Real Name: Stacy Frazier

Other Aliases: Powerhouse

Alignment: Miscreant and likes it that way (was unprincipled when her brother knew her).

Attributes: I.Q.: 17, M.E.: 17, M.A.: 15, P.S.: 45 (Superhuman), P.P.: 30 (Extraordinary), P.E.: 30 (Extraordinary), P.B.: 20, Spd: 40 (roughly 28 mph/45 km).

Age: 21, Sex: Female.

Height: Six foot, Weight: 150 lbs, all muscle.

Experience Level: 5

Hit Points: 75

S.D.C.: 200

Power Category: Mutant

Unusual Characteristics: Haymaker’s eyes are an unusual violet that radiates a violet hue of light, making her easily identifiable as something other than an ordinary human (the light is especially noticeable at night).

Minor Super Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Power Channeling, Extraordinary Physical Prowess, Extraordinary Physical Endurance, and Radar.

Combat Training: Hand to Hand: Expert.

Number of Attacks: 7

Bonuses: +5 to initiative, + 12 to strike, + 13 to parry and dodge, + 6 to automatic dodge, + 2 to roll with impact, + 2 to disarm, + 2 to pull punch, + 1 to save vs insanity and psionic attack, + 8 to save vs poison and disease, + 8 to save vs magic, and 50% to charm/impress.

Other Combat Info: Body tackle: 1D6 + 5D4 + 30, head butt: 3D6 + 30, punch: 6D6 + 30, power punch: 6D6×2 + 30 (this is her famous “haymaker” attack, which she will almost always start off each melee round with. It counts as four attacks.), kick: 7D6 + 30, jump kick: 7D6×2 + 30 (uses all attacks).

Education Level and Skills: Four Years of College

  • Physical: Body Building, Athletics (General), and Climbing (85%/75%).
  • Medical Assistant: Basic Mathematics (75%), Business & Finance (65%), Computer Operation (70%), Biology (60%), and Paramedic (70%).
  • Computers: Basic Electronics (60%), Computer Programming (60%), and Computer Repair (55%).
  • Secondary: Art (55%), Sing (55%), Dance (50%), Photography (55%), Business & Finance (55%), Pilot Truck (56%), Pilot Airplane (66%), Pilot Water Scooter (70%), and Holistic Medicine (40%).

Money: Not much – after publically being “outed” from professional bodybuilding she has had trouble finding a job and has racked up quite a bit of debt from loan sharks.

Weapons: Haymaker generally refuses to use weapons of any kind, but will if the situation demands it.

Vehicles and Other Equipment: None.


Stacy Frazier was a world-class female bodybuilder on her way to serious fame and fortune. Not only did she have a killer physique, but she still looked feminine and could handle herself well in public and on screen. Once she won the Ironwoman World Female Bodybuilding Championship, she reckoned, she could parlay her fame into a movie or television career and live on Easy Street the rest of her life.

It would have happened, too, if her mutant nature had not been revealed by investigative reporters. The reason why Stacy kept blowing her rivals away in competition was from an unfair genetic advantage, one that manifested in childhood and something she kept hidden as an adult. How these muckrakers uncovered her secret is something that has eluded Stacy to this day, but one thing was for certain: her days as a bodybuilder were over. And her dreams of true stardom died before they could ever blossom.

To make matters worse, her semi-celebrity made getting any kind of good paying job difficult (she was recognized as both a cheater and an untrustworthy mutant), and Stacy had racked up an impressive debt to loan sharks to pay for her fast and expensive lifestyle.

In the arena and on the streets, Haymaker is infamous as a merciless fighter who takes no guff and throws nothing but power punches (even at stunned and otherwise helpless opponents).


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