The Tomorrow Legion

What up Brah?

The assault on Iron Mike’s compound winds down as Iron Mike’s unconscious form is restrained and carted away. The Task Force members have begun to patrol the grounds, trying to aid the injured, secure the fallen among the Ironworkers, and take inventory of the dead. Hazel stands outside the office next to the ruined desk which was tossed out of the window in the fight. She is out of view of the Task Force members for now, but can hear the activity all around and knows that she won’t be alone for long.

An ancient rectangular, wooden box, barely bigger than a pencil case, rests in her hands. The Japanese kanji for Vengeance are burned into the cover, which has been slid open to reveal seven crystal gemstones: a red crystal reminiscent of the heart, a blue crystal reminiscent of the liver, a yellow crystal reminiscent of the spleen, two white crystals reminiscent of the lungs, and two black crystals reminiscent of the kidneys. All seven crystals appear to be subtly thrumming with life. The magic which emanates from this container is strong and foreign; an ancient form of magic which Hazel has no familiarity with.

It is with some surprise that Hazel suddenly notices Amaya kneeling next to her. She is kneeling down on one knee with her hands on the ground and her head lowered. She sits there perfectly still, only the slight movement of her hair and loose clothing in the wind betraying that she is not some sort of statue. Upon being noticed she coldly and emotionlessly says “The task has been completed master.” She remains perfectly still after saying that.

Hazel tells Amaya, “Go. Disappear, and meet with me again in three days.” Wordlessly Amaya leaps away, blending into the night and quickly fading from view.


Three days later.


Nom. Nom nom nom.


“You made your point you little bitch! I’m going to kill you!”

“Amaya, please dissuade my brother from calling me names and threatening my life…while I’m eating.”

Dark hair shimmered – strands caught by moonlight – an underwater cloud of blurred wisps. A blade disappeared off the table and flashed through the air.



Steel embedded solidly into concrete…by way of groin.

“GAAAAAAaaaaahhh!!!!! Hazel!!!! You witch! I’m gonna kill you! You’re fucking dead!”

Blood gurgled, oozing into a patient puddle at Conrad’s feet from the yawing, gaping wound. His body slumped but remained upright from the supporting manacles anchored into the wall. The Tomorrow Legion didn’t have a torture chamber but Hazel had improvised with a little help from her thousand-year-old new friend and turned the interrogation room into a pizza party.

“By the Nine! Amaya what’s wrong with you?!?! You could have killed him!”

“Of course. But you did not order his death.”

“You fucking Witch!!!!! I know all about you! I know how you got your powers! I’m going to come back and rip your fucking face…” her brother seemed to shrug off the pain in favor of anger. Maybe the pizza was finally working. Hazel took a swig of her beer.

The sentiment was cut short by a sharp ‘crack’ – like the snapping of a twig – when his finger was torn clean-off and roughly shoved into Conrad’s mouth by the ninja assassin.

“YOooooooowwwwWwwWWWW!!!!!!!!” Conrad howled as he spit the bloody appendage out.

Amaya stood there silently. Watching, waiting, following her orders.

“Amaya,” Hazel sighed exasperatedly. “This is never going to work. We’re trying to interrogate him…remember? That’s what the pizza and beer is for,” Hazel tsked. “Haven’t you ever interrogated someone before?”

“Yes.” The ninja’s expression was deadpan and Hazel gauged her for a moment.


“Besides, wasn’t I supposed to be the ‘bad cop’?” Hazel pondered this. She was…wasn’t she? Her memory pierced a two-hour fog of pizza and beer to deliver accurately the simple plan summation. “Eureka! I truly AM the bad cop!”

Amaya stared at Hazel quietly.

“I can’t tell if you’re making fun of me.”


“Wait a minute,” Hazel snickered slyly. “I don’t have to wonder, do I?”

Amaya simply continued to stand there silently next to Conrad.

“Amaya, I command you to tell me if you’re making fun of me!”


“Lashe…” Conrad croaked an interruption. “Lassshhe…”

“Amaya it’s working! See! I TOLD YOU!!!”

“As you say,” Amaya said plainly. She ripped the blade from the concrete and slowly placed it back on the table where it came from.

“Gaaaha!!! GrurullglglgBLEARGH!!!!” Conrad’s projectile vomit fired grapeshot across the room to splatter across the table piled high with pizza boxes and empty beer bottles.

“Tell me Conrad! I’m here. Lashe is here for you. It’s going to be okay. Tell me please! What do you know of Grim Gulf? What do you know of the Nightlords? What did you find about my past? My…family?”

Conrad’s eyes registered some surprise when Hazel mentioned Grim Gulf and the Nightlords, but Hazel failed to notice. “Laaashe,” Conrad whimpered – chest heaving with paroxysm, “fuuuuck you…”

A fist flashed from out of nowhere and teeth sprinkled to the floor like little Yahtzee die.

“Amaya! I command you to stop hurting him! We need him to tell us of his own volition!”

“As you wish.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of free will?”

