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Dirty Money and Cyborg Hostages

Do not a Legion make...


Wow Matty…where do I start?

It’s been an eventful week to say the least. Remember that big cargo freighter liner I toldja about? Well after we sunk it we tried to lay low for a few days and I’ve been monitoring all the search and salvage companies in the area. No news yet. Pretty standard stuff like insurance claims. But the country of Suriname down in South America popped up a few times — once in conjunction with the insurance and once in conjunction with some known super-villain who regularly takes asylum (I think his name was Usurper…or something retarded like that) in that shitty little back-water country because of their NON-extradition policies. But what do I know about law? That’s what the DocProp said when we discussed it.

Anyway, I reached out to a few doctors and managed to get a hold of three. The group decided to let Doc Prop make the introductions to Wendell Moore – foremost in the city in superhuman genetics and physiology. I kept Marigold’s business card for shits ’n giggles. She seemed nice…and willing.

What else? Oh! The squirrel left. Little Bogart took his leave of the Legion. I was sad to see him go but I understand his reasons and empathize with him.


Heeeeeeey!!!! I had Verge take a shot of me down at the bail bonds place! I know…I look haggard. I probably should have changed for the pic but I thought this made me look more authentic.

Oh yeah! Spirit was indicted on charges of “insider trading” and he’s being held with bail set at $100,000. Sheesh! And I thought he was such a nice guy! I guess I always fall for the bad boys. Oh well. Naaaaaah! Hah! He’s innocent! LOL! I DO have a tendency to like the low-lives but Spirit’s not one of them…not yet at least. Besides, don’t you think I’d have found out when I did that extensive background and credit check before I joined the Legion? Paranoid much…who me? Who said that?!?!

Is…is that Dark Hazel?

What if it is?

Don’t answer that!

What if I do?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…Matty, I’ve gotta lay off the caffeine. This shit is KILLING me! Besides, I’d best get to my reading. I’m supposed to start filling out my collection in the library with a few pertinent tomes and volumes…this recommendation though was an interesting one: So I was studying with Michelle and made a lot of really good headway. I was using the MagiScientific Method or MSM as I liked call it when studying with Gerhardt. And the MSM is methodical and logical and it’s like looking at the WILD magic and psychic energy through a lens of rationality and reason. Call me crazy but inside this mangy mutt girl is an erudite arcane scholar…somewhere. I swear! It’s in there I know it! Anyway, I had figured out almost EVERYTHING I could about Antipode’s amulet except the last…niggling…little…thing. And what bothered me the most was the fact that I remembered something similar in a book I read back at the house. You know, like before I left the Green Machine – Verde. I know Gerhardt had a book that would pertain to this thing and…um, I kinda like the little rush I’m getting right now – just THINKING about breaking back into my parents’ house and stealing it.

Shhh…don’t tell!

I won’t.

What the fuck?

You said it.

Am I really hearing voices? Could that be Dark Hazel…like, for real? The issues with my magic aside…the shadow shit is starting to get scary…and all these signs? They’re impossible to ignore any longer. I gotta get my hands on that book and start reading up. Michelle also said she’d introduce me to her friend — maybe he can shed some light on this situation.

Sigh…anyway — Verge got a call from Dick Clarxton for help on a hostage situation. Holy shit! They must have been desperate…or maybe our reputation was growing! It was pretty impressive to me but I tried to shrug it off in front of the other Legionnaires. I feel like people are noticing. We’re making a difference and they’re turning to us. However small…it’s a start. Hostage situation? I was ready! Bring it on! Let’s start pla…..

Nope — no planning Hazel — Nice to meet you, I’m Saliva…Salivo. Nice to meet you I’m Haz…oh wait, where are you going? Can’t talk! Gotta run! GOTTA BLOW SHIT UP!!! Uh, okay…I’m coming too! Let me grab the hover-car. Uh, guys? Guys? (echo)


Yup, that’s how it went. Dock Prop and Salivo went off to meet their makers. I pulled the car up to the building and let Diane off and then set ‘er down on another nearby building, taking the time to buff both myself and Verge before the fighting started. I also took a moment to introduce myself to the police and to announce to the gathered authorities that the Tomorrow Legion was on the scene and ready to help. And it’s funny because as soon as I got the word “help” out of my mouth the good doctor crashed through a window and the punk kid rode his motorcycle right through the front door. If I wasn’t so busy being upset about their casual disregard for shitloads of someone else’s property…being damaged…I’d have probably given the kid props for pulling off such a killer stunt. I couldn’t see whatever happened when he tore through the lobby and up the main stairwell.
Diane radioed back to me that she was already starting to evacuate the hostages. What the fuck? I heard shots fired and…um, was that an explosion? Hablar J Fucking Popsicle! I told Verge to go on in — he’d gotten as much protection as I could give him. I radioed to the entire team that I was running BACK to the hover-car to start ferrying the hostages to safety from the rooftop. Rather uneventful and anticlimactic for me…but someone HAD to do it. And I don’t mind. Maybe it means that I see less action but I kinda like working from behind the scenes. Besides, it’s enough of a reward for me to know that I saved a few hostages lives – rather than exploding some Cyborg faces. But that probably would have made a better diary entry. Sorry Matilda. And, TO BOOT, the Newspapers aren’t saying very nice things about how much damage we had to cause to get the job done.

Talk soon!



I love the “Uh, guys? Guys? (echo),” followed by the picture of the explosion. That’s a pretty accurate representation of how it went down.

Dirty Money and Cyborg Hostages

LOL! I’m glad you liked it. That’s a pretty accurate representation of how I felt. Which is fine…but I hear Trent Logan had it pretty similarly…being able to stop time and all.

Dirty Money and Cyborg Hostages

Thank goodness Hazel put the armor spell on Virgil cause he used it heavily.

Nice write up!

Dirty Money and Cyborg Hostages
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