Mirror Mirror in the Mail


Hazel receives a small package with no return address. After running it through various over-paranoid scans and such you open it to discover an antique hand mirror, carefully wrapped up, and a note. The note reads:

Dear Hazel,

It has been some time since we last saw each other. I hope you’re well. We were successful in finally tracking down and eliminating Sharkface. After his defeat we discovered some of his personal belonging, which included a duplicate of the antique mirror we send to you now. How delighted we were to find that it still had its twin and could be used to traverse the Mirrorwall!

When we traveled through it we arrived in an apartment in Battenberg Heights, where it seems he stayed when he visited Earth. From the evidence we gathered there and back in the Nightlands it appears he was working to capture “test subjects” for Doctor Makalai – mutants or other kinds of superhumans which the Doctor could perform experiments on. He used these personal mirrors and kept them safe in order to breach the Mirrorwall whenever he wanted and travel with his captives from Century Station to Grim Gulf.


Our work is hardly finished over in Grim Gulf and I dare not stay on Earth too much longer. We will keep the Nightlands counterpart to this mirror safe with us in the Nightlands, in order to ensure it stays secure and usable. I know it’s a lot to ask, be you’re the only one we trust on Earth in Century Station to hold its twin and keep it safe, out of the hands of Rotiel’s minions.

Thank you so much!


Mirror Mirror in the Mail

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