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Virgil's Log #4

Virgil meets Vigilance

Spirit Dr Preposterous Hazel Huntress Vigilance Overhaul

Long overdue update…..

Spirit called a quick meeting of all Tomorrow Legion active members. It is the first time I can remember him calling all hands on deck. Spirit had Intel that a huge shipment of firearms and heavy weapons were in route to the Archipelago Harbor in a couple days and we had very little time to prepare. He wanted everyone in.

I don’t usually question Spirit. I follow as I am directed, but something inside me said TRAP!!!!! From the reaction of my team mates they had similar thoughts although the newer members or not so active seemed pretty gun-ho.

Spirit looked at me directly and asked if I were in or out since I did not say either. I did not answer other than I thought it was a trap to get everyone out of HQ and get the advanced rifle we had in the “Bright Room”. How did we know the ship would not be just pallets and no weapons?

I brought up the images in my Goggle Glasses under the Satellite view of the port. I tried to bring it up on the bog screen for everyone to discuss, but alas I could not do anything right today. It has been one of those days for the last few. Not sleeping well and working long hours is not helping.

Diane brought to our attention she was approached by one of Iron Mike’s Lieutenants about poking her nose around his business ordeals and offered money to leave. The money offered was to be a couple hours after this shipment was to arrive at the same port!

Doctor Preposterous & Diane went to gather information about the harbor and tier where the ship was told to dock through Spirit’s informants. Meanwhile Hazel had the same thoughts as myself to do some searching online. I just can’t seem to do dam thing with a computer today (yesterday). Feel like I am wearing mittens.

I let Hazel drive the computer before I smash the dam thing.

Hazel finds the ship information including the dockets, how many personnel, and the established route. Several “fake” companies known for being fronts for weapon smuggling all on one ship. You would think the UN or Navy would be all over this ship. There’s only one thing that can be done to prevent this ship from making port and releasing it mechanisms of death to the unworthy. I don’t share my thoughts with my team mates. The crew must be taken off the ship and the ship must be sent to Davie Jone’s Locker.

Several hours pass when Diane & Doc return from scouting. They go over their finding at the port and again it smells of trap to me. I suggest to the group about boarding the ship at see to inspect. If we found weapons to stop the ship and have the event on our “terms”. I just did not share that those “terms” included sinking a ship even if I had to puncture the hull with my fists in several spots.
The team agrees to doing a night/morning drop and even Spirit is on board with the idea. Spirit agrees to give transport with the hover car while Hazel keeps a “shadow” over it since at night time it would be exceptionally difficult to see the hover car. Can’t see out the car either! It sucked!

Diane, Dr. Preposterous, Hazel & I jumped out of the hover car and onto the deck of the ship while the hover car flew over the ship all of us landing in different spots scattered among the shipping containers. Spirit immediately began to take on firing shots from some “super laser” atop of the Bridge of the ship plus the small weapons being fired from the guards on duty. Yup, this is the right ship.

The team had some silly idea that we were going to get on this ship stealthy like. I did not want to break their hopes, but um, yeah, stealthy? We are not trained Navy SEALS guys. This boarding was going as expected to me and I was just happy not to be a landing under fire. Priority one is to take out the defenses.

Doc wanted me to be quiet and then radio’d to Spirit even though they decided we should be radio silent. Face palm moment.

Meanwhile that laser is firing away at our only ride back to land.

I rip a shipping container door off. That got everyone’s attention on me so the team could go to work. The door gave a bit of a fuss coming off the hinges, but man did it like being thrown! Right through that laser on the Bridge and got a couple more goofy looking antennee things too.

At this point I guess Doc decided being next to the beacon of here we are is not the best place to be and he was gone. Good cause that was the plan to get all these thugs after me. Unfortunately there only seems to be one with some automatic weapon coming up to bear on me.

I’ve always wanted to do this.


No, really.

Punch the floor hard and watch things fall.

