The Tomorrow Legion

Volume 1 - Issue 8

Introducing Deadman - the bionic man that science left behind

  • Spirit returned to the Tomorrow Legion from jail, the charges raised against having been dismissed due to insufficient evidence.
  • The cyborg ex-cop Dead Man was awoken from the low-power virtual training mode he had been stuck in for years and escaped the facility where he was abandoned. Before he could be accidentally cause any trouble Spirit arrived and intercepted him just in the nick of time and offered him a place in the Tomorrow Legion. Dead Man accepted.
  • Thanks to Hugo’s previous infiltration, Motherboard was able to hack into and alter all of Hazel’s sophisticated programs so they provided no results as they monitored Iron Mike’s dealings or salvage of the sunken ship. Thus, Iron Mike’s salvage continued unabated and unnoticed.
  • A research facility became overrun with giant ants due to a chemical spill. The Tomorrow Legion and the Centurions worked together to help contain the problem. A counter-chemical which could reverse the growth existed but was deep within the research facility. Diane, Vigilance, and Dead Man all headed in to retrieve it.
  • A minor villain who had the power to control bugs and calls himself Pesticide also infiltrated the compound during the confusion in order to try and find the chemicals which created these giant insects.
  • The Tomorrow Legion members in the compound fought against Pesticide and defeated him. They obtained the antidote formula and returned to the surface to the area could be cleared of giant ants.


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