The Tomorrow Legion

Volume 1 - Issue 5

At the mercy of the AVANT-GUARD!

  • Vigilance, Dr. Preposterous, Huntress, and Hazel discussed the ramifications of the events of the past week:
    • They sunk a ship (in international waters, Dr. P. kept reminding them, so the law shouldn’t come after them) and possibly drew more attention to themselves then they are ready for.
    • After emergency surgery the villain Overhaul was expected to make a recovery. Two police officers and a Tomorrow Legion member stay outside his room 24/7 while he recovers.
    • Hazel had worked with Vigilance to plant bugs in, and spy on, the local salvage companies so she could be notified the moment they even think about going after the sunken ship.
    • The Legionnaires Deluge and Shell Shock sneaked onto the dock the night the boat was scheduled to arrive and witnessed the events in Issue 4’s epilogue.
    • Bogart declared to the Legion that their recent actions would make things too “hot” here for him, so he left. He made sure Spirit knew how to reach him if he was needed, though.
    • A couple days later there was a small newspaper article buried on page 9 of The Century Station Observer which indicated that the details of the ship sinking (as well as its true cargo) were possibly being covered up.
      • It also indicated the ship was from the small South American country of Suriname, mostly notable for being a country which occasionally provides the mercenary/villain The Usurper sanctuary.
    • Spirit was arrested on charges of “insider trading” among a litany of other white collar crimes. He went willingly and is currently sitting in jail with a bond of $100,000.00. All his assets were frozen.
      • The Tomorrow Legion was directly funded by Spirit, so while they have some money still in reserve there will be no more money coming in until something changes. At least one member of the group (Zeau) received a paycheck from Spirit was was audibly unhappy with this turn of events.
    • A few Centurions (Alpha Prime, Apex, Timeline and Joan of Arc) visited the Legion and demanded to see the weapon they have been flaunting. Alpha Prime examines it and declares it to be “Terrestial” and a “waste of time” and storms out. The others thank the Legion but Joan of Arc remains distracted by earlier and recent visions.
    • It seemed to the Tomorrow Legion that violent crime had noticeably decreased in Century Station, and most specifically in Waingroh. It certainly hadn’t stopped, but it seemed as if there were less of it.
  • Both Huntress and Vigilance made it a point to pump the street punks they encountered for information and rumors about Iron Mike’s weapons shipment sinking and who was responsible. Rumors that a big shipment didn’t come in and that Iron Mike was unhappy were floating around, but for now it appeared as if the Tomorrow Legion’s culpability was currently unknown.
  • Huntress paid a visit to the hospitalized Overhaul and demanded he speak to her, or else. She was very successfully intimidating but medical staff made her leave before she adversely affected their patient.
  • Dr. Preposterous became inspired after examining Overhaul’s confiscated gear. Even though it all broke down in less than a day the Doctor gleaned enough inspiration from it to decide to start inventing some more gadgets of his own. He used Vigilance as his test subject.
  • The subject of hiring a full-time doctor for the Legion was discussed amongst the group. Hazel had already done a bunch of research and gotten positive responses from three local, potential candidates:
    • Dr. Stewart Palmer, a physician they were already familiar with from their local hospital in Killgore.
    • Dr. Marigold Sands, a newly qualified doctor fresh from her residency and looking for a permanent job.
    • Dr. Wendell Moore, a doctor retired from general practice and one of the world’s foremost authorities on superhumans.
      • While the others discussed the candidates, Dr. Preposterous decided to call Dr. Moore and use his own notoriety to try and convince the man what a huge benefit to his study of superhumans this opportunity could be. Dr. Moore listened, interested.
  • Virgil received a call from Detective Jim Claxon, asking if the Legion could respond to a hostage situation which involved a group of cyborgs. He felt the police were out of their league and could use trusted superhuman assistance. Virgil didn’t hesitate to agree. Virgil found Hazel, Huntress, Dr. Preposterous, and Salvo and together they all headed out.
    • Though Salvo had been around he mostly had been keeping to himself as he waged his one-man war on corrupt police.
