The Tomorrow Legion

Volume 1 - Issue 3

An Investigative Interlude

  • This issue saw Dr Preposterous, Bogart, Huntress, Hazel, and Vigilance all working together to pursue different clues and angles in order to further delve into the mystery of the high-tech weapon currently in the Tomorrow Legion’s possession. Much of the information revealed was due to team efforts in investigation, skill rolls, and group deductive reasoning.
  • Huntress shared a particularly vivid dream she had had the night after they chased away the Shadow Man, hoping her teammates could provide some insight.
  • Their investigations started with the phone. Successfully powering it up caused a flood of text messages to pour in to the phone. The CSPD computers also automatically noted the re-activation of the cell signal for this missing person and automatically flagged the file for follow-up. While CSPD couldn’t jump on the lead right away, the Centurions Thaumaturge, Joan of Arc and Timeline received the information at Centurion HQ. Joan of Arc and Timeline decided to head out and follow up on this lead.
  • After some successful electronics rolls, computer rolls, investigations and clever thinking, the following information from/about the cell phone was discovered:
    • It originally belonged to a man named Jack Ballard. He was reported missing about a week ago by his wife, Sheryl. Almost all those texts were from her.
    • Jack was a theoretical physicist who became unemployed when Daedalus went belly up. He had since been working for Korashi Technics. His boss was Bill Williamson and he wasn’t happy Jack disappeared.
    • The last several calls to and from from Jack’s phone were to a number not in his caller ID. Dr. Preposterous transferred all the contacts and phone numbers from this phone to his own.
    • Checking social media for Jack revealed he was unhappy at his job recently and his last update said “A new life awaits. There’s no going back now!”
    • Dr. Preposterous called Sheryl using the number for her in the phone, but other than some personal history on Jack and indicating that the Centurions were involved, she had no other information she can provide.
    • The phone’s memory card had several “selfie” pictures of Jack (with and without his wife) all taken in various locations throughout Century Station. There were also pictures of the weapon, and one odd picture
      • It’s not great quality, as if it was taken in haste or subtly. It shows a massive room filled with an array of computers and electronics. In the center is a raised circular platform. There appears to be a person in black armor laying on the platform. The picture’s too bad to get any more details but it does appear as if a rifle similar to the one that was in the case was in his or her hand. Everything in the room appears to be badly damaged – parts of the ceiling and walls have collapsed and the equipment is badly beaten up. The date stamp on this picture was two weeks ago.
  • Hazel decided to take a chance and dialed the number of Bill Williamson. When the phone was answered she used her Lightning Rider talent to transport herself there. She appeared in his office in Korashi Technics, right on his desk in front of him. He was flustered and after a quick back and forth she discovered that he was worried about getting the weapon back and didn’t really care about Jack. She provided Bill with Spirit’s phone number to call if he wished to cooperate and then Hazel transported back out before Bill could collect himself and call in security.
  • They moved on to investigating the weapon. After some successful electronics rolls, weapon skill rolls, investigations and clever thinking, the following information from/about the weapon was discovered:
    • It was a high tech laser rifle with multiple settings unlike anything currently on the market. Despite showing some wear and tear it was so durable that they couldn’t even scratch it. The weapon energy cells had no power.
    • The energy “clip” and the larger energy “canister” were revolutionary energy storage devices, easily able to store over 100 times the energy of any equivalent, current energy weapon clips.
    • It had a serial number: C12-XK7-63G3JN-864U7-HALR. This number produced no leads when it was searched.
    • It was pointed out that someone with “Find Contraband” and either “Weapons Engineer” or “Armorer (Field)” could probably glean more information from this weapon. Due to its “alien” nature they considered calling in Alpha Prime but decided they didn’t want to lose possession of it, as they were using it as bait to try and draw in the elusive Shadow Man.
  • Dr. Preposterous was so enthralled by the energy storage properties he considered trying to patent the tech. Although it would take several weeks of study before a serious attempt could be made to understand it he searched the patent system anyway to see if there was something similar which had recently been patented. He not only found that there was something about a week ago, but that it was from a company which he was able to identify as a subsidiary of Korashi Technics.
  • During this time Vigilance and Bogart headed back to the hospital, to check up on Jesse Roach and see if there were any more leads to this situation which they could glean there. The Squirrel Detective was on the case!
  • There was no change in Jesse’s condition and if there were any more clues to the situation they weren’t discovered. They stood watch in the hospital for a little while before Vigilance headed back to the Tomorrow Legion HQ. Bogart stayed behind to keep sniffing around.
  • Bogart snuck into the records room and got the name of the doctor attending to Jesse: Dr. Stewart Palmer. Bogart recalled that this doctor’s name was associated in the underworld as a doctor they could go to with injuries. A quick search through the records room failed to reveal how many other patients this doctor currently had.
  • Vigilance returned to the Tomorrow Legion at the same time that Joan of Arc and Timeline finally traced the phone’s signal to this building. The Tomorrow Legion was wary of their presence, since they weren’t 100% sure of the “legality” of their current clues – especially the weapon. But these Centurions were only here to examine the phone linked to the missing man, Jack Ballard, and though they knew about the weapon they didn’t know it was connected to the case.
  • Joan of Arc shook Vigilance’s hand when they were introduced and received one of her trademark psychic visions, this one of the fractured future surrounding Vigilance. This vision rattled her and Timeline had to step up to continue the talk with the Tomorrow Legion.
  • Timeline asked for the phone and the Tomorrow Legion turned it over to them. Joan had recovered enough by this point to perform basic psychic psychometry on it and received flashed of Jack Ballard being murdered by a gang. These visions showed her where the body was and the Centurions left to finish up this case.
  • After the Centurions left the Tomorrow Legion split up to “research” a few things:
    • Vigilance was going to dig around a bit more into Jack Ballard’s past and recent activities.
    • Hazel was going to dig more into the company Korashi Technics.
    • Dr. Preposterous was prepared to follow up on several leads, from the phone, the weapon, and the patent office.
    • Bogart continued on his own to begin a more thorough investigation into Dr. Stewart Palmer and his underworld connections.
    • Huntress was going to hit the streets to get more information on the crimelord Iron Mike, a not unfamiliar name which had come up both in association with the Shadow Man and with underworld weapons buyers.


