The Tomorrow Legion

Technobabble and the Cyber Ambush
Adventure Log: Episode 10


Wow, Matty, I’m still reeling.

I mean…super-DUPER-heroes have a fatal flaw. The Tomorrow Legion is kinda…um, average. Do we have a downfall? A weakness? An…ACHILLES HEAL?!?!

First and foremost, I was really impressed by the strong support we got from over half the Legionnaire team. Bogart came back! Zoey came out with us! Man, the Tomorrow Legion was a force to be reckoned with…

But, as usual, I’m getting way ahead of myself. I had just finished the last transcription on the last spell that Missy could teach me. It had taken me months but FINALLY I could add three new PDF files to my Goggle Doc Spellbook. I know, I should probably memorize them all but do you have any idea how long that would take? Better to keep them on the cloud where they’ll be safe. Who knows what kind of tampering they’ll undergo in my head?


I was headed over to the Janitorial technician’s mop closet – you know how Dead Man likes to play hide and go seek with Greymalkin – when I heard Spirit buzz on the PA. Apparently there was some meaty intel that Bogart had just discovered during one of his clandestine undercover operations – and there was going to be an AMBUSH!!!! Not gold or jewels or spells or cat food…nothing so extravagant…but OVERHAUL – a known associate and henchman of Iron Mike – was finally being moved from the temporary holding cell in which he was imprisoned after being discharged from the hospital…after his run-in with the DYNAMIC LEGION OF TITANIC SINKING EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!!

So, um, who the heck would wanna ambush this guy and start pressing Iron Microphone’s buttons? Well TTL was in-bound to find out. We all donned our costumes and decked out in get-up – we hit the road with yours truly DRIVING!!! I swear it’s so convenient to be able to multi-task. I can drive and talk on the phone. I can drive and apply make-up. I can now drive and cast-spells! I’m getting so good at this driving thing! I don’t know what the Legion would do without me.


We found the convoy easily enough but they weren’t well protected and we could see right away that we would need to do some heavy aerial recon. Zoey can fly. Who knew? So he and Bogart and…um, well everyone who can fly…took to the air! I practiced my best “Tailing” techniques by driving so sporadically no one would ever guess that we were riding along to provide a little super-hero insurance policy. Although, I have to admit, the idea of DEFENDING Overhaul actually makes me queasy…but that’s the life of a superhero with bulimia.




I barely had time to cast my first spell before Vigilance and Dead Man were LALO jumping out of the hovercar. Awww hell! Matilda! You should have seen it! Verge hit the ground with a power punch SHOCKWAVE like something out of a comic book!


Zoey zoomed down and started flinging cyborgs around using his energy powers and telekinesis. Dead Man brandished a pea-shooter and intimidated some of his brother borgs into submission. Bogart even got in on the action with some face-clawing, pant-leg climbing ACTION! They were using some heavy assault rifles and grenades and Virgil took a few hits before clubbing the machines to death…I think. I didn’t really have a very good vantage point because I had to circle around and find a parking spot – I left the handicapped sticker at the Legion HQ. But I finally landed and went invisible (I didn’t take all that time getting ready just to get caught in the cross-fire) and did my best to scour the battlefield for the leader – anyone in charge.


I reminded the group of our last encounter with the New Machine Cyborg Supremacist movement – and Salvo’s heroic saving of our collective asses. Then we proceeded to kick asses and take names. This time it was REALLY easy for Zander to write some good Public Relations. The devastation took place at an empty construction site. No bystanders were hurt. No public property was terribly damaged. Overhaul was saved and we took a few villains into custody. All in all – things could have gone a whole lot worse.

Good thing I was there to orchestrate the whole thing.

You’re welcome.


Vigilance Log Game 9: The Doom & Gloom Report


Hazel Diane DeadMan

My mood has not improved and indifference appears to have taken a permanent residence in my demeanor since last time I wrote my thoughts down.

S.H.A.R.D. called last week and wants me pretend to be a rat in a maze again. They are very nice about it, but sometimes …..I MEAN WHAT IS THE POINT?

I miss football.

Hazel got introduced to “DeadMan” Alex. She thinks he’s the janitor for the Legion. Hazel has been looking a little rattled and has not yet been seen in the gym even with my pestering. I have been blessed to see Hazel’s inner power “magic” but that does not help her from physical harm as much as working for strength plus it appears she could use the mental health aspect of it too.

