The Tomorrow Legion

Vigilance Log Game 9: The Doom & Gloom Report


Hazel Diane DeadMan

My mood has not improved and indifference appears to have taken a permanent residence in my demeanor since last time I wrote my thoughts down.

S.H.A.R.D. called last week and wants me pretend to be a rat in a maze again. They are very nice about it, but sometimes …..I MEAN WHAT IS THE POINT?

I miss football.

Hazel got introduced to “DeadMan” Alex. She thinks he’s the janitor for the Legion. Hazel has been looking a little rattled and has not yet been seen in the gym even with my pestering. I have been blessed to see Hazel’s inner power “magic” but that does not help her from physical harm as much as working for strength plus it appears she could use the mental health aspect of it too.

Diane, Alex, and Hazel started going through several leads searching online. In the mean time I called my ex-cop friend Jim Claxton to check in and to let him know if he needed anything to not hesitate to ask. I also tried to hire him to look for Jessie Broach though Jim appears to be hesitant to go the Private Detective route. I will follow up with him later this week.

Diane, Hazel and Alex found online some murders that resemble the Shadow Man’s work. They also made the brilliant conclusion that these murders are all timed about 7 days apart to which Hazel thought it may be used to empower this inhuman piece of filth.

We all jumped in my car to travel to Kilgore to the most recent murder location. I don’t know why I volunteered cause the first thing I thought was we were going to return to a car without wheels. Everyone turned and stared at us as we got out of the car. I swear I saw some blind drop suddenly and people peering out them closed between the blinds. Garbage everywhere and the streets had trash on them too. Dirty brick buildings and seedy sex shop signs everywhere. Nice place.

Alex walks into the crime scene without any regard for the yellow warning tape ripping it all down as he walks through. As the rest of the crew followed Alex into the alley way I started asking people around if they had witnessed anything that night. Of course no one would admit anything. We did find a shop across the street that had a video monitoring from the night that is all happened. We also positively identified the Shadow Man leaving the scene. My blood boils seeing him leave the alley way in the video.

I don’t remember much after seeing the video. I remember glimpses. Hazel somehow figured out math or magically where this evil emanates from. It was a construction yard that I kept circling with the car near dusk until ….it leaves.

I keep remembering that face he made while skinning Jessie alive.

Somehow “DeadMan” was able to track the “ShadowMan” as he left the construction site. It was eerie in its own right almost as when watching Hazel work. Alex jumped out of the car to go on foot while Diane stayed up on roof tops to help guide us along to where Alex was heading. We regrouped in an alley where DeadMan had last been seen to find the alley empty.

Looking around for clues were heard a very loud mega phone announcement, " I am over Here!" a few blocks away. Diane arrived first to find Alex on top of the ShadowMan trying to shock him into submission. I got close enough to see Diane kick ShadowMan in the head.

All the shadows in the alley began to appear to seep toward the ShadowMan and with eyes glowing and a smile full of malice he stared at Diane while Alex continued hitting with the electro shocker.

Those poor kids in the jail cell. Jessie being skinned alive.

I am no hero.



Awesome end to the log- well done- looking forward to reading what happens in his head next.

Tokobauzsos Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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