The Tomorrow Legion

Volume 1 - Issue 6½

Dark Days, Bright Futures

  • She further revealed that this future is only different when she looks at members of the Tomorrow Legion. With them she sees multiple overlapping possibilities, some good and some bad, as if their futures were in flux… fractured, or fractal. No other heroes or villains present such a strange series of visions to her, only the members of the Tomorrow Legion.
  • As proof she shared a vision with Vigilance and Salvo, showing them what she sees. The three of them found themselves standing together on a vast plane. Everywhere they looked around them were different scenes which played out a future of some kind that featured either Salvo or Vigilance – sometimes both. It was tough to discern any details from any of the visions, fractured as they were. Each one was wildly different and all they shared with each other was that they appeared to be playing out on fractured shards of reality. Joan told them she could normally see a single vision of the future when she did this with a person, but every member of the Tomorrow Legion provided her this kind of vision.
  • Vigilance and Salvo didn’t quite know what to do with this information, but they politely thanked her for sharing it with them. She said she didn’t know what to do with this information either, but she would pray for guidance.


Tokobauzsos Tokobauzsos

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