Diane, Alex, and Hazel started going through several leads searching online. In the mean time I called my ex-cop friend Jim Claxton to check in and to let him know if he needed anything to not hesitate to ask. I also tried to hire him to look for Jessie Broach though Jim appears to be hesitant to go the Private Detective route. I will follow up with him later this week.

Diane, Hazel and Alex found online some murders that resemble the Shadow Man’s work. They also made the brilliant conclusion that these murders are all timed about 7 days apart to which Hazel thought it may be used to empower this inhuman piece of filth.

We all jumped in my car to travel to Kilgore to the most recent murder location. I don’t know why I volunteered cause the first thing I thought was we were going to return to a car without wheels. Everyone turned and stared at us as we got out of the car. I swear I saw some blind drop suddenly and people peering out them closed between the blinds. Garbage everywhere and the streets had trash on them too. Dirty brick buildings and seedy sex shop signs everywhere. Nice place.

Alex walks into the crime scene without any regard for the yellow warning tape ripping it all down as he walks through. As the rest of the crew followed Alex into the alley way I started asking people around if they had witnessed anything that night. Of course no one would admit anything. We did find a shop across the street that had a video monitoring from the night that is all happened. We also positively identified the Shadow Man leaving the scene. My blood boils seeing him leave the alley way in the video.

I don’t remember much after seeing the video. I remember glimpses. Hazel somehow figured out math or magically where this evil emanates from. It was a construction yard that I kept circling with the car near dusk until ….it leaves.

I keep remembering that face he made while skinning Jessie alive.

Somehow “DeadMan” was able to track the “ShadowMan” as he left the construction site. It was eerie in its own right almost as when watching Hazel work. Alex jumped out of the car to go on foot while Diane stayed up on roof tops to help guide us along to where Alex was heading. We regrouped in an alley where DeadMan had last been seen to find the alley empty.

Looking around for clues were heard a very loud mega phone announcement, " I am over Here!" a few blocks away. Diane arrived first to find Alex on top of the ShadowMan trying to shock him into submission. I got close enough to see Diane kick ShadowMan in the head.

All the shadows in the alley began to appear to seep toward the ShadowMan and with eyes glowing and a smile full of malice he stared at Diane while Alex continued hitting with the electro shocker.

Those poor kids in the jail cell. Jessie being skinned alive.

I am no hero.


Vigilance makes a connecting hit.
Scum falls down.

Huntress and DeadMan

Great News! Matt (Spirit) has been acquitted and has returned to running the Tomorrow Legion. Sure glad he is back.

Bad news, the lawsuit against me continues from Jesse Roach’s family for hospital bills and damages. It has become obvious to me that the Plaintiff is making up information and my lawyers are not representing me well.

To make matters worse all the bad publicity has not only have bad affects on the Tomorrow Legion, they have cost my friend in the department his job, Detective Jim Claxton.

Today, Matt called Diane & I into the conference room to meet a new member. He stood in a trench coat and cowboy hat down low so we could not see his face. I went up to shake his hand and a chill ran down my spine. I feel bad because I am certain I stuttered at saying “hello” when he raised his face. His voice sounded like gravel and he was made of metal. The first thoughts were the Avanti Guard had infiltrated the Legion. He said his name was Alex, but call him Dead Man. He was a former police officer who was mortally wounded many years ago who has been in stasis for a long time stuck in simulator mode. He strikes me as very angry and I can’t say I blame him. Everything he knew is gone. I feel sorry for him, but also apprehensive.

Matt’s young hero on a short leash who has been assigned to answer phones and monitor the police bans came in an uproar. For some reason he is always wearing a red shirt?

The Centurions were battling some kind of giant ants over in Kilmore. Diane borrowed Hazel’s bike and the new guy decided to “jog” there….And here I thought the car I had procured to carry more people was a good idea. I obeyed the speed limits and arrived at the police barrier just after Diane. I guess “DeadMan” had already made his way in and tore down a bunch of yellow tape as he did. Nice.

The police told us where the Centurions were so we could get some directions on what needed to be done. In my mind they are the boss here cause they were first on the scene plus they are “official” within the city.

It did not take long to find the Centurions and a few, like Wow, big ants. I did not even have time to make my favorite Pink Panther joke.