The dark-haired woman stared back at Hazel with an unblinking gaze.


“Conrad, all I ever wanted was to belong…to feel, loved by our family – by Gerhardt, you, Jesper, Roman…even mom. I tried to study hard – to follow in your footsteps. I tried. Connie…”

“Don’t you dare!” Conrad shouted around a mouthful of missing teeth.

Hazel, near tears, couldn’t help but giggle. Her brother looked kinda cute without his two front teeth. His two front teeth. She leaned forward and wiped his bloody mouth, frothing with spittle and hatred, with her sleeve. “Hold still Connie.” Hazel tore a little strip of saucy crust from a slice and mimed the ‘airplane’ motion. “Ooh! Amaya made a little hole in the hangar! The plane can land even if the big hangar doors are stubborn wubborn.” Hazel waved the crust like a fairy-godmother wand and attempted to insert it into the toothless portal." Her brother thrashed and spit coagulated bloody saliva at her and the crust fell to the floor.

“What did I do to you? What did I ever do to earn your hatred? To earn your ire? All I ever wanted was your acceptance…your love. A word of kindness.

“arlkjd dartus zi wixxzyn lopa-quz…”

Hazel hauled off and landed a solid fist into his open-toothed rictus. “Conrad, I told you – no magic. If I even THINK I hear a spell being cast you’re getting a one-way ticket to The Island.” Hazel had threatened her brother with police, jail-time, and the punishment of incarceration but Conrad refused to be manipulated by something as mundane as a “time-out.” Hazel feared that it might be too late to rehabilitate him…to show him a better path…a better life. It might be too late to have her family back.

Absently, Hazel thought she heard a familiar squish squish of cheesy goodness sloshing around the spin-cycle. “It’s good, right?” she called over her shoulder at the ninja without turning around.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Amaya replied. She was standing still in the shadows of the room.

“You know…” Hazel teased without taking her eyes off her brother. Amaya continued to stare at Hazel’s back.

“Amaya, it’s time. I’ll meet you in the garage.”

“Wait, Hazel, no! What are you thinking?!?! No!” Conrad railed against his restraints.

“We’re going to speak to Gerhardt.”

Hazel ignored Conrad’s pleas. Amaya had already left.

“We’re going to see our dad.”

She was just here a week ago – a few days before the raid on Iron Mike’s stronghold in Waingroh. Still, with the memory fresh in her mind’s eye, she was astounded by how lush and vibrant The Verde was. It would always be home. “Purreow?” Greymalkin inquired from the passenger seat. The cat blithely ignored Hazel and hopped up on dashboard for a better look at…something.

“Grim! I told you to stay in the back.” Hazel put her knee on the steering wheel and reached out a hand to usher the cat out from the defroster-territory under the windshield. The car swerved a bit but remained firmly under her control.

Amaya sat in the car silently, staring ahead but not seeming to focus on anything. Hazel had been having a very difficult time deciphering Amaya’s sense of humor – if, in fact, she had one. Grim sauntered away from her groping hand to lounge just out of reach at the passenger’s side of the dash. He favored her with a smug look that begged an unutterable question, “Did you really think – for a split second – that you were in control?” That’s what the box was. Amaya knew it better than any. Control. Hazel was pretty sure Amaya had to do what she said because of the box. Something about that seemed inherently wrong; it didn’t sit well with Hazel that she could compel someone to do something against her will – or well, REGARDLESS of her will. It seemed to completely ignore “will” altogether.

Hazel’s train of thought derailed. “Amaya, how long has it been since you had your freedom?”

“Nine hundred seventy four years, two hundred seven days, and…” She paused for a brief moment, then continued “Four hours.”

“How do I compare to the others you’ve served? As a Master I mean…”

“They were human.”

“Amaya I command you to tell me honestly how I am as a Master.”

“I have served yakuza, crime lords, Genghis Khan, shogunates, mafia bosses… and most recently the being who called himself Iron Mike. You have so far proven no different from any of them.”

“Really? Wow! You knew Genghis Khan! That’s amazing! Wait, Amaya, do you even like me?”

“I neither ‘like’ nor ‘hate’ you.”

“What would you do if I set you free? Do you even want to be set free? Do you know how to be free of the box’s control? I will help you if it’s within my power to do so.”

“I will never be free. My life belongs to whosoever possesses the mystic heart. I exist as long as it exists.”


“Amaya, what’s that noise?”

“Your prisoner wishes to speak.”

“He’s my brother, not my prisoner!”

“Of course. I have been corrected.”

“Conrad you’ve been awfully quiet back there! Amaya, help him speak-do you mind?” Amaya stripped the duct tape off unceremoniously – peeling with it layers of skin and facial hair stubble.

“You’re a fucking lunatic! You really are insane!! I can’t believe what I’m hearing! You’re talking about giving a most valuable prized possession – a tool – an immortal assassin!!! Her freedom! Letting it go? What the hell is wrong with you!”

