The Tomorrow Legion

Salvo for President!


That looks good. I set the billboard up here so you could see it.. I know you can’t actually see it, but it seemed the most appropriate. To be honest though, I also hope people in need will see the billboard it when they come here. You should have seen it. I lead the charge, I saved the day, and I had people praising me. All eyes on me. The STAR! You always spoke of salvation.. and I deliver Salvotion. Had that Joany woman on her knees. Probably not going to be coming back her for a while. I am a public figure now, my face is all over the billboard. Let me just say that wherever you are, you won’t be able to miss my rise…

Not many of the legion were around that night. I took advantage of this to mess with the good doctors computer. He has a few surprises waiting for him, nothing grand.. I am just not that good yet but I think I found a side hobby. Also.. I think he has some sort of rodent problem. It is kind of gross.

Any way, it was really just me and the ladies standing around. I jokingly tried to pick up Hazel, you know make her feel good about herself. Not really my type though, a little too little.. She was a good sport about it, though I may have laid it on a bit heavy because I could see that spark of interest. I need to be careful with that power, only want to be breaking bad guys, not hearts. Seriously though, Hazels moral compass is just a bit too rigid. She objected to every one of my plans. Diana on the other hand. She knows how to get a party started.

Lets set bad peoples houses on fire and swoop in to rescue! “No she says”

Lets inform the gangs there is heroin at an orphanage and beat them back! “No she says, I cannot condone that”

She even tried to convince that there were “good people” in the police department. Doesn’t exist, from the top to the bottom it is full of crooks and thugs and worse. Though she did give me a good idea. Not sure she meant to though. If I can’t easily find the evidence I need, I just need to plant some. Create money trails to the gangs and other convicted cops. The evidence exists any way I am just speeding up the process. Will have to research accomplishing this efficiently. I will accelerate the purging of the police department soon enough.

We spent some time discussing what we should be doing with our evening. The girls wanted to pursue some diplomat who could have information about the ship that sank and the villian behind it.. blah blah blah. They wanted to stand watch while they lured him back to his hotel room. BORING! So like a proper leader I pointed them towards the much much better course of action of absconding(word of the day calender doing me good!) with the captive cyborg. You know.. so we can question him ourselves. There was no chance the little piggies were going to get any useful information from it, but I know we could.. one way or another. We all hopped abourd our respective bikes. Turns out Hazel isn’t licensed to fly that hovercraft. Funny she is willing to break the law when she conveniently forgets about it..

We arrive on the scene of a SWAT detention facility. Not much to look at from the outside. Fenced in parking lot, and a big grey building. I like it when the buildings are blank canvas for a bit post modern Salvo artistry. OH! But of course:
“No, Salvo, lets try and talk our way in!”
“They might just hand over the transcript of their interogation, maybe that has info we need!”

Ugh, these two don’t know what a good time looks like. So I wait near the building while Diana schmoozes her way in. Makes up some ridiculous name and schmoozes with the receptionist. To my surprise, it actually worked and she got the transcript. Nothing revealing in their. Because, I was right and these pooplice don’t know what they are doing. ALRIGHT SALVO TIME! Gonna bust my way in and drag him out in chains. Figure a bumpy ride down the highway behind my motorcycle will loosen him up!

No wait.. nevermind. We are going to go.. talk again. See if they will let us just take him. See the girls think that the cyborg may be leaking radiation. Gonna use that as a reason to get him out of there. So once again I am just sitting outside. I start looking around for some alternative plans. Things to explode if a distraction is needed, or this goes on much longer. I let the gals no I plan on knocking the power out to cause chaos to let them slip in if the conversations don’t go well. Well, pretty quickly they didn’t go well. Receptionist was acting suspicious and wouldn’t Diana in until her “team” arrived. I will be honest, I lost my patience. I wasn’t going to lose my chance to get this guy in our hands. If this mission went the wrong way, we may not be welcome in the city very much anymore. So I revved up my bike, and was gonna get speed to take out a pole containing transformers running to the building. Figured I would ram the pole and blast the transformer to take it out.

Right as I was about to gun it, I see the Centurians arrived. In a moment of brilliant leadership I try to let Diana know they are here. So maybe she can use that to work her way in. I figured I would give her another shot at getting this to work. Raise her confidence like a good leader. But she fails. She literally does nothing with the info. So only one thing left to do. PUNCH IT! I get to about 100 before having to leap from my bike at the last second. Sadly my bike did not damage the pole. Not heavy enough, will have to investigate solutions to that. But I was able to nail the transformer and take out power.

I suppose, in hindsight, such blatant destruction and use of my powers for it with the Centurians right there was not the smartest move I ever made. When I opened my eyes, there was a woman asking if I am alright. I needed to play this. I freaked out. Told her I didn’t know what happened. I was messing around with my bike, trying to do some stunts and lost control. She seemed to buy it, but then pointed at the transformer and asked about that. Well I was on this train might as well ride it. I freaked out more. Acted terrified, wondered if I did it. Wondered if this was something I didn’t understand. Buried my face in my hands and wailed. Laid it on thick. Worked like a charm. She left me there and went into the building.. where by the way.. Diana is STILL just standing around. Where did The Tomorrow Legion find her? Hazel apparently had the idea to sneak into the building, or at least that is what I figured, since I didn’t see her again until right before we left.