Dead Man was impressive to watch dealing with the ants to say the least. Diane & I found Timeline battling two ants and appeared to slow and shift time to cause the ants to trip over each other. As the ants were stuck in slow motion, Timeline walked up to us a briefed us what was happening. Apparently the ants were taking people to the big ant hill in the middle of an intersection down the street. We need to save the people and stop anyone else from being taken.

I turned towards the ant hill and saw a man screaming in the clutches of an ant along with another approaching me. I grabbed one of the ants leg or antenna that was approaching me and threw him at the one carrying the man. I hit my target but for a moment I thought it was not going to drop its prey. Both ants were stunned, but made there way into the ant hill less their “prey”.

I stood there for a moment. I know this is a bad idea. But I got to see if anyone is alive down there. I jump in and announce over the radio I am going in.

Shit, it is dark in here. Shit, I don’t have a flash light. Shit shit shit!

Diane & Alex decide to join my sorry idea of going down the hole. Alex reminds me this was not a bright idea to go down here without light. Tells me not to move and all of a sudden from the flash of his laser I see a mall of the ant above my head. I reacted with a punch and connected evidently well since Alex said, “Whoa” and I did not hear any more “clicking” from it.

Diane & Alex heard cries for help which was good news. It was beyond my hearing and I heard nothing. We made our way down the tunnel where they heard the cries and that tunnel leads us into what looks to be the large basement of a building that formerly was a lab. Lucky for me it is still lit in there! To our right were a group of people with 2 large ants guarding them from escaping and in the opposite left corner is some spandex punk going through junk on the floor yelling at the people to," Shut Up!"

Alex & DeadMan go right for Mr. Spandex while I go for the ants. Mr. DeadMan Alex is on Spandex quickly trying to shock him into submission while I am only half way across the floor to the captives. The guy in Spandex exclaims loudly, “Come to me!”. I think even my unborn children heard him.

I was able to grab one of the ants as it passed and did I mention these ants make good hammer throw style? I couple spins and these guys go flying! Make all sorts of clicking noises too while they go flying through the air.

I am getting good at hammer throws cause I connected with the other ant. Two in one day!

The ants stumble and I see DeadMan & Spandex going hand to hand. This guy in spandex is quick. He is moving out of the way of DeadMan until DeadMan finally connects with his electro-shock hand and this guy shakes it off. While this is going on Diane is putting arrows into the ants trying to put them down. I am trying to get over to DeadMan to help as quickly as possible.

I threw one punch at the spandex punk and he went down like a doll. I even held back on the hit. My first thoughts after connecting with this punk was not, OMG did I kill him!, nah, my first thoughts were crap this is going to hurt my legal case. This change of thinking is perplex although I still feel indifferent now.

I remember thinking, " Why am I covered in ant guts?"
The scum is in the hospital in intensive care and will survive. He is under arrest with the police watching him.

I am picking up the phone to call Jim Claxton. It is time to find Jesse Roach.

“Are you talking to me?
No way punk”

Volume 1 - Issue 8
Introducing Deadman - the bionic man that science left behind
  • Spirit returned to the Tomorrow Legion from jail, the charges raised against having been dismissed due to insufficient evidence.
  • The cyborg ex-cop Dead Man was awoken from the low-power virtual training mode he had been stuck in for years and escaped the facility where he was abandoned. Before he could be accidentally cause any trouble Spirit arrived and intercepted him just in the nick of time and offered him a place in the Tomorrow Legion. Dead Man accepted.
  • Thanks to Hugo’s previous infiltration, Motherboard was able to hack into and alter all of Hazel’s sophisticated programs so they provided no results as they monitored Iron Mike’s dealings or salvage of the sunken ship. Thus, Iron Mike’s salvage continued unabated and unnoticed.
  • A research facility became overrun with giant ants due to a chemical spill. The Tomorrow Legion and the Centurions worked together to help contain the problem. A counter-chemical which could reverse the growth existed but was deep within the research facility. Diane, Vigilance, and Dead Man all headed in to retrieve it.
  • A minor villain who had the power to control bugs and calls himself Pesticide also infiltrated the compound during the confusion in order to try and find the chemicals which created these giant insects.
  • The Tomorrow Legion members in the compound fought against Pesticide and defeated him. They obtained the antidote formula and returned to the surface to the area could be cleared of giant ants.
Armpit of Hell Part 3
Shaved Armpits - European Style


Hazel felt something…a presence…and it was approaching from outside the bathroom. She couldn’t spare more than a moment to gloat before the familiarity of the presence assaulted her senses. Fuck it. She twiddled her fingers in the air and muttered the incantation, “Now You See Me…”


The door to the bathroom slammed open and a giant hulking clay dude stood there and scanned the room. This guy had MUSKles on top of MUSKles. He glanced at SharkFace on the floor but kept looking around for…something.

