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The_Boroughs of Century Station

Century Station is a world-class metropolis featuring a population of some seven million people, and occupying over 300 square miles. In terms of people, it is one of the largest cities on the planet, but smaller than giants such as New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Sao Paolo. In terms of land area, it covers about as much space as Chicago or Los Angeles. The city consists of a coastal, metropolitan lowland blocked off by Rattle Ridge, a low and thin system of hills that acts as a natural wall separating the inner city and the sprawling suburbs and farmland on the other side.

Aesthetically, the city ranges from a gleaming, futuristic techno-city to a blasted post-industrial wasteland. There are four main boroughs of the city: Society Hill, Midtown, Brisby Flats, and Diego Verde, with 38 districts between them.

Society Hill

Also known as “The Hill” and “Silver Hill.” The nicest and richest part of town, Society Hill is a thick forest of gleaming skyscrapers and massive complexes boasting bizarre and experimental architecture, giving it a “futuristic” look and feel.

Society Hill is broken up into eight separate districts: Silver City, Battenberg Heights, Century Park, Avalon, Victoria Beach, Bocatello, Fleetwood, Midgard.


Also known as “Center City.” Midtown is the middle class shadow of Society Hill. The cityscape here is more like a “normal” city on the surface with elements of the high-tech or bizarre carefully peeking through.

Midtown is broken up into nine separate districts: Retropolis, Everett, Javarta, Oglivie, Xenophon, Calaverada, Quincy Flats, Kilgore, Willingham

Brisby Flats

Brisby Flats seems to be about 10 or 15 years behind in tech level compared to Midtown. Many buildings are in disrepair and some are even in ruins. There is a large number of vacant buildings as well. Crime is most rampant in this part of the city, and it’s also where most of the city’s heroes can be found on any given day.

Brisby Flats is broken up into twelve separate districts: Norwood, Waingroh, Lennox, Zericho, Hannigan, Saritoba, Kerguelen, Drummond, Orange Hills, The Labyrinth, Napier Bay, The Archipelago

Diego Verde

Diego Verde is a suburban sprawl. It used to be farmland but over the years it was developed into suburban communities. This development was not coordinated or planned, however, and this lack of urban planning is likely to hurt the area severely in about 15-20 years.

Diego Verde is broken up into nine separate districts: Garden Valley, Old Orchard, Mignolia, Ulster, Fairfax, Holbrooke, Breckland, Rattle Ridge, Truffault

Century Station

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