Hero Name: Timeline

Real Name: Rudy Goodknight

Occupation: Founding member of the Centurions

Alignment: Principled

Power Category: Super Invention/Ordinary Person.

Experience Level: 6th

Hit Points: 29 S.D.C.: 20

P.P.E.: 7

Appearance: Rudy has round eyes the color of varnished wood. His silky, wavy, peach-colored hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a trailing ribbon. He has a graceful build. His skin is pale. He has a crooked nose and nearly nonexistent eyebrows. His costume is green and black with specific dates written all over it, for example November 22, 1963 (the day of J.F.K assassination).

Attributes: I.Q. 22, M.E. 12, M.A. 10, P.S. 10, P.P. 14, P.E. 8, Spd. 14, P.B. 18

Age: 29, Sex: Male, Height: 5 foot and 7 inches, Weight: 141 lbs

Super Invention: The Atomic Stop Watch (A.R. 14, 120 S.D.C.). 7th level in power. Repairs aren’t too difficult or expensive.
Major Super Ability: Slow Motion Control
Minor Super Abilities: Clock Control and Heighten Sense of Recall.

Combat Training: Basic

Attacks per Melee: 6 (2 initial + 3 from Hand to Hand + 1 from the watch)

Combat Bonuses: + 5 to initiative, + 2 to strike, + 2 to parry, + 2 to dodge, + 2 to auto dodge, + 3 to roll with punch/fall, and + 3 to pull punch.

Saving Throws: + 3 to save vs. time altering powers, magic, or effects.

Combat Skills: Punch 1D4, Elbow/Forearm 1D6, Knee 1D6, Power Blow 2D4 (2), Snap Kick 1D6, All Holds, and Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 19-20.

Other Bonuses: + 8% to all skills and 40% charm/impress.

Educational Background: High School Education.
Common Skills: Read-Write/Speak English 98%/98%, Mathematics: Basic 98%, and Pilot Automobile 86%
General Mechanical Program: Mechanical Engineer 73%, Basic Electronics 73% Locksmith 83%
Computer Program: Computer Operation 91%, Computer Programming 81%, and Computer Repair 73%.
Communication Program: Radio: Basic 93%, Radio: Scrambler 78%, T.V. Video 78%, and Cryptography 68%

Secondary Skills: Hand to Hand: Basic, Automotive Mechanics 86%, Astronomy & Navigation 78%, History 98%/78%, Jury-Rig 73%, General Repair/Maintenance 83%, Research 78%, Law (general) 63%, Pilot: Bicycling 86%, Streetwise 44%, Prowl 53%, Juggling 48%, and Mathematics: Advance 74%.

Money: At least $8000 in savings that he uses for personal/living expenses. Everything else the Centurions always make sure he is provided for.

Weapons: None.

Equipment & Vehicles: 1999 Jeep Cherokee classic. He also has access to anything commonly available to the Centurions.


Rudy Goodknight believed his life was going nowhere. He graduated from high school with top honors, but when his father lost his job at Daedalus Industries, he lost any chance of going to the college of his dreams. Rudy got a job at a gas station as a mechanic. He worked long hours trying to make as much money as possible, yet he was extremely miserable with his situation. One night he came home late to discover his father asleep at his workbench with a large stopwatch beside him.

Rudy’s watch had broken at work, and because this one could also tell time, he decided to borrow this one until he could buy a new one. The next day while at work, he decided to time himself to see how fast he could repair an engine, instead he discovered the watch could slow down time and control other time pieces. When he went home to return the watch, he discovered his family murdered. The police investigate the crime, but Rudy vowed to do whatever he could to solve the crime himself. He used the stopwatch to become a vigilante to hunt down his family’s killers. In the end, he learned a criminal mastermind known as the Time King had murdered his family when his father failed to hand over the Atomic Stop Watch he requested for him to build. Rudy used the stopwatch to defeat the criminal mastermind and his associates.

Afterward, Rudy decided to throw the watch into the ocean, when a woman nearly his age approached him. She said her name was Joan of Arc and that see could see the future. She’d come to tell him that it was his destiny to join a group of super heroes sworn to protect the city and its citizens called the Centurions. Not wanting to argue with a girl with the power to see the future, Rudy agreed and became the super hero known as Timeline.

Note: Click here for the original write up on the Palladium Forums by Reagren Wright.


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