What did I fail my prowl or something? Ah well! Nothing is ever easy.

The big guy started to walk into the restroom, past her, thankfully…until at the last minute he turned RIGHT in her direction. Oh shit. A giant clay tree-trunk thick arm wound up in an improvised Gumby Haymaker and Hazel took the opportunity to simultaneously attack. She was confident that his blindness wouldn’t require her to ACTUALLY dodge the potentially fatal uppercut…

And her courage paid off. She was still wiping shards of glass from her hair and licking blood from her lips when the spell went off and ClayPot found himself standing on Fly Paper.

“Well ain’t this a popular restroom?” she said to no one in particular. “Really boys, I’m sorry to interrupt. You see I’ve lost my way. Can you tell me how to get to Pismo Beach? Albuquerque?” She did her best Bogs Buggy impression but she feared it would be lost on these blowhards. Claymation, especially, seemed hellbent on beating someone up. Dropping the invisibility didn’t seem like a good idea after what Hammerhead pulled but she tried anyway.

Gumby’s sense of humor was about as fragile as his big clay feet and his massive, raging strength ripped the entire length of his legs upwards in a hail of clay sinews. He was on the move again as his legs and feet literally re-formed instantly under his locomotion.


Reappearing she said, “c’mon guy – don’t make me put the net on your like ol’ fishface here.” His head cocked to the side for a moment. She had stumped him! A voice came over the old-style radio and Hazel heard clearly that the Hounds (whatever they were) were close and that they had to grab the Sharkface and get out now…without a fight.

“Uh oh! Time to go! I don’t think so bub. I can take a few puppies easy-peasy. First off, what the hell is going on here?”

Clay handed her the walkie-talkie as if that would answer all her questions.

“Strong and silent type, eh? I can dig it.” (click) “Hi, I’m not sure who you are but your Clay attack dog just tried to punch me into next week. I want some serious answers and I want them now. I’m starting to get angry…and you wouldn’t like me when I get angry.”

“Yeah, whatever lady. I don’t have any answers for you right now. My name is Hawk and I’m the leader. If you want to live you’ve got one chance to come with us. That’s it. I’m not jeopardizing the mission to assuage your ego. No offense, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

“Where am I?”

“You’re in the Nightlands.”

“Yeah, I get that. But where the FUCK AM I? Wait, is this China?”

“They’re closing in. Clay, pickup the Fish and meet us around back. Remember, shift out of your Morphus ASAP to avoid further detection.”

“Hey! Hey, I’m not done talking to you.”

“Bring the radio then but we’re getting out of here now.”

Hazel could hear talking on the other end, muffled. Clay picked up Sharkfin and settled him easily over one shoulder in a fireman’s carry. He paid no heed to the buzzing chainsaw but the giant shark body seemed to sink right into the clay. Eeew! I bet he was a blast at parties! Hazel took the radio and followed Clay out of the building. Mentally, she noted that the Tomorrow Legion was kind of a dumpy shithole on this side of the mirror…in China.


Outside, Hazel met Lainey and Hawk. The girl was small-ish. She looked like a porcelain doll – beautiful but weird and inhuman. Her skin was the kind of cream-colored tone that magazine ads use to entice women into spending their life-savings on products that don’t work. She looked cute – in a Crabbage Patch kind of way. The guy Hawk, the leader, he looked every bit the part of mercenary. He was dressed like a Navy SEAL…or a green beret or something. And he was all down to business. He gave her a look that said “shut the hell up” and the three of them started hoofing it. Hazel followed a short ways away – still in the vicinity but having moved away from the Chinese Tomorrow Legion building…uh spot. Hawk stopped to take inventory.

“Uh, hi! I’m Hazel. And apparently you think you’re saving my life and we’re running from dogs.”