“Amaya, duct tape please.” It went back on. “She is not a possession. She is not a tool. She is a person. And she has a heart and feelings. If you treat people like objects then you risk losing your OWN humanity. Try to have a little empathy Connie. Amaya isn’t JUST an immortal ninja assassin. She’s a woman who had a life and freedom once. And I would see her have that again if it is what she wants.”

“Well, Amaya?”

“Well what?”

“What do you think?”

“I think your prisoner brother is right.”

“Really? About which part?”

“That you are insane.”

“Awww, Amaya, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.” Graymalkin yawned as they pulled into the driveway. “Oh! Looks like we’re here!”

Lieutenant-Field Report 1.0.1
A Witch's Cry


Project 73478-1: “Cruor”
Miss Amazing
Deluge (Water-Boy)

My reprieve from the Tomorrow Legion and return to surveillance was short lived and now I am back to the salt-mines.

During my absence, a new member was added to the Legion who from all I can observe and information fed to me through Alex Murphy shows he is a lab experiment of our good post-Doctor. Appearance is a red mass of a being in human shape although large. Watching in action he has incredible strength and able to morph his body into different shapes. Mentally, I am not certain of his stability which is probably due to his age only being measured in weeks. He is aloof which is not a good beginning for his development.

I’ve had to turn the charm on the receptionist of the Tomorrow Legion although it makes my stomach grimace. My impressions are she is as ugly inside as out. I don’t trust her and question if she may be one of the leaks of the Tomorrow Legion to Iron Mike.

Alex Murphy is / was a good cop and someone who I would have enjoyed sharing a beer with even before becoming “Dead-Man”. He has struck me as one of the “good guys” of the Legion and look forward to future projects.

Bogart the squirrel has gone missing from what I have gathered. I know his disdain for me, but he was a clever rodent able to do advance logical deduction far beyond his peers with possibly the exception of Doctor P. His absence takes away from the Legion strengths along with the good Doctor.

Vigilance. There appears to be mixed thoughts and feelings about this guy, but he is no longer among the Legion and is on the lamb from the law. Virgil did document his intel on Iron Mike’s organization which I am currently reviewing.

From Data Records. No Updates:
Fire Controller
The Blaster
The Huntress

Alex was giving me a review of current events at the Tomorrow Legion Headquarters. There was a heavy rain outside when an incoming call was received by Alex. He did not share who it was from although I did not pry into it either.

The call was a warning that a mile wide storm had developed centered over the Tomorrow Legion. As we peered out the windows of the main entrance area the rain was so heavy that it produced a fog we could not see far through. Our local water controlling kid confirmed he could control the downpour through the window so it did appear to be water based precipitation.

Small figures could be barely seen running about our building.

Running through the surveillance camera’s, Alex saw heavy activity at the garage door entrance. When Deluge and I arrived at the garage door, torch work was being done to cut through the metal garage door. “Water-Boy” was able to add additional water against the burn to stop the intruders from producing an entrance. Meanwhile Alex, Cruor, and our teen-age attitude Miss Amazing had made their way outside to investigate and stop the intruders.
While “Water-Boy” was stopping the intruders from inside, I made my way “thru” the garage door about 10 feet away from the invaders. There were three small Timex watch looking robots and once they were aware of me, one stopped cutting to attack me.

My railgun shots bounced off the little bugger a little too easily so I decided to exit stage left or rather through the building wall across the street. The rest of the team was in the middle of a heavy fight with the other robots.

I went through building a good 100 feet or so before reappearing in the street. A few things I noticed since the rain had appeared to let off a bit. The robot I disappeared on was still at the wall trying to find me and looked confused. The other was a strange figure staying away out of the fight but very intent on us all. I went back through the wall into the building and guessed about the location of our “stranger”. As I appeared behind the “stranger”, I screamed, “Halt, TRESPASSER” that appeared to startle him as intended and inform the team of my location plus I found something of interest.

Evidently this guy watched Clockwork Orange a bit too much. Plus he was controlling these mini-robots of destruction. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw “Dead-Man” take a shot in the sky with some missiles that caused something to fall. This resulted in the rain stopping.

Things were going badly for the invaders when that gawd awful witch voice started cackling and ordering her “statue” things appeared. My last greeting by these things stunk and left a lasting impression and that Witch’s voice. Nails on a chalkboard is more smoothing. Anybody got some Gorilla Tape for her mouth?

The “statues” were ordered to retrieve the invaders and return home. “Dead-Man” tried flying on the back of one as it took off with Clockwork and Crour was able to beat the other one to the top of the building then punch a hole through it making it turn to dust.

The sight of watching this ball of flying concrete, metal borg, and shifty pants was quite the sight to be seen.

There was not any time left nor anything I could physically do to change our circumstance so I tried to mimic the Witch’s voice to command the statue to drop Clockwork and “Dead-Man”.

AND THE STATUE BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As ordered he dropped his cargo and returned to wherever it was coming from. As we got everyone to the front door of the Legion we could hear a certain Witch scream as if in agony.

