Joan of Arc


Hero Name: Joan of Arc

Real Name: Joanna Fullard

Occupation: Founding member of the Centurions

Alignment: Principled

Power Category: Latent Psychic

Experience Level: 7th

Hit Points: 49

S.D.C.: 40

P.P.E.: 30

I.S.P.: 134

Appearance: Joan has round blue eyes and neck-length, curly, fine, blond hair worn in a complex style. She has a voluptuous figure. Her clingy costume is mostly white and green.

Attributes: I.Q. 12, M.E. 26, M.A. 17, P.S. 8, P.P. 10, P.E. 15, Spd. 19, P.B. 15

Age: 22, Sex: Female, Height: 5 foot and 7 inches (1.70 m), Weight: 130 lbs (58.5 kg)

Insanity: Joan believes her powers are a gift from a high power. She believes she holds a great responsibility in their use and must avoid using them for personal or shortsighted gain. They need to be used to protect and guide others toward salvation. The wicked and evil must be taught to give up their malevolent ways.

Super Psionics: Mind Trap-Future Walk (Special) and Future Watch (Special)

Future Watch is a super psionic version of precognition and clairvoyance combined. It enables her to observe ones future, be it a few minutes or several decades ahead. Unlike clairvoyance and precognition, Joan will stand by as a ghostly observer and simply watch the events unfold. She cannot interact or change the outcome. The power requires her to touch a person, or it can be activated in conjunction with object read (combine the I.S.P. total for cost). The observation of the future may take as long as 15 seconds to 24 hours, but only 1D4 melees in real time will past. This means Joan may spend 6 hour of future time observing the events and interactions of a person, but only 30 seconds of real time may pass by. While she is observing the future, she is oblivious to real time events happening around her. She cannot remove herself from a future walk nor can she be affected by possession, mind control, psionic or mental powers that effect ones mind. It also important to know that even if Joan tells someone what she observe in the future, each action and decision made by the person she observe has a strong chance of changing the outcome, so the envision event might never come to pass. Then again, it could be something that is inevitable, and no amount of alteration on anyone’s part can prevent the outcome from occurring. For example, she observes a man getting hit by a bus, she tells him so, he stays inside his house, at the moment that he should be hit by the bus, he trips over the rug and hits his head on the coffee table and dies).
Range: Touch,
Duration: 1D4 melees of real time (minutes to 24 hours for the psychic)
I.S.P. cost: 15 (21 if use in connection with Object Read).

Mind Trap-Future Walk is just like the normal mind trap power used by the psionic animals, but in Joan’s case, she can use it to make the victim experience his or her future that she has observed via her Future Watch. The normal save vs. psionics is made. Failure means the person becomes trapped in the “psychic illusion” but they can do nothing to escape from it until its plays itself out or Joan ends it prematurely. Joan can decide if she wants to observe or not, however she cannot interact or change the outcome, but the victim can see and hear her. Just like the real mind trap, the victim can be driven temporarily insane if he fails the second psionic saving throw. However, Joan usually doesn’t allow anything bad to happen to the victim. She wants it to be a learning experience that will change the victim’s life (as seen in a famous Christmas story).
Range: Touch or 6 feet (1.82 m)
Duration: 2D6 melees of real time (minutes to 24 hours for the victim/psychic)
I.S.P. cost: 25.

Sensitive Psionics: Clairvoyance, Empathy, Mimic Skills, Object Read, Precognition, See Aura, Sense Evil, Sensory Link, Sixth Sense, Telepathy, and Total Recall.

Combat Training: Basic

Attacks per Melee: 5 (2 initial + 3 from Hand to Hand)

Combat Bonuses: + 1 to initiative, + 1 to strike, + 2 to parry, + 2 to dodge, + 2 to damage, + 2 to roll with punch/fall, + 3 to pull punch, and + 1 disarm

Saving Throws: She needs a 12 or higher to save vs. psionic attack, + 6 to save vs. psionics, + 9 to save vs. insanity, + 3 to save vs. possession, + 1 to save vs. mind control ( + 7 if psionic mind control), + 2 to save vs. Horror Factor, and + 2 to save vs. magic.

Combat Skills: Punch 1D4, Elbow/Forearm 1D6, Knee 1D6, Power Blow 2D4 (2), Kick 2D4+2, All Holds, and Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 19-20.

Other Bonuses: 45% trust/intimidate.

Educational Background: High School Education.
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak English 94%/95% and Pilot Automobile 81%
Domestic Program: Mathematics: Basic 98%%, Housekeeping 75%, Sewing 80%, and Wardrobe & Grooming 83%.
Technical Program: Lore: Religion 75%, History 98%/80%, Research 80%, and Philosophy 75%.

Secondary Skills: Performance 67%, Public Speaking 85%, First Aid 80%, Running, Writing 60%, Aerobic Athletic (Sense of Balance 70%), Swimming 85%, Cook 70%, Art (Drawing) 70%, Hand to Hand: Basic, Prowl 50%, Computer Operation 75%, Law (General) 35%, and Radio: Basic 60%.

Money: She is being supported by a stipend from the Century fund.

Weapons: None.

Equipment & Vehicles: None, other that what is commonly accessible to the other Centurions.


Joanna Fullard was born and raised in Century Station. When she was seven years old, she began to have terrible dreams, most of them involving the death of her family in a car accident. She was terrified every time her parents got in their car together and always begged them not to go. They of course dismissed her. Then late one night, she had a vision of her parent being hit by a drunk driver with a blue Ford Pick up. She could actually describe the incident in grand detail. No one believed her. The next night her parents were killed in a hit and run accident. Joanna convinced a police detective that she knew who’d done it. After following her lead, they found the car and the driver. Joanna went to leave with her aunt and uncle. Her uncle was a hellfire and brimstone evangelical preacher. He always talked about the end of days and that human being would burn in hell if they didn’t repent their wicked ways. Yet he also believed that super beings were one of the main sources of evil. He was convinced anyone who put on a costume was a demon sent by the Devil to corrupt and destroy human society. Her uncle began to realize that Joanna possessed a unique ability to see the future and he used her in his sermons to make followers realize their sinful ways. Soon he began expanding his ministry trying to reach out to all who lived in Century Station.

Yet his preaching that super beings were demons reached the ears of Modulus who didn’t take kindly to them. Joanna tried to warn her uncle that they were in danger, but rather then believe her visions, he scoff at them and her. Days later the Sinistry attacked the church, dozens of people were killed, among them her uncle. They took Joanna prisoner and demanded that she use her gifts to help them assume domination over the city. Several established city champions decided to band together in an attempt to put and end to their plot. Modulus learned of this and used Joanna future powers to find every possible scenario that would result in their defeat. Once he believed, he knew every possible outcome he awaited the confrontation. However, as Joanna tried to explain, the future is fluid and chance/choice can alter possible outcomes. In this case, the hero Timeline, and the arrival of Apex changed all outcomes. Although defeated, the Sinistry escaped intact vowing revenge. Recognizing the significance of Joanna’s powers, Apex invited her to join the group which called itself the Centurions. Although she realized it would be a risky, she agreed, besides, she knew it was going to happen anyway. She decided to call herself Joan of Arc and became the group’s youngest member. Recently she’s begun having visions of a terrible tragedy coming in the near future but the Centurions are so spread thin they’ve paid her warnings little notice.

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Joan of Arc

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