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Post Game 10 - Lone Wolf Virgil

Virgil's Job Search

Long day. Started a new job this week working as a mechanic. 5th garage job in the past month. At least working the door at the F-Club has been regular ours to keep this operation floating.

It has been over a week since I have donned the mask of Vigilance. The police department was happy to see the broken firearms taken off the street and no one at this station appeared to be on the take. The last station I did a release was in Waingroh with an officer not very happy to see the firearms broken. After that experience I have been making mental notes of officers and their expression when turning over the contraband plus avoiding the Waingroh precincts.

I got to laugh about a movie I watched the other night. Real old movie about these guys fighting becoming some underground club. Oddly mirrors what I have been doing for housing. They had this old house on the edge of ruins with running water and electricity that was abandoned and condemned. I swear I found the same house! Leaky pipes and everything!

It is weird living alone. It is weird not being Vigilance. It is hard to fight the urge to fight crime when it happens in front of you to keep the cover. Welcome to Rex Vee, you can call me Mr. Vee.

Mr. Vee will be happy to buy your firearms. No questions asked and none should be given. Mr Vee will pay a fair to below average price and likes small volume.

Last week some repeat cretins selling a few items thought he had the right to ask questions. Cretin #1 asked, “Are you starting some kind of gang? We expect our cut.”
I gave him my best dark smile and told him," None of your business." I saw the butt of the gun coming towards my face and kept smiling while his buddy stood there smirking. He hit me pretty square in the teeth and it hurt. I didn’t move and the butt of the gun broke off. A gave him a light slap across the face which caused him to go airborne across the room to wall. As he laid on the floor face down I asked his sidekick who’s smirk has disappeared, "Anymore questions? None, good. Please remove your “friend” from my presence."

I find the cretin’s question bothersome. These mutton head’s are starting to notice Mr. Vee’s operations. I was hoping to keep a low profile longer.

It is amazing how these cretins just talk when you don’t say anything. I simply nod and they keep telling more about any criminal activity in the area. I finally just tell them they can leave now usually. This is the first time I had to lay down the “Law”.

Yesterday at the new garage job, Conflagration and Maximal showed up asking question to the new boss. I stayed out of sight and found a car to work under, but jeeze whiz. I don’t need this kind of excitement at a new job.
The good news: From what I overheard was this garage takes care of stolen cars for Conflagration & Maximal’s employer. I am getting closer to Iron Mike.

<flashback> All the shadows in the alley began to appear to seep toward the ShadowMan and with eyes glowing and a smile full of malice he stared at Diane while Alex continued hitting with the electro shocker.
Those poor kids in the jail cell. Jessie being skinned alive. <flaskback>
Time to make my way back to the rooftop tonight and study the Keiromin Iron Works. I’ve found your hiding spot Mikey. Mr. Vee is going to figure out a way to bring the whole Iron Works to the ground on top of you.


This is so appropriate to what Virgil’s been up to in between games! I hope you get the chance to add that info eventually as a log so that others can “get it,” too.

Post Game 10 - Lone Wolf Virgil

Poor Mr. Vee…. enjoyed the log.

Post Game 10 - Lone Wolf Virgil
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