“Uh, I’m Hawk. And I’m saving your life…for free. You can thank me later. And we’re running from Hounds – not dogs – and we’re dropping our Morphus forms so they can’t sense us. Shark – that means you too. C’mon people, we don’t have much time.” And one by one they all left their “Morphus” forms and turned into human-looking people…like Hawk. Hazel didn’t know how she knew but somehow she sensed that Hawk’s Morphus – whatever it was – would be gruesome. He seemed like the kind of man who had seen a lot of battle…and seen a lot of friends die. He had a battle-hardened grimness about him and a set determination to his features that brooked no compromise or question. The shark didn’t comply.

“Sharkface, I’m not gonna tell you again. Drop your Morphus.” A gun appeared from out of nowhere and was pointed in the fish’s face.

“Aahah bite me animal lover!”


WAIT!! What the hell is wrong with you! You can’t shoot an unarmed and subdued foe!”

“Is that so? Watch me. Sharkface. This little girl here is sticking up for you. She’s obviously got morals or principles that I don’t have. I will put a bullet through your brain if you don’t change. RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.”

“Go for it. Then you’ll never get what you want…not without eating my brain and reading my entrails! Hah! You’re so fucked and you know it!”


“Hey, SharkyShark, please comply. I may not harm a subdued or unarmed foe but I’ll drop the net if you promise to change. Please don’t endanger us. We give you our word we won’t harm you if you change.” She looked over at Hawk to ensure she had his support. He grudgingly gave her a nod and she dropped the magic net. And in an instant he hit Clay with a Sharkface headbutt and began to “swim” through the air! Hawk put a few bullets into him…silenced…but it didn’t seem to slow him down.

“Shit!” Hazel tried to re-cast the Magical Netting but it didn’t quite go off without hitch. The netting captured the SkyShark but a mystical tether was attached to her wrist! She wasn’t strong enough to hold on and didn’t have time to sticky herself to the ground. Uh oh! She was going for a magical balloon ride! Up up and away! Hawk kept firing but Lainey was looking awfully nervous about doing so with HER gun. Hazel hazed her and badgered her and bullied her into putting a few more bullets in the shark…which she did at the expense of secrecy and silence. Uh oh! No silencer on her gun!

Hazel canceled the spell and dropped to the ground. Ouch!

“Okay, we lost him. We’ll find him again though. Everyone look normal. Blend in with the Dopplegangers. We’re getting out of here alive.” Hawk was all business.

The journey back to their hideout was uneventful though adrenalin filled. Whatever these Hounds were everyone – even Hawk – seemed to respect them…if not outright fear them. On the walk back Hazel got the full exposition and explanation of where she was, who she was, and what was going on…which made about as much sense as anything ever did. Hawk elaborated on what Nightbane are and explained about the Nightlords and Nightlands. Apparently the Nightlands are a mirror world – a reflection of the real world – only darker where the sun never rises…or sets. It’s a place where the Nightlords rule with an iron fist and their subjects are in perpetual fear. It’s a place where Dopplegangers live out their lives as mirror images of the people they represent in the real world…back on earth. Guess we’re not in China.


As these Nightlords were the rulers it was believed that all Nightbane came from them and derived powers from them. They had created this world and inadvertently created the beings who oppose them…the Nightbane who use their powers for greater good…instead of evil and destruction. Hazel equated them, on some level, with The Tomorrow Legion…with super heroes. They were the good guys…in a dark way. Dark Hazel grinned. She had finally found her place. Her second skin…her “Morphus” as they called it felt right at home among the motley crew of misfits and ragtag heroes. Her demon mask, as well, resonated with dark powers and a “hunger” to taste Nightlord blood. She was meant for this. She was built for something extraordinary. She wanted to be on the right side of the war…on the right team…and fight the good fight. She, Hazel, Lashe’evadne Sycorax-Circe Griselda Duchesne was an Agent of Destruction – she was a Death-Bringer to the Nightlords. And they would pay dearly for their crimes against humanity. This patriotism stuff was infectious!


