The Tomorrow Legion

A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
Page One -- The First of Many

(Aloud) Okay, follow the steps. This should be easy, right?

1) Firstly, decorate the cover! Either write something boring like ‘Algebra Homework’, and your name, or decorate it to your personality. This will encourage you to open the book and start on the first page!

(Aloud) Hmmm…let’s see. Ooh! I’ll put some stickers here. And I’ll put a big heart on it over here. And just there I’ll name it in big letters! And I’ll draw a picture of a broomstick and a little black cat named “Gargamel!” Now for a name. What shall I call my diary?


(Aloud) That ought to get my attention. I am supposed to be writing on a regular basis. Okay, next step?

2) Find a pen or pencil that you can write comfortably with. Bright, vibrant colors are nice but your favorite color is better.

(Aloud) Well my favorite call just happens to be bright and vibrant! Hot Pink it is!

3) Make the first few pages into a profile! Stick in a photograph of yourself, or draw a sketch, and write out the following information:

(Aloud) Oh boy! As if Gerhardt doesn’t give me enough homework. Being home-schooled sucks. The public school kids have it easy! Excuse me – this is where I’m supposed to express how thankful I am for all the effort and energy my parents are pouring into my education.

(Vomiting and retching sounds)

(Aloud) Whatever. I’ll have my learner’s permit soon and I can leave this stupid pris…er, house. So what should I put for a picture? I do have that sketch Genzo drew of me last Halloween at the fair. Hmph! That’ll work for now. Note to self: Starving artists draw terrible portraits!


Full name – Lashe’evadne Sycorax-Circe Griselda Duchesne
Nickname – Hazel
Date of birth and age – February 29, 2000, Leap Day! 16 years old
Your best friends – Greymalkin and Morgenstern
Your worst enemies – Homework and Danica Forsby
Likes – kittens, puppies, pink, cupcakes, lip-gloss, One Direction, Facebook, and magic
Dislikes – mean people, Tweeting selfies, Facebook stalkers, smelly socks, Candy Crush
Favorite food – pizza (duh?)
Least favorite food – brussel sprouts
Favorite drink – Fizzy Pop Mountain Dew
Least favorite drink – uhhhh…coffee!
Favorite musicians/musicianONE DIRECTION!
Least favorite musicians/musician – those old guys with the banjo’s and beards
Favorite candy – Twizzlers
Least favorite candy – Junior Mints, gross!
Favorite animal – Ligers (but if those don’t count then Dragons)
Nastiest animal – Tasmanian Devil
Your hair and eye color, and other physical features – I have reddish hair most of the time. I think the name is “auburn” and my eyes are “hazel” colored, that’s why everyone calls me Hazel.

(Aloud) Well that wasn’t so bad. Next step!

4) Once you have written out your profile, start writing about your day. In the first entry, when you mention people, write what relationship you have with them: Are they your best friend, worst enemy or crush? That way, in 50 years, you will know.

(Aloud) Fifty years? Are they kidding? As soon as I leave for college I’m dumping this stupid thing in the garb…er, recycling bin.


Anything in your diary has a chance of being found out. Remember this.

Be careful to hide your diary in a good hiding space in case someone gets access to it. Good places may be:

In the pocket of an old coat

With another book’s cover on it

In your knickers/pants drawer

Under your pillow

(Aloud): Uh, okay scary warning. Thanks for the stress. I probably won’t write anything important in here anyway. Good call on hiding it!


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