Motherboard is an up-and-coming Hacker already building a fearsome reputation in the deep web. She specializes in obtaining and reselling information. She expertly, stealthily, and ruthlessly pillages networks or computer systems for confidential data and leaves behind a virus that will wipe those system and all her traces once traces of her presence have been discovered. People who venture into the deep web with little experience and “stand out” make a large percentage of her victims.

Iron Mike paid her to make things uncomfortable for the Tomorrow Legion and get them off his back. She did that by planting incriminating evidence that resulted in Spirit being arrested, though it wasn’t good enough to get him convicted when a team of computer experts examined the evidence.

To the CSPD she’s just a rumor or a ghost – a near-mythical hacker whose name has only just started being whispered to CSPD in relation to certain hacking cases.

Within the tech community few know of her, but those few react fearfully and reverently when she’s brought up. They have learned not to talk about her or even look her up online. To them, she’s become the sort of hacker that hackers have quickly learned to fear, and the best way they’ve found to deal with her is to try not to attract her attention.

Within the Shadowboard community at least one exchange took place which referenced her:

  • Original post by user Witchcraft: “So I’ve got this glitch with a rare and rather obscure motherboard. It’s kinda scary…and it broke into my house without tripping the alarm. Dog didn’t even bark. But there’s money missing off my dresser and now my daughter’s knocked up. Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope.”
    • First response by user FringeFilesFan11742: “You can’t let your daughter come to term. Abort now while it’s not too late.”
      • Second/final response by user dywldhawi85: “new dogs wont help. no dog will help. time 2 move 2 a better nieghborhood. that $ from the dresser will never b found. b glad thats all your missing”


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