Hazel only stayed for one night – though it was difficult to tell the passage of time without the sun. After she woke up the team left together so they could head to a location in Grim Gulf. Hazel, after looking at a map, thought she recognized and correlated this location to the “Silver City” area in Century Station. Hawk suggested that Sharkface probably went back to one of his usual watering holes and that their best chance at capturing him would be to lay in wait and set an ambush. Sharkface, evidently, was working for one bad dude – a Doctor Makalai – who was doing all kinds of unearthly supernatural experiments on super-heroes and Nightbane alike. Hawk’s mission was to find this guy and…well, set him straight. Now who gave him the mission, what kinds of experiments the doctor was doing, what Sharkface’s role was, and a bunch of other questions came to mind but Hazel let them go unanswered. She was a stranger in a strange land and she had just been given a crash course in um…alien biochemistry. Basically – being told that she wasn’t human. And she had been running on ADHD EMPTY for a long time practically Schizo with juggling so many things. The Legion depended on her! She hadn’t give herself an opportunity for reprieve…but it looked like this journey into Chin…er, the Nightlands would force her to get some…and enjoy the road to self-discovery.


On a not unrelated note, Hazel was curious about OTHERS of her kind and books or knowledge of their special powers. They called them “talents.” She asked them about a library. They thought maybe if there was a library in that place, it would probably be in Lord Rotiel’s tower. When Hazel suggested they break in they all looked at her like she grew three heads. They made it clear that was not a place to enter lightly.

The team had barely made it through a few neighborhoods before a glint from an alley caught your eye – a mirror that hadn’t been destroyed yet! They were still in the Grim Gulf section of Dark Century Station. Hazel had no clue how often an unbroken mirror would come around but as part of her Nightlands education, Hawk reinforced the Nightlords’ stances on mirrors. Control them all. Break the ones you can’t control. Period. Knowing how rare this was Hazel took the opportunity to return home, but not before Hawk let her keep the radio she was given. She told them she’d return someday, and that radio was how you could contact them if they’re still around. She had made friends out of acquaintances. And they were the first people she’d ever met who were “like” her. She would hold onto them for as long as she could. Especially since they had the same problems she had. This doctor had to go down. He had some “splainin’” to do.

She made a mental note of the “Labyrinth” in Brisby Flats where Lord Rotiel had his giant tower. Then she said her goodbyes and wished them well. They would definitely meet again. Someday soon she hoped. The “Mirror walk” went smoothly, differently from her first time. She thought she might be able to take others through if she tried…but that was an experiment for another time. This strange new land was a brave new world and it beckoned her to come back. And return she would…


Armpit of Hell Part 2
Going to the Can gets crazy!


Hmm…this one looks interesting! “The Darkness Within – A Sorceress’s Guide to Tapping Your True Potential.” Okay Matilda let’s see what this one is about. I’ve gone through more books than I ever imagined I’d have the attention-span for. My eyes literally started bleeding! But I think that was just another one of those weird side-effects that happens when I twiddle my fingers and work my mojo. Okay…page one.

“Is there a Darkness lurking within you?”

Quite possibly. Define “darkness.” What do you think Matty?

“The darkness, shadows, the Night…it can be a source of power. That Night could be tied directly into who you really are and who you’re meant to be.”

Whoa! This is kinda deep.

“Have you ever looked into a mirror and seen something that you weren’t expecting?”

Uh, once, and it didn’t go well for the Macy’s Cosmetics Counter Christmas Display.

“What if the mirror were able to peel away the outer layers of your persona? What if the mirror were able to shed your second-skin, your Facade, to reveal who you really are? There is power in one’s reflection for the Spawn of the Night.”

Hablar! This shit is a little creepy. Matilda, do you think this is me?

“The Spawn are special. They are chosen at birth to oppose a deeper darkness – evil. They are given the ability to embrace the monstrous and use it for a good purpose. Nightspawn – yours is a noble cause. Just. Good. Heroic. And despite this you will be seen as vile, wicked, evil – though you couldn’t be further from it. Yours is the Shadow of Plight. For your are the Bane of the Night.”


Page 42…

“These quotations, put forth before you, are direct citations from my research. They are direct quotes from the Writings of the Dark. If one were so inclined to learn from these teachings. One might need to read ancient manuscripts written in long-dead languages. There are spells that translate these scrawling right before your eyes…but this is not the book that will teach them. I took my inspiration from the Wanderer (NB Main p.7) who is one of the “originals” – henceforth referred to as the “Methuselahs” His writings are said to have originated on parchment scrolls nearly 10,000 years ago. These scrolls are a collection of stories about the Nightlands and the Ba’al. Another manuscript I take much inspiration from is a set of two books called The Books of Night. They were translated from tablets unearthed by archaeologists out of ancient Sumeria. The Books of night makeup the first section of a larger, only suspected volume known as the Chronicles of Shadows."