To the Sewers!

“They don’t trust me. At least not really.”

This thought runs around in Cruor’s mind as he heads out of the Tomorrow Legion HQ through the roof vents. He allows his body to melt down through the drains to street level before pouring down into sewers between two of the buildings. Perhaps the large dead one thought he was convincing, but the fight club videos from the Legion’s files were quite well labeled and it was clear what had happened with Vigilence.

He had even recalled the Doctor raging about that evening. Upset with the team, upset with himself. So caught up in the fight that he lost sight of the big picture until it was too late.

“If they don’t trust me… fine.” He begins to walk through the sewers in the general direction of Waingroh. His blood fist lashes out suddenly and angrily against the wall. “They think I’m stupid.” He continues trudging through the runoff and the filth. “They think I am a Monster.”

A slight snarl curls across his lips. “I suppose we can find out if they are right.”

He walks on, listening to the sound of the city above his head, so close, and yet a world apart.

(added video because in someways it really fits)

Almost Human

Virgil's Talk to the Future
Online RP


Continued From:
Vigilance’s Last Bell
Hours pass until a palm of a stranger found Virgil’s shoulder.

Virgil turns to see a man who appears to be somewhere in his 50’s standing behind him. He is a tall, thin, wiry man and you can’t quite decide if he looks more like Jim Carrey from “A Series of Unfortunate Events” or Steve Buscemi from “Boardwalk Empire.” He is wearing clothes that are about two decades out of fashion. In his hand is a tablet that is no brand you recognize. Now that he has your attention he responds to you, looking down at his tablet occasionally as he speaks as if reading from it at the same time.

“Virgil Lance. Let me be completion honest. My name is called Æl Fric Prox. It is from a far place in your future whence I come. My reason to be at your now is for because your time is been changed. This all history has gone affected by a criminal from my hour. That what happened to you is wrong and never happened in a clock that is accurate. I am with sadness to inform my inability to change which has occurred. It is with your help that I implore, however, for assistance. The villain of my chasing is here affecting you and others in your every second. His name is called Frac Tal but who is he now I am unknown. It is though that I know his now purpose. Catch and apprehend him I will seek to do in later days and weeks. With hope I request your consideration for aid when the minutes close in.”

He finally stops referencing his tablet and focuses on you. It appears that this speech took some effort, as if English was not his native language.

“A moment, please.” Virgil has a puzzled look with a mix of connecting the dots, but not quite the eurica moment.

In a flash of memory, Virgil ponders what Joan of Arc said when they first met. The possibility that she was not completely psycho babble that Virgil took it to be from the psychic witch.
A shimmer of hope for a purpose, but a dim light since the death of many does not change.

Virgil takes a small step forward and extends his hand gently to shake. “Mr. Prox, I will help in any way I can.”

Cruor's Lament


The question pounding in his head. Slamming itself repeatedly against his consciousness in an endless rage. It took a while to build to this fervor. How long? Unknown. Time, minutes, hours, days, seconds, eons, these are meaningless concepts either beyond Cruor’s comprehension or unworthy of his consideration.


There are only two times. The time when the Doctor is HERE and the time when he is GONE and the space between them is irrelevant. It is merely the binary condition in which Cruor exists. HERE or GONE, GONE or HERE. And currently he is GONE and has been GONE longer than any other period of GONE that Cruor can remember. GONE is okay when it isn’t too long before HERE. There exercises, there are foodstuff videos. There are game to play. But GONE is not as good as HERE.


The time drags on beyond all bearable lengths. Nothing can keep the thoughts out of his head, nothing can drive back the pounding emptiness that echos through all of his being. His entire world has been cut in half, there is no balance anymore.

At first he had kept up his training. He did the exercises and the routines. It is not good enough to be strong, the doctor said, he had to be able to bend and climb and jump and move. Cruor did not understand, but he did what he was told. Ever since the Doctor brought him HOME training had been better. There were no more punishments for failure. But it was not the same without him here. It was empty. Everything was empty. Even watching the funny videos of the food stuffs was no longer amusing. Just empty. He watched other videos, listened to music, but it was all just empty.


He thinks about going outside. But the Doctor told him not to ever go outside. They wouldn’t understand, they would be afraid, they would laugh. They never understood the Doctor said. They always laughed. The Doctor looked sad. So he couldn’t go outside, but he could look for the Doctor on the computer. He could search for the Doctor. He knew the Doctor, he knew more than the Doctor thought he knew. The Doctor liked to talk to him, he thought Cruor didn’t understand, but Cruor understood more than the Doctor knew.

HE FOUND HIM! The Doctor was not gone! The Doctor was in the paper, it said the Doctor was a great man! The Doctor was dead!

What is dead?

Cruor searched more. Many videos. Many movies. No… this can’t be…


How is he DEAD? Why is he DEAD?

He is not allowed to be DEAD!

