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Don't Quit Your Day Job



Mild-mannered Lashe by day, Witchhazel by night, and sluggish all the time. Matty, we knew we couldn’t keep this up forever. Something had to give. Maybe that something is a little bit of my sanity. Maybe it’s my wallet. Maybe it’s just my prescription for pizza and HeroCOLA. I’m so tired. I just…I wish I could fight crime in my dreams. Or maybe, pushing a pencil behind a desk and programming as a mid-level dev just isn’t in my future. I think someday — perhaps sooner than I expected — I’ll be taking a permanent sabbatical from my alter-ego. Yes. Alternate…Ego.


There’s no denying it. I know my Facade’s purpose. I know it’s important to live this lie. But for how long? My Morphus is clawing its way out! It screams to be let out of this flesh cage! It’s only a matter of time before I leave Hazel behind and become Witchcraft. I will always BE Lashe’evadne Sycorax-Circe Griselda Duchesne. Hazel…she’s just a facade. I’ve grown fond of the name. I’ve grown fond of myself — I accept and love myself just as I am, the person I’ve become and the little girl I came from. The name Hazel will always be with me in some way. I love how it fits with Witchhazel — that’s the duality of my nature. Facade and Morphus. Two halves of the same name. I’m discovering such wonderful things about myself! About the Spawn of Night. It’s all so clear to me now.

Maybe that’s the caffeine talking. It kinda wasn’t clear a moment ago. GROOOOOAN!!!!


Hablar! It was ridiculously tough to get out of bed. Now that I made it to work — rode the ELECTRIC EXPRESS — I’m not even doing my job. I’m just sitting here writing. No offense Matty. I love you and all. I honestly am not even ashamed of myself. When consciousness hit like a freight train my first thought was, “shit, I hope Lighter Than Air goes off without any side-effects.” And y’know why? Because I can’t even fricking walk to the shower. I’d rather snooze and air-surf the currents down to the bathroom. If that’s not tired I don’t know what is. It’s certainly not lazy! Remember last Monday when I accidentally cast Light It Up instead of Lighter Than Air? Holy Smokes! Literally! I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast in my LIFE! It was like my nightie was literally doused in gasoline! Sigh…I’m just not thinking clearly. Though, on the bright side, I think Michelle would be super excited that I got the spell right. And it even went off without any unexpected affects! Unless you consider casting the WRONG spell…um, unexpected. Er…wait…


I guess I should consider myself lucky that I even have a job. Just the other day Simpson pedantically elucidated my good fortune…if not sheer luck, that I am gainfully employed by his magnanimous company! Oh the fortune! SWOON!!!! It’s a good thing I’ve gotten good use out of those sick-days. I mean…it’s a good thing my immune system kicks ass or I might actually need to use them for being sick! Er…I guess I shouldn’t laugh. I wonder if anyone is watching me right now. The IT department kinda owes me a favor but they’ve been sly before…bugging my computer, monitoring my activity. I’m wily! Like the Coyote! But I’m not infallible…not when I’m Chez Tres Exhausted.

Working girl by day, hero by night. I imagine some mornings it’s tough to get out of bed. There’s only so many sick days and tardies that can be excused. Hazel’s bosses will be more than happy to point out that in this economy she should feel very lucky to even have a job. I don’t know if you thought of this as something to write about, but it was a thing that occurred to me. I’ve got to get back to work. I’ll chat soon. I’m not coming straight-home tonight because I have to follow up on one of the salvage diving operations leads. It might come back to bite me in the ass…Yay!



Hero by night, office worker by day, and spell-creating artifact-researching computer-hacking mirror-walking shape-shifting experimenting woman every other time. I’m surprised she hasn’t dropped dead of exhaustion by now – Hazel has put so much on her plate I can’t believe she even still finds the time to work!

Don't Quit Your Day Job

The gif is awesome!

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Also, I’ve had days like that.

Don't Quit Your Day Job
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