The Tomorrow Legion

Things are Coming up Salvo


For months now I have been cleaning up these streets the hard way. Energy blasts and fireballs. That’s it! Who can get anything done with such measly ability? Oh but tonight? Tonight it turned ON, it turned UP, everything is turning AROUND! Fucking make the world spin!

It has been months since I tapped my true power again. Truth be told I was always kind of scared of it. I didn’t know how to control it, why or when it happened or why or when it stopped. All I know is that when it did the world was mine. It first happened that night.. well.. that’s not important, but it happened a few times since then. Haven’t seen it since I started cleaning up these streets. But last night, man, things are coming up Salvo. I suppose I should explain, for the history books.

I hadn’t really hung around the Tomorrow People in a while. I stopped in here and there, but their insistence on working with the pompous porks(PP, HA!) really burns me. However, I heard about the incident with the boat, and well I realized I was missing out on some glory. Opportunities for the normals to see who I am, so I decided to hang out a bit more and see if there were more opportunities. The night wasn’t shaping up well, the group was once again ignoring my awesome plan. I was going to stash illicit pictures of children on this doctor’s computer to get him fired, so he would stop being stupid and come work for us. But nooo, that wasn’t nice, or too risky, or whatever. “Going to ruin his life” they said. Bull, what would be better than working with the Tomorrow Legion? Regardless Precockterous decided to step in and be the center of attention again, and did it his way. If he is sooo smart why do he need us? I wish he would go away, always lording over us. It’s alright, I will show him. It wasn’t long before a call came in. But God DAMNIT if it wasn’t to help those squeelers(and squeel they do!) Vigilance took the call, apparently they needed help with a hostage situation in a building. Enclosed spaces are my friend, so I was all for that! The Doc flew to the building to scout and shit, some new chicks(I miss Flash Fire.. but I understand my power may have scared her..) took off on a hovercraft with Vigilance to the building. I.. I don’t like not having my own escape methods, so I took my motorbike.

Arriving on the scene, Prepoop(fart before the storm..) is jabbering in our ear about all the stuff he knows, Hazel(one of the new chicks, super tiny, a little aloof, kinda scary), was hovering about the building with the other team mates, I guess they were planning on sneaking in from the top. I suppose if pressed, you could say I wanted to make a diversion, but honestly I just wanted some mayhem, some excitement, and to scare the crap out of the cops, so I rammed my bike through the front door. Kept control of it too!(Because I am awesome!) Must have been some wax on those stairs or something, bike slipped and I fell. Just as well though, charged up those stairs ready to start the party. Apparently the party came to me. Slammed head first into the barrel of the biggest laser rifle I have ever seen, carried by the biggest piece of walking metal I have ever seen. The light show started immediately. He brought the lights but oh baby did I bring the music!

Motherfucker tried to light me up. But at the moment that energy came towards me I realized something, I could absorb it, flow it through me, release that money shot on his face. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But with that pain came freedom. My true power awoke. This.. thing, did not know what hit him. I was pure energy. I swarmed around him, I slipped into the plates of his armor. All I found was more metal. No matter though, he could not escape me, and his flailing did me no harm. I shattered his metal from the inside out. BOOM. Pop goes a rivet. BOOM. Dent in the chest plate. BOOM. Oh.. DID I HURT YOU? BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! He ripped his armor off but it was no good, I just kept pummeling him. The dude thought maybe he could fly and lept out the window. Who was I to stop him?

I think I will call my new move Inner Salvotion, or maybe Defense Defiler..

Chased the dude for a bit, peppered him with energy blasts but he ultimately got away. Extremely resilient. I need to find a way to get stronger still. I need to find a way to deal with that much metal. I have heat, and I have energy. There has to be a way to make this work. Streets are filled with places to practice. I have a feeling I am going to find more of these guys too, something about belonging to the Over Guard. I didn’t stick around for the post interviews. Can’t imagine my handiwork with the doorway, stairway, entire third floor, or the parking lot outside was much appreciated. I am sure doc will have some haughty complaint.. but he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what this power feels like. He doesn’t know how much you sometimes just need to let loose, ya know?

Any way, I have a path way to pain, and that pain brings out my power. This is bringing about a whole set of possibilities for me. I can find ways to slip through the cracks now, I will shred the corruption from the inside out. No more families lost to laziness, greed, and ignorance..


Whoa! Rather revealing adventure log from…Inner Salvotion. Great job!

Things are Coming up Salvo
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