THE LEGION! That is where the Doctor was when he was GONE! That is where the Doctor was when HE BECAME DEAD! It is THEIR FAULT he is DEAD! THEY MADE HIM DEAD! THEY MADE HIM GONE FOREVER!

They would need to be DEAD too! HE would MAKE them DEAD! The Doctor would want that.

The directions to the Legion are easy enough. But it is OUTSIDE. The Doctor said he can never go OUTSIDE. But the Doctor isn’t HERE. The Doctor is GONE. The Doctor is DEAD. The Doctor is GONE FOREVER. Cruor will have to think for Cruor now, the Doctor isn’t here to tell him what to do. Cruor will make them DEAD too, and then Cruor will look for others who need to be GONE FOREVER.

He finds an old long raincoat and a baseball cap. They won’t understand. They will laugh. He will hide his face so they don’t laugh. He looks back at HOME and then takes a step outside and into the sunlight for the first time.

First Day with the Legion
A Bad First Day

Field Report 1.0.0

Day one with the Tomorrow Legion has come to the end with me already taking a couple shots and attacked by a……….not really sure, but I am nursing some serious wounds.

Two concurrent missions are being run at the Legion against 1) cyborg group called the Avante Guard and 2) a drug on the street that gives temporary “super” abilities called Bull.

Spirit (wears a power armor) introduced me to Bogart (Squirrel) , Dr. Preposterous (Intense Doctor) , Diane (Huntress), Dead Man (‘Borg), and “Ben” (alien) at the Tomorrow Legion. I introduced myself as “Harry”. I was well received from all except Bogart who immediately gave me the cold shoulder. I didn’t know squirrels had feelings or could be jealous. It was an odd experience.

The group discussed a recent exit of two members: Hazel and Vigilance. There is still contact with Hazel, but it appears the one called Vigilance is on the lamb and looked for by authorities.

Assign to the drug “Bull” case with other members.

A recent OD’d girl began to give the Tomorrow Legion information on her dealer’s info with a phone number from her phone and his name, Hank. The cyborg mimicked the girl’s voice to make the phone call to the dealer where he arranged a pick up for more stuff.

Everything went wrong. The dealer made it a hit scene for the girl in 3 armored SUV’s. In the scramble I took a couple bullets from the gangsters, but we caught two for questioning.

Dead-Man was able to push the SUV to an abounded building and we began interrogating the drug dealers. I am not the best at interrogating, but between the good Doctor, Dead-Man, and myself we got some valid info from the perps. Like the location of the factory.

I tried to make Dead-Man look like that Ape-Thing that had been captured. While the others thought it looked awesome I was left unimpressed. I need to work on disguises more. Dead-Man made his way thru the back of the factory saying he was Maximal and he needed help escaping. Everything went to crap afterwards.

And when I say crap, I mean #$%@.

Giant statues came to life and one got a hold of me and was trying to crush me. That didn’t feel too good especially with the bullets still lodged in me.

This lady with a gawd awful laugh dressed up as a Nun. And another younger guy who moved un-fathomly fast. Doc P and Bogart took on Momentum while Diane and Dead-Man were cornered by the Nun. Me, I was still being crushed by a statue of a “Gargoyle”? until I went untangible.

Doc P was able to drop stuff into the drugs to destroy them.

The battle was fast until the horrible happened, Momentum killed Doctor Preposterous. The Nun turned into some kind of demonic thing and what was left of our team barely escaped.

It was a dark sad day.

The Darclon Deals With Death
Marrakesh the Psychic


He had a lot to say.
He had a lot of nothing to say.
We’ll miss him.

I hardly knew the man. Many called him Doctor. Most called him Preposterous. I am still acclimating to my new environs but this word does not have a direct translation in Darclon. He was a Pariah of sorts. An outsider. Exile? Maybe. Intellectually without peer or equal – he must have felt very alone.

So long.
We wish you well.
You told us how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well then, so long.

I am an outsider as well. I was recruited by a man introduced to me as Spirit. I do not believe there is a direct translation for this word in Darclon. The English language that humans speak here on Earth is complex. In Darclon we call this “breath” or “ghost” – the animating force behind all sentient life. It is the Force which binds and drives us. Had I paid more attention to my philosophical studies I might be more prepared for such vague interpretations. The Monastic Order of Nascent Knights would frown upon my ignorance. And without ignorance there cannot be knowledge. Without emotion there cannot be peace. Without Death there cannot be the Force.

Don’t cry.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.
Standing above the crowd,

It was my only my third real combat situation. The Order sent a diplomat when a sentinel or guardian were needed. In me my superiors saw a potential to unearth the foul plots of our brethren. The Darclon. I hardly consider us one and the same. Though we share bloodlines we share lineage and we share a common genetic algorithm – I feel shameful in association. My wayward brothers have been swayed by a seductive power and lured beyond the reach of love and kinship. I am but a fledgling in the Force, in the Order, but a great hope has been placed in me and a great faith has been entrusted to my servitude. I must attain enlightenment and it is here, on this planet, where I must do so.

