Shadow Man


Imbued Villain

Nature of the Imbuing Agent: Mystic/Magical Ritual.

What kind of Addiction does the agent cause: None.

Who can gain Super Abilities by using the Imbuing Agent: Only the Imbued Hero.

Who can make the Imbuing Agent: Just the Imbued character.

How long does each dose last before wearing off: 13 hours.

How often can the Imbuing Agent be taken: As often as needed.

Imbued Super Abilities: One Major and Four Minor

  • Shadow Manipulation (PU3 pg. 94)
  • Shadow Shaping (PU1 pg. 40)
  • Shadow Stepping (PU1 pg. 40)
  • Shadow Cloak (PU3 pg. 19)
  • Shadow Molding (PU3 pg. 19)

The Shadow Man performed a ritual Human sacrifice once a week in order to receive and maintain his powers. He could use those powers for up to 13 hours of every day. His home, his name, and his belongings were never discovered. The book which taught him the ritual remains at large.


Nobody seems to know anything about the mysterious “Shadow Man.” Even that name, “Shadow Man,” was a name given to him by the underworld and he merely adopted it. He’s an independent psychopath who comes and goes as he pleases, his passage only noted by the body count he leaves in his wake. Occasionally at the scenes of his victims, a small magical circle drawn in the victim’s blood can be found. The purpose of these circles is unknown.

Rumor has it that Iron Mike has managed to find a way to somehow appeal to him and acquire his services.


As a result of Hazel’s Crazy Search Algorithm the following information has come to light:

At this level, the Shadowman can be confirmed to have been working with or for Iron Mike, and the Tomorrow Legion is mentioned as the reason why he hasn’t been terrorizing the Ironworkers or Brisby Flats anymore. Other super-humans associated with Iron Mike are mentioned too, in the same rumor-ish way. They are: Amaya, Blaspheme, Conflagration, Maximal, Momentum and Overhaul.

Any questions or follow-ups, let me know.

Declassified S.H.A.R.D. data:

The Shadow-Man exerts a large measure of control over, and affinity toward, shadows. He can create, animate, control, strengthen, and draw power from them. He has also demonstrated the ability to teleport short distances using shadows as a gateway.

Rated Class 3 on the Hunter Comparison Index

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Shadow Man

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