Council of Industry

The Council of Industry

Founded during the Project Daedalus glory days, the Council of Industry (CI) is the single most powerful group of non-governmental entities in the city. They are basically a trade guild designed to organize the collective political power of the city’s major industrial powers and use them to pressure the Mayor’s office to put through pro-industry legislation, like further tax shelter status, easier zoning restrictions, overturning environmental decisions, and so on.

The Council of Industry has shrunk in size quite a bit after several of the high-tech companies that formed the group either left or went under after the end of Project Daedalus. Nowadays, the board consists of:

  • Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • Cyberworks Network
  • Daedalus Industries
  • Genesys
  • Helion Light & Power
  • Indbur Enterprises
  • Integrated Thinking Systems
  • KLS Corporation
  • Korashi Technics
  • Orion Robotics
  • Overlund Earth Energies
  • Triton Industries
  • Xander Financial Group

The current chairman of the Council of Industry is Mason Blodgett, CEO of the Xander Financial Group. Mason has fallen out of favor with the other members of the Council, however, and a vote to replace him looms on the horizon. To this end, there are two candidates actively working within the Council to become the next chairman: the authoritarian Maximillian Valentine, CEO of Genesys, and the charismatic Anthony Indbur, CEO of Indbur Enterprises.

Council of Industry

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