He had a voice that was strong and loud.
We’ll miss him.
Ranting and pointing his finger
At everything but his heart.
We’ll miss him.


The doctor fought bravely. He fought well. And he fought a man named Momentum. He fought dizzying speed that is faster than the eye can track. He fought without fear. He fought for a cause he believed in. Can a man hope for anything more? To give one’s life to a cause and return to the Force for a reason that compels the soul – the spirit – the Ghost into action – that is truly noble.

Interestingly, I came across a curious shard of glass in the battle. It must have fallen off the deranged Sister. I hadn’t paid it any mind but it nagged at me. This fragment – tiny, sharp, unobtrusive – but powerful niggling. Like a splinter in my mind – it resonated with me. I will meditate upon this shard and then I will set my mind to deciphering its mystery. I felt a…harmony…kinship – with this crystalline object – almost as if I could will my mental energy into or perhaps through it. Maybe it would make a good focal point for the sun or a light. Much to ponder.

My spare time is regrettably small and it dwindles with preparations for the ceremony. Earth dwellers dig holes into which the dead are deposited and interred. I will speak. Formalize a meditative prayer and lay the ghost to rest with our shared peace. The custom is endearing, if provincial, and I welcome my inclusion. If they are receptive I will share the nuances of the ghost’s transcendence upon the death of the host.

Hazel Makes a Baby



Ooohhh!!! What happened last night Matty?!?!

It’s been a pretty crazy month – few months. I helped rescue an in-bound alien named Marrakech Zimbabwe Golgo13’thasterror. Although he’s a Darclon so I don’t think I spelled that correctly. He’s a short, squat, black alien insect thing – ugly as all get out. But he’s psychic like Joan of Arc. Kinda creepy stuff. He was rifted in using some kind of super-advanced technology – almost magical – that can create inter-dimensional portals.

We helped him get settled in. I cooked a meal. DOMINOS and DUFF!!!! I set him up with a key to the bathroom, the janitor’s private stash of pornography, and his cracker jack TTL Decoder Ring. The little alien mentioned something about psychic surgery – but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have my tubes tied. Aaaaanyway, I realize it might be a moot point with the nuclear bomb approaching. I was thinking that I should get the heck out of Century Station and the more I’ve been reading Chuck’s journals – the more I can’t wait to go down to South America and really explore the Andes and the Nazca’s culture and follow his teachings – in his footsteps. It’s time for me to be an adventurer! I know that now. I’m not the little bookwormish girl I once was. I still have my passion for learning and my zest for knowledge but I need to discover my true self – to let my Morphus run free – and to do so out there in the wide world on my own.


I moved out of the TTL HQ. Oh wait, I already told you that. Did I mention that I’ve kept in contact with Bogart? I told you I don’t intend to die a virgin – and I think his Spd is over 52. Regardless, he’s the only other person who knows about Iron Mike and Black Friday. I just…I dunno. We agreed not to talk about it or act on our knowledge of the future and…well, I don’t think I can be a party to the end of the world watching party. Does that make sense?

Oh! Bogart and I met MELISSA and ARCANA of the Champions. I’m just glad Alpha Primate wasn’t there. Are women on her homeworld always on the rag? I don’t get it. She’s got this major hemorrhaging hardon for alien tech falling into the wrong hands but she doesn’t seem too concerned with the REAL issues facing this city. But Arcana and Melissa were nice. They were taken aback when Bogart pulled a fast-one and tossed the android to the ground. We met near the tree that harbors the fairies I told you about. We couldn’t let on to them that we knew about the time traveler that they suspected. And we sure as heck couldn’t tell them that he was in fact our BOSS, Spirit! Who actually goes by the name of wait, what was it again? Fructose? Fracture? Friction? Fruck me! I’ll never remember.

We did some more digging and research and found out that the drug MEGA is being produced right here in Century Station. Bogart stumbled upon a High School that would have been a perfect undercover operation for our boy Hot Head. But we haven’t seen him in a long time. Detention. And, I heard he got a 7th grader pregnant or something. Saliva probably wouldn’t have been the boy for the job. He’s the hero TTL needed, but not the one we deserved. So I think that was where I made my leave of absence known. Thaumaturge, Earth Angel, and Bella are some new contacts I made from the Telestic Society. I’ve been keeping it super-cazshual but it’s nice to know there are other folks out there to help keep tabs on the Cult of the Night and the Society of the Mystic Front. Vladimir, Gary Pender, and Triskelion are plenty to keep us on our toes. And right now I’m like a sponge. I feel as though I’m soaking up every last ounce of information that Charlie can divulge and I LOVE it! It’s coming to a premature end though – and soon. I need to find out more about my family – about my…CURSE…why my magic is messed up and why eight out of every ten spells I cast has unintended and unforeseen side-effects. I know it’s rooted in my heritage – this darkness, the Nightbane morphus, my true self. And I have a funny feeling I won’t find any answers here on earth. I will make my pilgrimage to the Nightlands – and I will return…WHOLE. Finally. Maybe then I’ll be able to shuffle off to south america and work on my legacy er…tan.


