. dollars) in a Swiss Bank account. He keeps in a bank in Century Station over $119,000 U.S. dollars. Most of his expenses the Centurions pay for.

Armor: On some missions, he wears a Hard Armor Vest (half suit), but generally he doesn’t care for it.

Weapons: A specially crafted Arab Mace. Damage: 2D6 + 4,
Bonuses: + 2 to strike & parry) ( + 6 to strike & parry). He has years of training in using many modern weapons and military equipment used by the U.K and USA.

Equipment & Vehicles: None, other that what is commonly accessible to the other Centurions.


Hamid Mura was a Sergeant in the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG, also known as the White Army. Among his many duties, protecting the royal family, guarding against revolution, protecting strategic facilities and resources, and protecting the Holy Places of Mecca and Medina. At the age of 22, when he single-handed defeated a dozen terrorist trying to assassinate a member of the royal family, he was rewarded with the option to join a special elite bodyguard called the Sebitti. They received extensive physical training to become superior fighting machines willing to do whatever it takes to protect the royal family.

A few years later, Hamid arrived in Century Station when one member of the royal family came to the city to see the sites. Two days later, a group of Arab super being terrorists attacked the hotel in which the Saudis where staying in. Hamid and the other Sebitti did their best to protect the royal family member, but in the end, they were outmatched. All the other Sabitti were killed except for Hamid. After he recovered in the hospital, he assisted CSPD, the FBI, and GIGMA to track the terrorists down. In the end, it was discovered the royal family member kidnapped was actually the leader of the terrorists. After capturing him, instead of allowing him to return to Saudi Arabia, Hamid broke his neck. He then requested political asylum. Hamid stayed in Century Station assisting CSPD. Months later, he was contacted by Spartacus and invited to join the Centurions. Hamid agreed. Being told he needed a “superhero” name, he chose Gilgamesh.

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