Hero Name: Thaumaturge

Real Name: Pamnelme

Occupation: Founding member of the Centurions, Former member of the Order of Three.

Alignment: Scrupulous

Power Category: Alien Immortal

Experience Level: 12th

Hit Points: 92

S.D.C.: 120

P.P.E.: 265

Appearance: Pamnelme has droopy teal eyes and long, straight,thick, yellow hair worn in a dignified style. He has a masculine build. His costume is green and violet resembles a wizard’s robes, and it glows with an odd, purple light.

Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 20, M.A. 16, P.S. 28, P.P. 20, P.E. 25, Spd. 23, P.B. 13

Age: 853 years old, Sex: Male, Height: 6 foot (1.82 m), Weight: 225 lbs (101 kg)

Unusual Characteristics: Stocky, Sun Proof Skin (half damage from light/laser attacks), Double Jointed, and a Birthmark of a Thunderbolt on his right cheek.

Major Abilities: Mimic

Minor Abilities: Immune to Magic

Magic Spells: Blinding Flash, Armor of Ithan, Thunder Clap, Invisibility: Simple, Multiple Image, Swim as a Fish, Size of the Behemoth, Breath without Air, Heal Self, Sword to Snake, Fly as the Eagle, Wind Rush, and Call Lightning.

Combat Training: Basic

Attacks per Melee: 7 (2 initial + 4 from Hand to Hand + 1 from boxing)

Combat Bonuses: + 3 to initiative, + 5 to strike, + 9 to parry, + 9 to dodge, + 15 to damage, + 9 to roll with punch/fall, + 5 to pull punch, + 1 to disarm, and + 4 to spell strength (16 or higher to save).

Saving Throws: Impervious to all magic, + 5 to save vs. psionics, + 3 to save vs. insanity, + 3 to save vs. possession, + 5 to save vs. poison, + 3 to save vs. Horror Factor, and + 20% to save vs. coma/death.

Combat Skills: Punch 1D4, Power Blow 2D4 (2), Elbow & Forearm 1D6, Knee 2D4, Karate Kick 2D4, Roundhouse Kick 3D6, Axe Kick 2D8, Leap Kick 3D8 (2), Body Block/Tackle 1D4 (parry or dodge to avoid knockdown), Pin 18-20, Crush 1D4, Body Flip/Throw 1D6 plus P.S. damage bonus (lose initiative and 1 attack/action), All Holds, Knockout on an unmodified roll of 20, and Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 19-20.

Natural Abilities: He can carry and lift weight with Superhuman P.S., (5600 lbs/2520 kg and 8400 lbs/3780 kg).

Other Bonuses: + 7% to all skills and 40% trust/intimidate.

Educational Background: Has studied Earth extensively and Eclectic Rhodes Scholar.
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak Latin/Italian 98%/98%, Lore: Demon & Monster 98%, Lore: Geomancy 92%, Chemistry 98%, Holistic Medicine 98%, and Mathematics: Basic 98%.
Science Program: Archeology 97%, Mathematics: Advance 98%, Biology 98%, Botany 98%, and Zoology 98%
Technical Program: Research 98%, History 98%/98%, Philosophy 98%, and Law (General) 98%.
Language Program: Read-Write/Speak English, Chinese, Spanish, and French 98%.
Physical Program: Boxing, Wrestling, Kick Boxing, and Hand to Hand: Basic.
W.P. Ancients: Paired Weapons, W.P. Sword ( + 6 to strike, + 5 to parry, + 1D6 damage), W.P. Blunt ( + 5 to strike & parry), and W.P. Pole Arm ( + 5 to strike & parry, + 4 to damage).

Secondary Skills: Athlete, Running, Prowl 92%, Climb98%/97%, Swimming 98%, Wilderness Survival 97%, Land Navigation91%, First Aid 98%, Cook 98%, Play Harp 98%, Sign Language 82%, Pilot Horsemanship 87%/67%, Body Build & Weightlifting, Fencing, Recognize Weapon Quality 52%, Streetwise 43%, Radio: Basic 58%, and Astronomy & Navigation 42%.

Money: Pamnelme possesses something like 1.2 million dollars in Earth currency.

Weapons: Magic Halberd, 3D6 + 4 damage, Weapon is indestructible and + 1 to strike and parry ( + 6 to strike, + 6 to parry, + 3 to throw and returns to wielder).

Equipment & Vehicles: None, other that what is commonly accessible to the other Centurions.


Pamnelme lived in an alternate dimension in which the Roman empire never fell to the barbarian hordes. Rome continued to grow stronger and stronger. Christianity never flourished. Eventually a modern ere did arise, but the belief in Roman pantheon remained. Pamnelme was an immortal warrior mage (a descendent from Jupiter himself) who came from that dimension during a ley line storm. He arrived in Europe in the year 1942 during the height of WW 2. Not knowing what to do, he at first used his abilities to fight and protect Italy from the Western invaders. Later he realized the evils of Nazi Germany and sided with the Allies, using his abilities and powers to subtly alter battles in their favor. After the war was over, he went exploring the world and learning as much as could about this Earth. Wherever he went, he helped to secretly fight for justice, righteousness, and freedom. He eventually arrived in the United States and was drawn to Century Station. When superhumans began to publicly appear 11 years ago he came out of the shadows and became a champion for justice alongside other heroes. When the Sinistry attempted a major plot to enslave the city, he was invited to join a group of champion to defeat them. He wasn’t sure at first but his good friend Haven convinced him to go along. Sinistry was defeated but they managed to escape. Apex convinced Pamnelme to stay with the Centurions.

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