The Tomorrow Legion

From the notes of Dr. Roarke

R.A.D.O.N. Project

Researcher:Dr. Theopholus Roarke
Project Notes: R.A.D.O.N. Device
Note Category: Personal Notes
Date: May 9, 20XX

The inspiration came to me, like most flashes of genius, in a dream. I had returned home from the legion’s laboratory where I had begun inspecting equipment with the most counter-intuitive design specifications I have ever seen in my professional career. I began to unwind with a glass of scotch and began to review some of the most recent journals in my study. The activities of the evening, which I shall eschew from mentioning, had left me in a particularly manic state of mind, but once allowed to relax, my body quickly succame to exhaustion and I fell deeply asleep in my chair.

In my slumber I envisioned myself as a soldier, a preposterous notion, fighting on a battlefield. Yet I abhor bloodshed, save for when necessarily, such as in clinical trials or research. However, the weapon I was using was not a standard firearm. My “bullets” as they were, were having the most interesting effects on my targets. For example, I shot at enemies as they approached and their bodies would begin to spasm and twitch before falling unconscious to the floor. A grenade knocking out communications.

I awoke quite energized and spend went to the lab the next day. While it would be inappropriate for me to create weapons to harm people, but to incapacitate? To be able to stop crime with a simple swarm of nanites! For far too long my research has been directed inwardly on what the nanites could do to enhance my own abilities, but if they can render metal to mush then what could they do to a central nervous system? Rather than using harmful gasses, tazers, or rubber bullets my nanite inspired weapons could be a new wave in non-lethal weaponry.

Programming will the the first step. Then I will have to develop effective delivery systems.

Note to self – locate sufficient testing subjects. Volunteers would be ideal as there is little benefit to animal trials.



Asking people to volunteer means you tell them what you are going to do to them.
NOT Hey Virgil Catch!

From the notes of Dr. Roarke

This is an awesome direction for the character, and it was played out fantastically in the game. I approve.

From the notes of Dr. Roarke

Very well done! I thought Doc Prop makes an excellent MAD SCIENTIST! We just need him to shout “EUREKA!” from time to time.

From the notes of Dr. Roarke
Tokobauzsos FarcicalFiend

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