  • Dr. Preposterous traveled to the scene leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Salvo rode there on his motorcycle. Hazel had managed to pick up the basics of flying a hovercraft so she drove Spirit’s hovercar with Huntress riding shotgun and Virgil in the back.
  • As they approached the scene they could see the police surrounding the building and only the third floor lit up. A few windows on that floor were broken. With his preposterous eyesight Dr. P. could see five large robots or cyborgs armed with energy rifles, and a bunch of human hostages in the background.
  • Hazel flew the car up over the building roof, somehow escaping notice, and let an invisible Huntress off so she could sneak into the building. Then Hazel went across the street to land on top of another building, where Dr. Preposterous met them.
  • Salvo, however, sped through the police and crashed through the front doors of the building. He began to ride his bike up the stairs to the third floor until about halfway he lost control of his bike. He continued on foot until almost reaching the third floor, when one of the cyborgs ambushed him. The energy barrage the cyborg unleashed hardly phased Salvo, who used his energy powers to painfully absorb the energy and unleash it back to the cyborg, amplified into a super-blast! This act also triggered an energy transformation on the superhuman, who then enveloped the cyborg in his energy form and began unleashing destructive, explosive energy that also tore up the stairwell.
  • Meanwhile, Huntress had successfully infiltrated and was using her command of animals to get some rodents to help her scope the place out. She was able to locate the hostages and briefly communicated with them her intention to help. She noticed two of the female hostages seemed odd but she didn’t investigate further. She took her invisible cloak and wrapped it around one of the hostages, making him go invisible too, and then ran back to the stairs and the room with him. This drew the attention of two of the cyborgs, who began to fire into the general area but luckily missed her and her hostage.
  • Outside, Doctor Preposterous and Vigilance decided now was the time to enter the scene and both leapt from the rooftop to the building, entering the floor by crashing through the windows.
  • Hazel took the hovercar back to the roof of the building so she could pick up the hostage and bring him safely to the ground. Huntress went back inside to rescue more.
  • Virgil and Dr. Preposterous both engaged the four cyborgs in combat. Despite their weapons, physically imposing size and strength, both superhumans proved to be frustrating opponents for them.
  • Huntress returned into the building and tried to direct more hostages to escape by pointing to the direction they needed to go – completely forgetting she was invisible. Finally she directed a couple to follow and grabbed one to lead him out. The two odd ones followed. When the one she was leading became confused Huntress dropped her invisibility to better communicate and that’s when the odd women revealed themselves to be partial cyborgs! They each grew their nails out to long cybernetic knives and attacked Huntress.
  • None of the cyborgs were up to the task of defeating the Tomorrow Legion heroes. The cyborg which Salvo enveloped was finally panicking as the explosive energy he couldn’t shake was slowly chewing right through his systems. Dr. Preposterous had damaged the ones he was fighting and they couldn’t even land a hit in retaliation. Vigilance was beating the cyborgs fighting him right through the floor into the offices below. Huntress managed to get some distance on the two fighting her and began pelting them with her arrows.
  • Finally, their leader called for a retreat. Using a couple of the hostages as distractions, all but one of the cyborgs managed to flee out the window of the building and into a hail of gunfire from the waiting police below. One of the partial cyborg women was critically injured but she was picked up by another cyborg and carried. They ran through the city streets for several blocks with Dr. Preposterous following them before they finally went down into the subway system. The Doctor decided not to follow them further.
  • The one who didn’t escape was the one which Vigilance had punched through the floor. Quickly Vigilance leaped down the hole and immobilized the cyborg by ripping off his leg. The cyborg tried to retaliate with optical lasers but Vigilance held his head turned away from anyone or anything which those eyes could focus on. Beaten, the cyborg fell silent.
  • Two of the hostages were injured in the Cyborg’s escape, and three police officers were injured as the Cyborgs ran away through them and their gunfire.


