Real Name: Phineas Tenpenny

Occupation: Assistant Curator for the Century Station Museum of Antiquities.

Alignment: Principled.

Attributes: I.Q.: 20, M.E.: 20, M.A.: 15, P.S.: 12 (40 Supernatural transformed), P.P.: 9 (17 transformed), P.E.: 10, P.B.: 11 (30 transformed), Spd: 20.


Sex: Male

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches (1.8 m).

Weight: 220 lbs (99 kg). Note: This weight stays constant even after transformation, but Phineas’ physique upgrades from dumpy and out of shape to a rippling musculature.

Experience Level: 6

Hit Points: 40

S.D.C.: 20 (650 transformed).

Power Category: Mega-Mystic: Magic Weapon.

Mega Powers: All the common Mega-Powers plus Tremendous S.D.C.

Sword Powers: Healing Touch (3D6), Superhuman P.S., See the Invisible, Words of Truth, Impervious to Fire, Fly (50 mph/80 km), Mystic Shield, See the Invisible, Energy Expulsion: 8D6 (900 feeV275 m}, and Extraordinary P.P.

Achilles’ Heel: Must transform into inhuman form (heroic demigod} to use powers.

Combat Training: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts.

Number of Attacks: 6

Bonuses (all): + 2 to initiative, + 4 to strike, + 5 to parry, + 5 to dodge, + 3 to auto-dodge, + 25 to damage, + 2 to disarm, + 3 to roll, and + 3 to pull, 60% to trust and intimidate, 92% to charm and impress.

Saving Throws: + 4 vs magic, + 2 vs possession, + 3 vs psionics, and + 3 vs insanity.

Other Combat Info: Restrained Punch: 3D6 + 25, Full Strength Punch: 6D6 + 25, Power Punch: 2D4x10 + 25, Karate Kick: 2D4x10 + 25, Crescent Kick: 2D4x10 + 27, Axe Kick: 2D6x10 + 25, Tripping/Leg Hook, Backward Sweep, Restrained Sword Swing: 9D6 + 25, Full Strength Sword Swing: 12D6 + 25, and Power Sword Swing: 2D4x10 + 6D6 + 25

Education Level and Skills: Ph.D.

Technical Program: Research (98%), Writing (86%), Art (96%), Computer Operation (98%).

Language Programs: Speak/Literacy: French (98%), Speak/Literacy: German (98%), Speak/Literacy: Spanish (98%), Speak/Literacy: Italian (98%), Speak/Literacy: Provencal (98%), Speak/Literacy: Portuguese (98%), Speak/Literacy: Catalan (98%).

Survival/Wilderness: Wilderness Survival (86%), Hunting, Track Animals (81 ), Identify Plants/Fruits
), Land Navigation (92%).

Secondary Skills: Swimming (91 ), Prowl (66), First Aid (76%), Holistic Medicine (51%}, Art (61%}

Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Sword (+ 2 to strike, + 2 to parry).

Money: Aoout $50,000 in savings and a regular salary from the museum ($45,000 annually}. The Centurions pay for any superheroing expenses and ha"e offered him a stipend of $100,000 but he has declined the offer saying it doesn’t seem right to take money for helping other people.

Weapons: Aside from his magical sword, Durandal does not use weapons of any kind, especially modern armaments such as firearms and explosives.

Vehicles and Other Equipment: None, other than that commonly used by The Centurions.


Born in Boston, Mass, Phineas Tenpenny was a mousy nerd who, as a lowly assistant, found a long-lost sword buried deep within the acquisitions room of the Boston Museum of Antiquities. This sword was no ordinary antique, it was Durandal, the magical sword wielded by the legendary hero Roland many centuries ago! For Phineas, this was overwhelming. It was like finding Excalibur, or a treasure equally as precious. But before he could catalog the item, the sword spoke to him telepathically, explaining that after too long of a slumber, Durandal had awoken and required a new master so it could continue its endless war against wickedness and tyranny.

With more than a little trepidation, Phineas took up the enchanted blade and swore to uphold the quest for justice placed upon him. After that, all Phineas had to do was hold the sword and speak its name aloud, and in a flash of lightning, he would transform into a rippling demigod-like warrior, brimming with power and radiating the kind of heroic aura that could prompt entire of legions to follow him into battle. Thus empowered, Phineas took on the name of his sword, Durandal, and joined the growing ranks of superheroes the world over. Traveling to Century City, Durandal petitioned The Centurions for membership, which they readily granted after he displayed his power and intentions by bringing with him a couple of criminal masterminds who had been wanted for serious crimes (including the killing of superhumans). Since then, Durandal has taken to the role of eternal hero with great fervor, but chooses to maintain his humble alter ego as well, making his personal life (what little he has) awkward at times when he must excuse himself and fly off into battle.


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