If you need help, you know who to ask.

S.H.A.R.D. is an acronym for Super Human Assistance and Research Department. They started as a superhuman research branch funded by several companies. As they got bigger, they became their own entity. They have extensive data relating to the phenomenon of superhuman powers, abilities and manifestations.

Most of their research and results is public, but generic. Trending and statistical data is the easiest stuff to put together and they do a lot of that. Their research into superhuman powers themselves has been interesting. They have begun to identify what they believe is the source of superhuman abilities, and it is this source that is the basis for the new “Energy Emission” rating system for superhumans.

They have a few notable members. One of which, Steven Hunter, started as just another common researcher but through his research and analysis of superhumans he developed the most commonly used rating system: The Hunter Comparison Index. The leader of SHARD is Damien Day, who is a decorated special forces war hero. There are also a few superhumans who are counted as members of their staff.

Over the years as SHARD grew so did it’s political connections. Based on their extensive knowledge of superhumans and their abilities, they also took on the role of helping superhumans who were in trouble or needed assistance in legal, political, or other matters. When a superhuman is charged with a crime or finds themselves in a legal situation that is over their heads, SHARD can be contacted to help assist the superhuman with the matter.

Sometimes SHARD has a project or situation that can benefit from additional superhuman assistance. SHARD maintains their own database of superhumans which it can search to help identify specific people with abilities that can be utilized for such cases. Those superhumans would be contacted and contracted to perform those tasks that they are qualified for. This is not something done commonly or maliciously. Their database is populated with information either gained from publicly available sources, or information provided by the superhuman themselves. This database is not made public but any superhuman has the ability (and right) to view their own information and have anything they consider too personal removed.

SHARD is a global organization that has become a valuable resource to superhumans. They provide assistance when they can to superhumans and their knowledge of the superhuman phenomenon is unmatched.


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