Korashi Technics


A member of the Council of Industry, this is a company that, on the surface, is a regular, upstanding, transport company that specializes in cutting edge technology. Their reputation is pristine and they are trusted internationally as the people with the knowledge and the resources to protect your investment and deliver it safely to its destination. Their focus on the high-tech and alien technology makes them experts on international and local laws and jurisdictions — from customs and tariffs to hazardous materials and environmental concerns. They provide armored transport, armed guards, and all the necessary protection for precious cargo and they offer insurance policies that rival most countries gross domestic products.

Little is known, publicly, about the inner-workings of the company. They maintain an active presence in CS and they have their hand in many pots. The Tomorrow Legion’s first encounter with them was through the corpse of Jack Ballard. He was formerly a low to mid-level employee of Korashi Technics.

One random Friday night Hazel sat down and programmed a complex search algorithm that combed the internet, chat rooms, forums, YourTube, and etc. for certain key words. It found a LOT of hits on some of the keywords, but nothing on ALL of them. It took her almost a week sift through all the data and results and extract the useful info. This is what she learned:



Korashi Technics was founded by Hideki Korashi, and American-Born naturalized Japanese citizen. Due to a pituitary disorder he found himself donning a Sumo kimono rather than a business suit. Eventually he found his place in the culture and started the company. This export technologies firm is a broker for shipping high-tech devices and components around the world. It buys from and sells to every major manufacturer and retailer in Century Station, warehouses product and has it sent to its final destination. Navigating some of the tricky laws concerning the international transport of advanced weapons, defense and computer technology outside of the U.S. has made Korashi an expert in international trade laws. It is one of those marvelous companies in town that makes a mint purely by selling its expertise. They are one of the founding members of the Council of Industry.

Jack Ballard’s name produced nothing new – MyFace pages, MonsterLink profile, PhotoPage pictures, Obituary… all relatively normal and banal. Nothing stood out.

Bill Williamson has a MonsterLink profile, but no other social media presence. His MonsterLink indicates he’s worked for several other companies in various management roles. You can draw the conclusion based on this and some other results that Bill is basically a career “middle manager” who keeps trying to climb the corporate ladder and switches jobs whenever he feels his climb has slowed. He switches jobs a lot. He was recently promoted.



Here’s where your techies, your conspiracy theorists, your groups that want a little more privacy to their sites and forums, and generally things that people want to believe are at least relatively secret can be found, if one digs hard enough.

Korashi Technics owns several subsidiaries; all but one relate to shipping and delivery. The one that isn’t shipping and delivery is a small R&D firm in the tech sector that was incorporated less than a month ago, called Future Visions, Inc.. All they’ve done thus far is submit high-level patents for some fanciful, revolutionary technologies: metal hardening/strengthening via molecular bonding, and capacitor cell nano-structures for enhanced energy storage and discharge. FVI is still a very young company and these patent submissions are very high level. Bill Williamson (Jack’s former boss) is listed as V.P..



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