Vigilance Dies Vengeance is Born
A Maximal is Captured


ZMGZ?Q?!?! Matty Q!!! We bagged another one of Iron Mike’s Lieutenants! Do you remember that movie Planet of the Apes 15? I know, I can’t believe they went on for that long. But the PRECURSOR to that flick was something that Goggle calls Hing Hong. I think it was one of those Japanese films with the guy in a Lizard suit and the mini-1/100 replicas modeled after Neo-Tokyo – Old Edo of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Whatever…

SO WE SANDBAGGED MAXIMILLION THE MAXI-PAD MANIMAL!!! MAX-FACTOR!!! Seriously though, I know you’re not aware of your surroundings but I am and we’re not in Kansas anymore. I moved out of the Tomorrow Legion HQ under some deep suspicions and major apprehension concerning Matt Lee River, our boss, Spirit. I moved out feeling completely demolished after Virgil went off the reservation – and off the deep end and killed a bunch of innocent people right in front of us. And I also moved out because I needed some serious alone-time with my new libr…er, mentor. Oh! I’m under the tutelage of Charlie Kane now. What? NO!!! Of course not you dirty girl! He’s my teacher – of ARCANE knowledge – not CARNAL knowledge!!!!! He’s teaching me SPELLS!!! NOT POSITIONS!?!?!


Ugh. I don’t wanna die a virgin. I guess there are worse things. I kinda wanted it to be with Verge. But, well, that ain’t gonna happen now. I only have two months to make it special. I mean, I’m not just gonna walk into Waingroh and make a mountain out of a molehill. Y’know? Let’s see…I wonder – WHO is the lucky gentleman going to be? What? eBay? Are you kidding?!!? Besides, I don’t need a paycheck THAT badly. MattyQ!!! It has to be SPECIAL!!! It’ll be my first time – and my LAST time. Should it be a friend? Hmmm…who do we know? How about definitely not Zeau, definitely not Salivo, definitely not Virge, umm…Spirit? Put him on the maybe list. Bogart? Maybe list. Michelle? Uhhh…maybe list. Doc Prop? Ugh no. His bat? That’s disgusting. It IS a very nice bat. Fine…maybe list. Diane? Hmm…okay, she’s like a GODDESS – yes-list. Oh, is that our first one on that list? Nice! Now we’re making some headway. Marrakooch? Gods no! Besides, he’s black. Well he’s an Alien. Black Aliens still count! You know that!?!?! Thaumaturge? Oh – be still my aching heart! YES list. Whiz Kid? Uhhh…he’s cute enough, nerdy but cute. Yes list.

If we only had a bit more time!!!!

Oh, my bad, I’m going to die in a nuclear explosion in 2.5 months from Iron Mike. I totally forgot that part. I know…it’s kinda important right?

Oh gosh…what if I don’t die? I might have to live the rest of my life knowing I lost my virginity to…a squirrel.


I guess it could be worse.
I better die.

So Charlie has been teaching me the correct names for spells. I can same with surety and conviction that Maximal fell prey to a Carpet of Adhesiveness. You know he was one of Iron Mike’s big bad enforcer lieutenants, right? He was half man, half ape, super-strong, butt-ugly, and smart. Kind of a deadly combination – just like Virgil – but Vigilance was DEEP under-cover, interviewing for the open Lieutenant position in Iron Mike’s Army and the tryouts were in the fighting pits. So we made a plan – I got my cell phone taken away by the Janitor – but THEY made a plan and I made fun of them. Oh! And I found this crazy pic of two pandas…y’know…uh, like…YOU KNOW…! They are so LAZY!!! Anyway, so Bogart led us to this Zoo-Bar with all kinds of furry critters. We made more of a plan and got the Furious Furries to lead the Charge of the Light Brigade.


Infiltrating the fight club was easy enough – and all of us stood out – but you’re not gonna BELIEVE who I saw fighting – MY BROTHER CONRAD?!?! I was invisible so he couldn’t see me but he looked, um, kinda buff. I think he’s been taking steroids or something. He kinda got his ass whupped which was humorous to me but just when I wanted to rub it in the MAIN EVENT started and Virgil, the Janitor, Bogart, and I converged on the Grape Ape. Admittedly, in a fair fight, I think I’d have been the only one left alive – but that’s because the Janitor isn’t actually alive – but I think he might be functional. But we’re super-heroes. If you break the law there’s no law that says we have to fight fair. Right? I’m not sure if that makes sense but I snuck up on him and tried to cast a Carpet of Adhesiveness under his feet – and wouldn’t you know, his super smell and hearing and my barely prowling semi-silence in the din of the arena ALMOST alerted him to my presence. It was scary. Honestly, MattyQ – I probably would have crumpled right then and there had he heard me and swung first. But no, HAZEL shot first.