Joan of Arc sat silently in the passenger seat of the small, two-person Centurion hovercar. Timeline was in the pilot seat but had set the computer to take them to the location in Society Hill where her psychic object read indicated they would find Jack Ballard’s body. They hadn’t said anything since they left the Tomorrow Legion headquarters. Timeline broke the silence. “So what happened back there Joan?”

She turned to look out the window, facing away from him. “I don’t know. I just didn’t expect to receive a vision, I guess.” She didn’t like lying to him – but how could she explain what happened?

“I’ve never seen you get so distracted after one of your visions. Did you see something bad in his future? He seemed like a nice guy – that’d be a shame. Vigilance, right? I think I remember hearing about him on…” Timeline droned on but Joan wasn’t hearing him anymore. She was thinking back to the vision she received when she shook Vigilance’s hand.

It was unlike any vision she had ever received before. She witnessed not one future, like she was used to, but several different futures all jumbled together. It was as if his future was in flux somehow, or… fragmented? Fractured? She didn’t know. But it seemed as if several of the futures tied into the chaos she had begun to foresee in the city’s future, and that was the most worrisome.

What she did know, though, was that she received this vision for a reason. She glanced up at the Heavens and said a silent, thankful prayer. Looking back at the city they were flying over Joan resolved to investigate the matter further.


I am now doing a rewrite to what I started writing. :o) Thanks for the ideas.

Volume 1 - Issue 3

Nice recap — didn’t know / remember the details of Joan’s Object Read — probably because they weren’t divulged to us. Good thing we planted that tracking device on their hover-car. Silly Centurions!

Volume 1 - Issue 3

What did I do there? /innocence lol. Nice try with the retconned tracking device! I thought I played them about as open and honest as I could, considering they were talking with an relatively unknown group of what essentially amounts to “wild cards” or even “loose cannons.”

Volume 1 - Issue 3
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