Accountability. Courage. Excellence. Only a superhuman who consistently demonstrates these traits is worthy enough to be called an Ace.

ACE is not so much a formal group as it is a global organization dedicated towards proving to the world that superhumans are here for the benefit of humanity. Being a member of A.C.E. offers benefits such as support from available personnel when needed and authority to act with full police powers in many cities across several different countries. All members of A.C.E. are held to these three core standards:

1. Demonstrate accountability by always accepting the consequences of your actions
2. Be courageous by standing up for what is right
3. Strive for excellence in everything you do

These standards were set by Exemplar, the founder of A.C.E.. They are difficult to prove to him satisfactorily and so this organization is seen as a bit of a prestigious, elitist organization by other superhumans. Still, there are many heroes who strive to live by these guidelines in the hope that they will one day be invited to show the world that they too, are Aces.


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