Project Daedalus

Project Daedalus

“The most ambitious scientific project in human history."
-Dr. Leopold Sarnoff

Project Daedalus was the brainchild of Dr. Leopold Sarnoff, a brilliant scientist working for the the cutting edge scientific research organization known as the Daedalus Foundation. Century Station was selected to be the target for this project.

The goal of the project was to build the world’s first cold fusion reactor, relying on numerous breakthrough technologies and a while new line of scientific thought that took many conventional notions concerning nuclear energy and tossed them out the window.

Opponents to the project were unconvinced in the potential of cold fusion until Dr. Sarnoff conducted several small-scale, public experiments to prove its viability.

Following the success of those experiments, the Daedalus arcology was built; a massive science center that would house the largest fusion reactor in the history of the planet. Complete with a residential and office block that accommodated up to 15,000 workers and their families (with a maximum occupation of 50,000 people), it would become one of the most extensive complexes of research and development laboratories anywhere.

After 15 years or research, testing and construction, the Daedalus reactors powered up for the first time and generated a massive and sustained fusion reaction, unleashing incredible amounts of power into the station’s transmitter batteries. From there it was stored and transmitted to offshore energy relay stations, where the energy was “piped” through specially designed power cable thousands of miles to sister nations in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Even though Daedalus charged half of what conventional energy providers normally did, the project made untold billions due to the massive demand for its product, and because of its extremely low overhead. Project Daedalus, it seemed, was built so well that it needed virtually no maintenance or additional technical work.

All this ended after 5 years, when Alpha Prime arrived on Earth to arrest Dr. Sarnoff for breaking The Covenant. She called in reinforcements to completely dismantle and confiscate the Daedalus power plant and all off-world technology which had been developed by Sarnoff. This even included technology that incorporated off-world principles or developments.

The Council of Industry formed at this time and schemed to have the citizens of Century Station reject and drive out of town any business which had profited from Project Daedalus. This was a success, but contributed to the decline of Century Station.

Today, the former site of the abandoned Project Daedalus arcology in Brisby Flats is known as The Labrynth and is one of the most crime-infested areas of the city.

Project Daedalus

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