Verge leapt into the air, seeing an opportunity and taking it, he pounded his fist into the ground the way I had seen him do before – only this time I was literally blown off my feet AND my Armor of Ethan had vaporized. I hadn’t even taken a hit and he completely obliterated it from full. When I had shaken off the daze enough to come to I saw the carnage and devastation. If his shockwave knocked me over, in my Morphus form, and concussively knocked me out – then imagine what it had done to mere humans, the bystanders. Oh no! Doc Prop was already in triage mode and ferrying innocent people blown to bits, to make-shift sleds and, providing first-aid. It was a scene straight out of a movie; like a bomb had gone off inside of a nice little confined space – a bomb shelter – the fighting pit. Some quick thinking got everyone together and Maximal yielded. He was a manimal of honor and no longer resisted or fought us back.


Alas, it was too late for many of the people. Some quick thinking allowed me, Doc Prop, and Diane to save a few lives – but Diane looked more bloodthirsty than Vigilance. I opened a Doorway to the nearest hospital only AFTER Doc Prop reminded me that I shouldn’t be opening a doorway for our ESCAPE. Sigh…I think I was definitely in shock. I remember my first thought wasn’t for saving those people and, of that, I’m ashamed. My first thought was…OMG…Vigilance-Vengeance just killed a bunch of innocent people. I have to help him escape. It makes me very sad. But, I came to my senses and changed the intention of my destination – the Doorway opened into the Waingroh hospital and we flooded their Emergency Room with bloody bodies and the death throes of the dying. Vengeance did not come back with us. He took one last long look at the group…at me…and told me he wasn’t returning.

That was the last time I saw my friend. That was the night Vigilance died and Vengeance was born.

Vigilance's Last Bell
Things go wrong


After a lengthy discussion at Harry’s Pub the group decided to get some intel and hopefully bag Maximal. I rather have gone to take down Iron Mike’s “Iron Works”.

I was angry and disgruntled. My cover has been blown and everyone smirked that it was blown. They do not understand what I had accomplished and done to get weapons off the street and to try to get as much intel about this Iron Mike. For once I think Salvo would have been a welcome face to have proper perspective of making a difference.

So off to “Fight Club” where Maximal runs his ring to check for new recruits. My invite was to look at myself as a recruit. And then it was just great that my co-workers from the garage found me. Nice guys, but stop with all the hype. My team stayed hidden and I could not even see Diane or Hazel.

Maximal finally showed his face while I was watching the fights. I made my way over to hand him my envelope from the sale earlier. Oh let me back up here.

I sold the guns and was lucky enough to have Dr. P do some timed modifications to the weapons. They will never be useful or on the streets to kill again. Also we are now aware these weapons were taken from the sunken ship in the harbor.

Back to Maximal, I handed him the envelope with all the money from the sale rather than a cut. He took the money and said a simple Thank you. I explained I was giving him all the money since I expected there was back pay from past sales, but I would need to go through my books to come to an exact amount. Then to make things clear I asked if I could blow off some steam with someone worthy in the ring and did he have anyone in mind. Also I was not looking to try out tonight.

He pointed me in the direction of who he wanted me to fight. I made my way to the ring until my opponent was called in. Guy put on quite a silly show. I see him talk under his breathe and then a shimmer appeared around him…….I know that shimmer.

I stepped into the ring still dressed as a mechanic with grease still stained into my hands and forearms. My co-workers went nuts.

I went into a football line stance. My opponent mocked me.

I let him throw the first two punches just to measure him up. Then continued to hit him with restrained punches. He was quite the bitch. Started getting upset and losing his cool.

I saw him trying to chant something else up when I decided to give him a regular punch. With that his Armor of Ithan went pop as his slammed to the wall thru the crowd. He left quite upset and continued to mouth off about he’ll get me. He has no idea how much I held off.

Money is being exchanged from bets when I took notice of Maximal looking angry and sniffing the air looking every direction. “You brought them here!”

All I could see was my team being slaughtered by this animal and it was going to be my fault. The team had no idea how strong this guy was. It would be the end.

I ran toward Maximal and he just stood there looking angry. I slammed the floor infront of him to knock him off his feet and he just stood there taking it all. Diane jumped in to attack from the flank with both of us hitting him he just stood. Thinking back I can now hear the screams and cries from what actually happened. The rest is a blurr.


It was raining steady as Virgil kept his head bowed down to keep the rain out of his eyes and to help his hoody keep his face hidden while sitting at dusk at the edge of a swamp in Florida.

It had been 2 days now and he finally stopped to reflect. No one appeared to be within miles of this desolate spot he had found.

The occurrence had still not fully taken full hold. Virgil slams the ground with his fist and all around him destruction takes place. Trees fall, water explodes into the air, and every bird within a quarter tells him their disgust. “WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!”

Virgil buries his hands in his palms and begins to ball not caring who is to see him in his grief. Thinks to himself, “All those people dead. Because of me. Maximal was supposed to fall down and instead everyone died.”

Hours pass until a palm of a stranger found Virgil’s shoulder.


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