Real Name: Iain Mackenzie.

Occupation: Archaeologist.

Alignment: Principled.

Attributes: I.Q..: 21 , M.E.: 20, M.A.: 21 (20 transformed), P.S.: 9 (83 transformed), P.P.: 9 (18 transformed), P.E.: 8 (14 transformed), P.B.: 14, Spd: 8 (40 transformed).


Sex: Male.

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (1 .67 m) – (7 feet/2.1 m transformed).

Weight: 140 lbs (63.6 kg) – (340 lbs/154.4 kg transformed).

Experience Level: 7th

Hit Points: 35 (115 transformed).

S.D.C.: 20 (450 transformed).

Power Category: Mega-Mystic (Bestowed Abilities).

Mega-Abilities: All normal Mega-Powers plus Tremendous Strength.

Major Super Abilities: Invulnerability, Supernatural P.S.

Achilles’ Heel: Cold Iron (does double damage).

Combat Training: Hand to Hand: Basic

Number of Attacks: 6

Bonuses: + 1 to initiative, + 5 to strike, + 6 to parry, + 6 to dodge, + 70 to damage(!), and + 4 to roll with punch/fall/impact, + 2 to pull punch, 60% to trust and intimidate.

Saving Throws: + 2 vs mag1c, + 5 vs possession, + 10 vs Horror Factor, + 3 vs psionic attack and insanity, and + 20% vs coma/death.

Other Combat Info: Restrained punch: 5D6 + 10, Full Strength Punch: 2D4x10 + 70, Karate Kick: 2D6x10 + 70, Power Punch: 3D6x10 + 70, Critical Strike on 19-20, Death Blow 16-20 (if desired), Knockout/Stun on Natural 20, Pin/Incapacitate 18-20, and Crush/Squeeze.

Education Level and Skills: Ph.D.

Physical Program: Boxmg, Wrestling, Swimming, and Climbing.

Language Program: Speak/Literacy: Gaelic (98%/97%), Speak/literacy: Middle English (98%/97%), Speak/literacy: Old English (98%/97%), and Speak/Literacy: Cornish (98%/97%).

Science: Anthropology (87%), Archaeology (87%), Mathematics: Advanced (98%), Computer Operation (98%), Chemistry (97%). Survival/Wilderness: Wilderness Survival (92%), Hunting, Land Navigation (97%), Track Animals (87%), Skin/Prepare Animal Hides (97%).

Secondary Skills: Play Mandolin (72%), Sing (72%), Dance (67%), Photography (72%), Research (87%), Writing (62%). Art (72%), and First Aid (75%).

Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Archery/Targeting (Rate of Fire: 6, + 140 feet/42 m to range, + 4 to strike, + 4 to parry) and W.P. Knife (+ 3 to strike and parry).

Money: $940 million! As a born nobleman, Mackenzie has never lacked for money. He owns a grand estate back in Scotland, as well as numerous other real estate holdings worldwide. The dividends he receives from the Century fund don’t hurt, either.

Weapons: None.

Vehicles and Other Equipment: Haven has access to all Centurion vehicles and equipment, as well as whatever his considerable personal resources can get him.


Young Iain Mackenzie was a rich playboy for most of his life, pursuing archaeology as an expensive hobby to pass his ample free time. Developing a fascination for legends and lore involving ancient faerie myths, Mackenzie went on a solo expedition deep into a cave in Northern Scotland in search of an ancient pagan ritual chamber where it was said that shamans of old communed with the faerie folk. Reportedly, these shamans could pledge their allegiance to the faeries and in return, were granted vast magical powers to act as their champions. Of course, Mackenzie did not really believe all this. He was just there for the thrill of discovery and the prospect of landing his name in archaeology journals across the world.

When he stumbled into a previously undiscovered cavern, and was greeted by the Faerie Queene who had been locked away there for the past millennium, Iain suddenly developed an open mind. The Queene told him that she was the last of her particular clan, and that she had waited these many years to find somebody who seemed righteous enough to bear the gifts of the clan. Iain, though a bit spoiled and self-indulgent, fit the Queene’s standards, and she bestowed upon him the impressive magical powers he possesses today. As the Queene faded from sight to join the rest of her passed-on brethren, she charged Iain with using his powers for good and to make the world a better place.

Iain has done just that, mastering his newfound abilities and using them to fight crime and injustice wherever he found it. Not long afterward, he was contacted by Apex, who recruited him to be a charter member of The Centurions, a job he accepted with honor.

Haven is one of the more powerful members of the group, but he remains fairly humble and level-headed, a sharp contrast to the flamboyant (although refined, well-spoken and polite) ladies’ man he tends to be when in his civilian alter-ego. Over the years, Iain seems to have grown more comfortable in his role as immortal champion than pampered playboy, and he spends less and less time reverting to his mortal form. One day, perhaps, he shall simply cease to be Iain Mackenzie altogether and will be known to the world simply as Haven.

Ordinarily, Iain MacKenzie is a healthy (if somewhat frail) elderly man. When transformed, he becomes a towering hulk of pure muscle. His skintight costume is punctuated by thick, studded leather belts around his midsection and crossing over his shoulders like bandoliers. He also wears thick leather wristbands and boots. His mask covers his eyes and cheeks, but nobody would confuse this young hero with the seventy-five year old Iain.


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