Page 108…

Wow! Matty, I can’t seem to put this book down! It’s not really teaching me anything but it’s got a different philosophy. One that really resonates with me.

“Tear dimmed remembrance, shed water, and gestate in a womb of time. Breathe upon me. Possessed by the passion. Fate will set you free. Infertile. Chaste be the precious when flesh is an enemy. Fair weather friend.”

These words. It’s like their mesmerizing me. Matty. I need more HeroCOLA stat!

“There will be no flowers on your grave. There will be no chains. There you keep chanting for the forgotten name. Why you feel so empty and still have everything. It’s fulfillment. You’ve got more companions when you’re all alone. If you don’t believe me, gaze into the looking glass.”


Okay, Matty, I’ve gotta set you down for a sec. Let’s take a look at this mir…er, looking glass. Hmm…oh, that’s odd. I see. Me. Uh, wait. What the fuck. Hold on a sec. I’ve gotta put the pen down.

(breathing heavily) “Oh shit. That’s me. That’s me? Uh, no…that’s NOT me. And that’s not my fucking room!” The hand-held mirror sails across the room and shatters against the floor.

(Click over the intercom) “Hazel? Is everything alright up there?”

(Shout) “Uh, yeah Zoo, accidentally dropped my vanity.”

(Click over the intercom) “See something awful in the mirror?”

(Shout) “Yeah, your ugly mug! Bugger off Zoo!”

(Click) “Whatever you say babe…”


Great! Now where am I gonna find another mirror at one o’clock in the morning?


Page 372…

“My inner-demons torture me. They are my vulnerable underbelly, a source of weakness, flapping their wings in my face. Damn them! They are twisted illusions and I shall no longer be afraid. Peer into them. Pierce their depths and see through their liquid souls. Feel their lies. Evil lies that will ENERGIZE. They can no longer hurt me. I am my own worst enemy.”

Wow! That’s morbid.

“The mirror is a doorway. Just like your true form is revealed when you pull back your Facade. So too is the true form of the world revealed when you peel back it’s outer layer…it’s second-skin. This world beyond our world…much like Alice in Wonderland…it is a living, breathing world replete with denizens and monsters and jobs and economies and societies and everything you can imagine. Your connection is to this world…and to the rules of this world. They are called the Night Lords and they are the source of your power. The Darkness held within you is but a fraction of their wicked, vile, intentions…but due to some cosmic balance of power the Universe has distributed some of that power to heroes, like you, to be used against the oppression of the Nightlords.”

Page 501…

Sorrow is my bread
And tears I drink as wine
Oblivion my happiness
Ground under teeth of time

For cold be the stone
When frost devoured the land
Consolation is no gift
Of winter’s icy hand

If you’re still reading. This is the last bit of information I can impart: If you suspect you are a Spawn you might just be. If you’ve gotten this far then you should more than suspect. You have Talents that are hidden. They lay dormant. You must expend energy to learn them and to manipulate your connection to the Darkness. Seek out the books I mentioned and have been quoting. Seek out the obscure, esoteric, occult libraries. You might be surprised to find a few notable ones in the Nightlands — and a few hidden gems right here in this dimension. If I can impart anything to you, dear reader, it is that knowledge can truly become power and the road to self-discovery is a very long and often painful one. Doing this on your own is foolish. Seek out more books. Seek out friends, companions, tutelage, teachers. You, Spawn of the Night, are not alone. We are out here…we are just like you…and we are waiting for you.

“Holy shit that’s…kinda kewl and scary at the same time. I should head back down to the “Magic of Books” this weekend and see if ol’ boy Chuck Kane has seen or heard of any of these volumes. Ancient tomes by the sound of it. What do you think Matty?"


“I thought so.

Alright, here goes nothing. It says I have to be in my true form…Morphus. The transformation only takes about 15 seconds normally but…I feel like I can make it go faster if I exert my will. So, just like my ability to surf the net-waves and travel the phone-lines. I have to be in my Morphus. Okay. I get it. Now, about this mirror. In order for this to work the mirror has to have a corresponding mirror — a “sister” — in the other world, Nightlands. Well how the hell am I supposed to know that?!?! I guess there’s only one way to find out. Over the course of the next fifteen seconds Hazel felt herself being drawn toward the mirror, into the mirror…and she fueled the vacuum with an exertion of her will and the expenditure of a slight amount of potential psychic energy. She felt her body dis-corporate, her bones shifted, rearranged, the very fabric of her existence unraveled and the threads entwined became loose strands of reality. The silver surface loomed over her consciousness. The mirror plane arced concave away from her. The world shifted. The lights went out.

