The Tomorrow Legion

The Tomorrow Legion is a group of new heroes in the city of Century Station. They have been gathered together by the mysterious Spirit to work as a team to protect the future of this city. Together they struggle to make a difference in what remains of this once-great city.

Welcome to Century Station

The city of Century Station was once known as the foremost research center in the world, full of sprawling science and industrial centers and the proud producer of high-technology marvels. It was enviously known world-wide as the “City of Tomorrow.” That changed disastrously when the alien Alpha Prime arrived and confiscated all the off-world technologies which had, unknowingly, allowed the city to be so prosperous. That revelation caused many other legitimately Earth-based industries to pull out of the city as well, plunging Century Station into a steep decline that has yet to hit bottom. Despite the promises and best efforts of the cities’ politicians and the remaining members of the Council of Industry, the city remains a sad, pale shadow of its former self.


The City of Today

For the majority of the people living in Century Station these are trying times. The prosperity and harmony the city once knew has fallen away, leaving most people are angry, violent, and bitter. Century Station itself is experiencing severe money and budget issues which have left barely enough funds to maintain basic city functions like street and traffic lights. The more demanding city operations like school and law enforcement have suffered terribly. School dropout rates have spiked to 80% in some areas, and many of these youngsters have turned to crime. The police, underfunded and understaffed, are ill-equipped to handle the sharp rise in crime and civil disorder.

Nearly every form of crime imaginable has become widespread, with auto theft, carjacking, homicide, contract homicide, and armed robberies topping the list. Other prominent criminal enterprises include arson, con-artistry, forgery, counterfeiting, fencing of stolen goods, kidnapping, prostitution, burglary and smuggling. Even in the few remaining “good” parts of town (with good being relative), white collar crime such as fraud, embezzlement, illegal drugs and money laundering has become epidemic, and even murder and domestic violence have risen.

There is a growing realization amongst the populace that if you break the law in Century Station, you stand virtually no chance of getting caught. This emboldens the common criminal and encourages ever-escalating crime.

Where are the Heroes?

Though many heroes left the city during the exodus, those that remain are doing everything they can to step the rising tide of crime and hopelessness. All too often these heroes are the only real “law enforcement” the city knows. On its worst days Century City suffers from as many as one felony crime committed for every four people in the city. The cause seems hopeless; the future bleak.



“Any event, once it has occurred, can be made to appear inevitable by a competent historian.”
-Lee Simonson