Deep beneath Century Station is a network of active subway tunnels, abandoned tunnels, half-excavated systems, and more. It was easy to get lost if one wasn’t familiar with the way they all connected. Through the twists and turns the group of cyborgs deftly maneuvered, making their way to the hidden facilities of the Avant-Guard.

This group’s leader, the Cyborg who went by designation CY-003, was distraught and angry. Their plan and set-up were perfect, so why had they failed? He had been arguing with CY-001 for weeks now about being ready to face the superhumans, and his stunt tonight was supposed to show that he had been right all along! Instead, it would only show failure and reinforce CY-001’s decision to remain hidden longer and build up more strength.

They traveled in silence most of the way. Finally, one of them spoke. “Cy Three” the Cyborg carrying the gravely injured partial ‘borg spoke up. "I don’t know if she’s going to survive this."

“And now you’re a doctor of cybernetic medicine, Cy Sixteen?” CY-003 barked back at him. “She’ll get all the help our illustrious leader can muster once we arrive. There’s nothing you or I or any of us are capable of doing right now. So shut up.”

“But I don’t understand, sir.” The other partial cyborg said. “You told us our upgrades were sufficient to kill the superhumans.”

CY-003’s mechanical eyes widened as the machines correctly responded to the flesh-and-blood being’s emotional state. He was about to say something when a new voice from up ahead of them spoke up. “And I told you they weren’t.”

The group fell quiet as they came up within sight of the speaker; the leader of the Avant-Guard; the cyborg designated as CY-001. He looked up on them with stoic disappointment. Silently counting the number of bodies among them he came up one shorter than expected.

“Where is Cy Eight?” He patiently asked.

The others all looked at each other, wondering how to answer. But CY-003 answered in a low voice with only a small pause. “Captured. By the superhumans and the human authorities.”

“Then let his soon-to-be sacrifice be a reminder of the rest of you about the gravity and seriousness of our cause.” He looked at all the cyborgs in the group as he spoke, and each one refused to meet his eyes. Except for CY-003 who stared back at him. If mechanical eyes could burn with hatred and loathing then his eyes would be on fire. But CY-001 continued speaking, oblivious or uncaring. “Your actions tonight have exposed our noble organization to unwanted scrutiny. The coming times will now be especially trying as I adjust our timetable and plans accordingly.”

“But we still got the information we were sent to-” CY-016 began to say, before he was cut off brusquely.

“And what good will that information be to us now? Now that we’ve been exposed all our operatives will need to pull back with whatever recruits they’ve managed to gather. We must hope they are enough to strengthen and ready ourselves so that when the proper time comes to announce our true, glorious cause to humanity we can stand behind it. And not as villains,” CY-001 looked straight at CY-003 as he said that. “But as the heroes we know we are. Enough talk for now. Bring Cy Twenty-four to the doc before she dies. The rest of you, go get patched up. I’ll deal with you formally later.”

They all scattered to follow their leader’s commands leaving CY-001 and CY-003 alone in the passageway.

“We should’ve been able to do it,” CY-003 protested.

“Fully upgraded, I agree,” CY-001 replied. “Once everyone has been appropriately enhanced we will be ready to destroy the superhuman infestation. We will use the power and legacy of humanity- true, pure humanity in order to cleanse those impurities from the gene pool. You and your followers, you feel ready because the upgrades you have received have made you powerful. But think back on tonight, Cy Three. Were you powerful enough?”

CY-001 turned away from CY-003 and let that question linger. CY-003 finally looked down, in anger and in shame. “Not yet.” He thought back to the way that superhuman who called himself a Doctor had effortlessly danced around his attacks and then humiliated him. “But I will be soon enough.”


As usual the EPILOGUE is perfect! I love these little vignettes AND the corresponding newspaper articles.

Volume 1 - Issue 5
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