Diane blew my lie, told the woman I was with her. So I followed the woman(whom I find out is Joan) in. I was more than a little suspicious that Joan did not seem to be calling me out on my lie, and was honestly beliving Diana’s. However, we were getting what I wanted and I would deal with the fallout later. On our way down the the basement where the borg is locked up, I got into a discussion with Joan. Tried to make her understand that her working with the police is counter to her goals of helping the people. She defended them, telling me they do good deeds. I tried to explain for every good deed there were two evil ones. She then dropped the J bomb on me. She brough Jesus into this discussion. She was telling me to trust in Jesus and he will bring us to the light and that is the path she is on. She was telling ME this. ME! Like I am some heathen! I was stunned. Partly because I haven’t had a religious lecture in years, and I was not expecting this kind of fervor. I will admit, I was little excited. I think I can convince her to join us. Join me. More on that though later..

I am going to skip ahead a bit. Stuff happened. Some either inept or corrupt guard left the door to the cells unlocked. He tried to play it off as ghosts or something. I threatened to report him. Not that I would, because that will get nowhere, but hopefully he knows I am on to him. We get to the borg, he was actually willing to come with us. I like to believe I convinced him, but I knew deep down that wasn’t true. There was a trick or a trap. I just never expected what was to come. Though it makes my future decisions much much easier. Diana heaved the cyborg over her shoulder and started to walk him out of there(he was missing a leg after all). I decided to go up a floor to retrieve his stuff. I sort of underestimated how heavy it was, so I was slowboat dragging it down the hall when I noticed the elevator that my teammates were presumably on come to a halt and the warning lights start flashing. Apparently, Joan has some sort of sixth sense for danger. She was buggin, and wanted everyone to wait while she checked things out. I am not sure I am buying this sixth sense stuff but I suspected something was probably going to happen earlier so I figured I would work with her to look around and clear the area. We cleared the top floor and went outside. Shit got real.

Shortly after getting to the top floor, Diana and Hazel(I guess she came back from somewhere.. have to ask about that I think..), decided that they were bored of waiting in the Elevator and started walking the captive up the stairs. As soon as they got out of the stairwell… BOOM. Seriously, it was just moments. I saw Joan scream, “NOOOOOOO..” and run back towards the building. Giving me enough time to turn around and see the explosion set off. There was only one thing to do, absorb that explosion. I have done it before.. nothing this big.. no idea if I could take it. But this was MY team after all. Can’t have them die on my watch. What’s a leader without a team? So right as the first shockwave hits me, I just start pulling it in. Pain shredded first through my chest from the actual blast. But then.. IN me. Not my organs.. my veins. The energy, the pain, it became a part of my blood. My blood became energy. It poured through me. More.. more.. more.. I felt alive. I felt like I was dying. It just kept coming in. I could see the cyborg pieces flying through the air as if in slow motion. I think his hand went past my head. I saw Hazel forced back a step, and Diana thrown back into the stair well. I saw they were still in one piece. It was working. I was dragging the energy from them. But there was still more to come.. and more pain. Never felt anything like this. It started first in the tips of my fingers. Like I was being unzippered. Like things were tearing slightly. It moved up my arms. I felt it in my scalp. I wasn’t sure what was happening or how much more I could take. The explosion was done. It had felt like hours, but was probably milliseconds. I felt.. and heard the hum. I was vibrating. I had to do something with this energy. I slammed it through the roof of the building. Punched a hole through it. Probably lit up the sky for miles.
When it was done. I was pure energy again. The pain always brings it.

I did my victory lap around the room. It was when I noticed. Joan looking at me in awe, on her knees even. Hazel was just the same. My vision of the future was coming true. I am the savior, I am the leader, I am Salvo, and these motherfucking cyborgs are going to have their lives ruined. If they are willing to detonate with innocent lives around, if they are willing to let go if their lives so easily, I will help them with that. They are living under our streets, so soon the sewers will be filled with fire. If they surrender and disarm, sure I will let them out. But between you and me, Ma, I hope they don’t.


Salvo, Salvo, Salvo… Just when I lose hope that he can be redeemed as a hero he reminds me that he does have a heroic side. A little twisted, but there. I’m not sure what’s going on with the “billboard” at the beginning – is there really a billboard somewhere in Century Station that now has his face on it?

Salvo for President!

There absolutely is. Scraped together my savings and my thug plunder.

Salvo for President!

Very well.

Salvo for President!

Funny she is willing to break the law when she conveniently forgets about it..

Fuckin’ TOUCHE! Love the log dude. Really well written!

Salvo for President!

Every good hero team needs a “fall” guy.

Salvo for President!
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