The Deck Almost Gave Way! Luckily I had the thought to tell the team to “Jump Now!” before I punched the deck. As expected the gunman was no longer on his feet and a few shipping containers were now in the drink and a few others fell over.

I think I heard the clapping of dolphins in the water saying it was a good one! And then some upset whales about me disturbing the peace.

Time to deal with the punk holding the gun so I start moving toward him. Unknown to me another mercenary had come around the corner and now had my flank. Doc pounced on him out of no where but not before the merc got what felt like a couple dozen rounds out of his machinegun. It hurt. Doc threw the merc over board and all the mercs were wearing life vests. I’ve never been shot before and I don’t care for it although it surprisingly did not slow me down. Once I got my hands on the squid close to me I did the same.

The rest of the team are focused on the bridge with what appears to be another Super-Villian. I had hoped the personnel of the ship would focus on me and not notice the rest of the team, but evidently I have failed…..again.

While the team was engaged with the bridge crew & Villain, I began to tear into the doorless container to inspect what it contained. Boxes & boxes of machineguns and heavy weapons stocked full! At this point Doc came crashing into the deck with the Villian next to the container. The villian somehow got moving again with some sort of jet pack hurling towards the edge of the ship where he corrected himself over the water. I began throwing boxes and guns at the outlaw. Meanwhile Doc was up for a game of ball and hit a home run that sent the Villain into the water. It was Awesome!!!! Well Done Doc!!!

Diane joined us up front covering our flank while Doc & I ripped further into the container until the Villian made his way back out of the water and began firing on us with some huge fireballs from a tiny gun.

Doc & I began using everything in the container to throw at the Villain. While DOc & I had him distracted, Doc told Diane to hit the Villain’s belt buckle which appears to be his force field generator.

Diane made her mark easily and now Doc & I tried to knock the Villain out of the air before he would get away with more contents of the container. Before we could stop him, Diane left an arrow go straight through his heart!

I was so angry at Diane! Through defending her actions against the Shadowman with Bogart I had come to the realization we are not the Law nor the Judge and Jury. I even told Diane about it and she agreed and now she did this! How could I have defended her? I am sorry Bogart.

After a few choice words with Diane, I tied a rope to the deck and threw it over board and dove in after our Villain. Luckily the ship was not moving which I came to find out Hazel had taken out the bridge controls.

Somehow I found our Villain sinking and was able to get him up to the surface and began climbing the rope back to the deck. The big surprise at this point was about half way up Diane began to help pull on the rope to get us back on deck. She stood at the edge staring at us for a good while beforehand.

I don’t know CPR or any medic stuff. I need to learn so I can help people. Thank goodness Hazal appeared and got the Villain breathing again.

While we were attending the Villain, the rest of the crew had shown up and seeing their boss on the ground being worked on they gave themselves up. Doc directed us to get the crew onto the life boats. It appears Doc & I had the same thoughts about sinking the ship except his method was much more eloquent than mine.

Spirit appears with the hover car on the deck and we all load up with the Villain going directly to the hospital.

Spirit, Hazel, Doc, Diane, and I get in a heated conversation about Diane’s actions. Spirit believes I took things too far putting Diane’s bow out the window. If I was not worried about the backlash of breaking the bow may kill Diane I would’ve snapped it into many pieces and dropped it into the ocean to never be found again.

The ship began to list in the water before it exploded going to its watery grave. Those underground weapons will not make port and into the criminals hands. We had done well no matter what the future price may be for the Legion.

The Villain is in intensive care under constant watch from the Legion at the hospital. He is said to make a recovery.


I love it! My favorite part was when Virgil took the shipping container door and threw it like a giant frisbee to take out the laser.

“The team had some silly idea that we were going to get on this ship stealthy like. I did not want to break their hopes, but um, yeah, stealthy? We are not trained Navy SEALS guys. This boarding was going as expected to me and I was just happy not to be a landing under fire.”

lol! I’m glad Virgil expected it, because I never know what to expect anymore!

Virgil's Log #4

Also, “Virgil SMASH!”

Virgil's Log #4
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