Super Soldier


Hero Name: Lieutenant (Alias’: Lt Harry Smilac or Colonel Alex Long)
Real Name: Unknown
Power Category: Mutant Super Soldier
Education: Unknown – Military Training
Alignment: Scrupulous
Level: 3
Experience: 5000
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: Appears Mid 20’s (actually in his 30’s)
Gender: Male

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 22 – 70% Chance to Trust/Intimidate
P.S.: 19 – +4 Damage
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 14
P.B.: 22 – 60% Chance to Charm/Impress
Spd: 19

Natural A.R.:
H.P.: 22
S.D.C.: 67

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts:
Attacks per Melee: 4
Roll with Punch: +10
Initiative: +7
Pull punch: +4
Dodge: +7
Parry: +5
Strike: +3
Disarm: +2
Punches 1D4 + 1d6 +4 damage
Karate Style Kick: 2d4 + 4

Super Abilities:
Major: Vibration
Minor: Warp Sound
Minor: TBD

Supersoldier Enhancement:
Skeletal Plating: Punches & Kicks do +1d6 damage
+2 roll with impact
+6d6 to SDC

Physical Transformation
Lean, Strong Muscles, Full hair, etc
+1d6 to P.S. (Minor – Extraordinary Strength)
+1d4 to P.E.
+1d6 to P.B.
+1d6 to Spd
+2d6 to HP
+4d6 to SDC

Phenomenal Balance: Can Fire a gun while moving, hanging upside down and even leaping without
+3 to roll with punch, fall, or impact
+2 to dodge
+20% to Acrobatics, Gymnastics, and Climb

Sponsoring Organization: Secret
Motive for the Procedure: Military/Espionage/Spy/Special Forces
Nature of the Procedure: Chemical & Radiation

Nature of the Test Subject: Mutant is the subject of experimentation.

Current Status with the Sponsoring Organization: Active Agent

Military Specialist Education

Espionage Program (Basic) (20%)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Detect Ambush: 60% (
Intelligence: 60% (4%/level)
Wilderness Survival: 60% (
Disguise: 55% (5%/level)
Detect Concealment: 55% (
W.P. Energy Rifle

Military Program (Basic) (20%)
Climbing: 90% (
Military Etiquette: 65% (5%/level)
Radio: Basic: 75% (
W.P. Rifle

Rogue or Communication Skills (10%)
Surveillance Systems: 50% (
Radio Basic:65% (5%/level)
Streetwise: 38% (

Secondary Skills: Choose 1 More
Pilot Automobile: 64% (2%/level)
Mathematics: 55% (
Speak Native Language: 98% (5%/level)
Read & Write Native Language: 60% (
Prowl: 35% (5%/level)
Computer Operation: 40% (
Research: 60% (+5%/level)
W.P. Energy Pistol

Other Items of Note:
Light Body Armor – AR 10, SDC 50

Hard Armor – AR 12, SDC 120

Rail Gun – Single Fire
1d6x10 per Single Shot
20 Rounds
7 Clips
Range: 2000 ft

Unbreakable Rope – AR 19
SDC 50
+2 Entangle
Length 100 ft


Today you can call me……..Harry and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am new to the area and simply looking to make a living in a most professional manner. Such uncouth youth today and no one seems to have the prestige to an honest day work. But alas, back to about me.
Continuing with a smile and shaking hands with anyone around. A close eye may have notice that Harry is actually studying every aspect around him, but evidently no did notice.
The questionable machine shop denies Harry a job due to over qualified and afraid he would not stay long with so much experience of a lead salesman although they liked him very much. Odd how that machine shop several days later was busted out of business with several employees dragged to jail for making illegal weapons to be sold on the streets.

Not much is known about Harry. What is known from the few around him is he is a super soldier and some that have fought next to him know he has some special powers. They also know him to be very loyal to the group he calls his comrades even though the question comes up often since Harry is definitely not his real name. Some refer to him as Lieutenant while others Colonel, no one really sure which is correct and he responds to either.

Harry is always friendly to the group around him and always the first to greet others. Harry seems to always pick something out about a person when meeting them that other do not notice whether a simple watch or the way they tied their shoelaces that day and makes it into an interesting conversation. He is very much the charismatic person with just about everyone he meets.

Meat & Potatoes:
“Harry” is a spy who has an uncanny ability to walk into any place to dig up information. Those that meet him appear to welcome him with open arms into their fold. Even though they may guard information “Harry” seems to gleam the information he needs to report back to his group. He could sell potatoes to potato farmers.

Harry does not talk about himself much while always striking up conversation with others about them. Very friendly, but once he is gone others feel like they know nothing about him and they are tired from talking.


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