Charlie Kane


Power Category: Mystic Study

Disposition: Scholar/Observer (Rifter 41, page 18)


Charlie Kane is a young (by old wizard standards) mage who is the current owner of the occult book store “The Magic of Books,” located in Midtown. He is a member of the Telestic Society and his store functions as one of their occasional meeting places. The store itself attracts mystics, mages and wannabe’s of all types. He was still traveling around the world with his wizard mentor when he received word that his parents had both passed away. He returned to Century Station to discover he had inherited their book store, and all the mystical trouble that came with it.

The inheritance that lay behind the vault door...

Charlie is the only child of Martha and John Kane, who themselves were hippies with limited talents for magic. Since his parents owned an occult bookstore Charlie grew up surrounded by books and the occult, developing an interest in both. In his teens Charlie started developing magical talents of his own, which quickly surpassed those of his parents. His parents contacted a trusted friend of theirs who was a full fledged Wizard/Mystic Study, and convinced him to take Charlie on as an apprentice.

This wizard, named Alex, was an adventuring archaeoligst as well as a knowledgable mage. He took Charlie with him in his travels around the world, tutoring him in magic and exploration. Moving from the theory and imagination of books to the reality of real-world adventure was an amazing experience for Charlie… for a while. For several years they went through a host of mis-adventures together, since Alex tended to rely more on his wits, daring and luck rather than knowledge, planning and forethought which is what Charlie preferred.

The final straw came when Charlie was in his early twenties. His apprenticeship had ended and he and Alex continued to adventure together as friends. It seemed there was always “one more thing” to see and do with Alex, and though the adventures were frustrating they were usually rewarding. Until their last adventure together.

The plan was to explore a South American temple for mystical Nazcan knowledge, with a native girl as a guide. Despite her misgivings, they goaded her to lead them through. With her in the lead she was the target when some entity possessed her and tried to kill them for their trespass. Alex was taken out by the surprise attack and Charlie was left to face her alone. While trying to escape with the unconsious Alex, Charlie’s frantic use of magic caused the ancient temple to collapse, burying and killing the possessed girl.

It took some time before he and Alex fully healed from that ordeal. While recovering Charlie came to the realization that their guide might still be alive today if they had planned better, and not run ahead chasing adventure at Alex’s whim. When Charlie and Alex spoke again, the only words Charlie had to say to Alex were that he was done, and going home. Alex was solemn but didn’t argue.

As he prepared to return home Charlie received terrible news – his parents were dead, killed in an accident in Century Station. Charlie returned home solemnly to make the funeral arrangements and close their affairs. That was when he discovered he had inherited ownership of their store, “The Magic of Books.” In memory of his parents, and eager to put his recent past behind him, Charlie took over running the store he had so loved as a child.

More details here: Charlie’s Journals

Charlie Kane

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