Hazel's Diary

Once Upon a Witch…

Prologue Date (TBD): A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer
Prologue Date (TBD): My Parents Suck!
Prologue Date (TBD): What’s in a Name?
Prologue Date (TBD): When will it come?
Prologue Date (TBD): When You Wish Upon a Star
Prologue Date (TBD): Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company
Prologue Date (TBD): Bye Bye Miss American Pie
Prologue (last page) Date (TBD): Fateful Chances or Happenstances

Chapter 1: Page 2 Date (TBD): Shadows and Dust
Chapter 1: Page 2.5 Date (TBD): Brilliance Sparks and Innovation
Chapter 1: Page 3 Date (TBD): Inveigle Investigation or Impromptu Invitation
Chapter 1: Page 3.5 Date (TBD): It’s Friday Night and I Feel Alright
Chapter 1: Page 3.7 Date (TBD): Stocking the Shelves
Chapter 1: Page 3.9 Date (TBD): Oil and Water Don’t Mix But Fire and Ice Will Never Play Nice
Chapter 1: Page 4 Date (TBD): A Three Hour Tour
Chapter 1: Page 4.1 Date (TBD): Arctic micHELLeFIRE meets Witchhazel
Chapter 1: Page 4.2 Date (TBD): Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Chapter 1: Page 5 Date (TBD): Dirty Money and Cyborg Hostages
Chapter 1: Page 5.1 Date (TBD): Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of HAZEL
Chapter 1: Page 6 Date (TBD): SUPER SAIYAN SALVO SAVES the day
Chapter 1: Page 6.1 Date (TBD): Homecoming Hazel
Chapter 1: Page 6.2 Date (TBD): The Interview Process

Chapter 2: Page 1 Date (TBD): Armpit of Hell
Chapter 2: Page 2 Date (TBD): Hazel and the Shadowboard
Chapter 2: Page 3 Date (TBD): Armpit of Hell Part 2
Chapter 2: Page 4 Date (TBD): Armpit of Hell Part 3

Chapter 3: Page 1 Date (TBD): MeetYourMakerrMentor
Chapter 3: Page 2 Date (TBD): ShadowBye
Chapter 3: Page 3 Date (TBD): PigLatin
Chapter 3: Page 4 Date (TBD): Technobabble and the Cyber Ambush
Chapter 3: Page 5 Date (TBD): Mobo MOFO!
Chapter 3: Page 6 Date (TBD): Quoniam in Statera

Hazel's Diary

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