Maximillian Valentine


CEO of Genesys and one of the candidates being considered for chairman of the Council of Industry.


Mr. Valentine is extraordinarily wealthy, but he still reaches for as much power as he can have, just for the thrill of it. He is always looking for more ways in which he can meddle in the affairs of city government and control the “little people” of this city, for whom he has no small amount of disdain.

He has suffered from a recurring problem with his “lackey’s” and “underlings” over the years: They have a bad habit of seemingly cooking up insane schemes (typically involving dirty politics and illegal business practices) which, if successful, would ultimately allow Maximilian to completely control the city, country, or even the world! These sinister schemes have always been foiled by lawmakers and sometimes even superheroes (for the bigger or more dangerous plots that have been hatched over the years), but there has never been any evidence that Valentine was in any way responsible, or even knowledgeable, of any of these schemes.

Maximillian Valentine

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