Hazel’s eyes didn’t need to adjust. Her Morphus was well-equipped with Nightvision (though, she remembered that she even had some form of low-light vision in her Facade — but its range fell far short of the Morphus-version) to see in the world of twilight. She instantly felt alone, afraid, and very much…out of her element. She was standing in a room that was poorly lit. Dark tiles lined the walls. They looked like they once might have been a brackish gray. They were now scum-covered and lichen-plaqued. The stench nearly knocked her over. It was like someone had died, been eaten, digested, shat out, and then eaten again but this time vomited back up and all over…well, inch of the room. Hazel felt repulsed. As soon as she could feel anything…

She felt something other than revulsion. She felt something she had never felt before. And it was intriguing. Her supernatural senses felt a presence…something…someone nearby. In one of the cubbies. Cubby? She looked around for a moment and noticed a big mirror behind her — the one she must have hopped through. Are those stalls? Wait a minute…the basin below the mirror. Was she? Was she in a public bathroom? Ick! Is this what passes for a ladies room in this world? Gross!

Hazel heard noises, grunting and…heavy breathing coming from one of the stalls…occupied. She hesitantly knocked on the stall door.


“Uh, excuse me miss, I seem to have lost my way. Can you tell me where I am?”

A gruff, deep, raspy voice growled, “Lady, you’re in the shitter in the Armpit of Hell. The men’s shitter. If the line’s too long for the women’s shitter then you’re more than welcome to use the sink.”

Hazel turned around and examined the trough and the large mirror once again. Sink? She shuddered.
“Ah, I’m not here to go to the bathroom. I just kind of got here by accident. What are…”

ETERNAL NIGHT!” the stall door swung upon on a rocket and SLAMMED into the stall divider. A gigantic…monster shambled out of the stall — which seemed too small to even fit his massive frame — and took her by surprise. His upper body had the dorsal fin and gills and giant gaping maw of a SHARK! Eep! His lower body appeared to be half fishtail with one leg having the appearance of a giant chainsaw. And was that a bathing suit? He was wearing an old-style bathing suit from like the 1920’s. W….T….F?!?!?

Hazel lost herself for a moment, stunned with fear. If he was intimidated by her appearance the monster didn’t show it. “Dammit lady! Can’t you see I’m busy! This isn’t your personal wayfinder service! It’s a fucking shitter!” With that he back-handed her with a meaty fist the size of a basketball and Hazel could do naught by stand there and take it. He must have been restraining himself…or pulling his punches, because she thought she should have flown backwards to crash into the mirror. Hell! Maybe she’d have gone back through the looking glass and into her room! But she wasn’t so lucky. It still hurt and she could feel blood begin to run down her nose and her lip and into her mouth.

“Ouch! Dick! Buy me a drink first? I’ve got no respect for a dude who hits girls.” She barely got a word in edgewise before he swung at her again. He didn’t look like he was holding back this time. Uh oh! Fuck it. Dodging is for pussies. She held her ground against the giant man-shark and stared defiantly back at him…towering over her. Simultaneously, she uttered one of her bread-and-butter spells, “Mystic Seine.”


The punch hit her like a MACK truck. Hablar Louise! Just as her spell went off she felt a ragged sharkfin-fist SLAM into her face and she flew backwards into the mirror. To her surprise, she didn’t break the plane and didn’t get magically whisked away to her bedroom. Shit. She had never been punched that hard in her life. Her whole face ached…beneath the mask. She tasted more blood and could feel it dripping down her neck now too. Shark-Face definitely had no qualms about hitting a girl. She could hear him snarling beneath her as she lifted herself up and off the trough-sink and swept shards of broken glass out of her hair where the back of her head had cracked the mirror. Wait. Did the net go off without a hitch?

“Yes! Nothing backfired!” she shouted. Although, for appearances, she probably ought to pretend she expected otherwise.


She checked her pockets and wished she had her phone readily available for a pic.

“Hey, bub. You’re lucky you’re not on FaceBack right now. Maybe think twice next time about hittin’ a girl, eh? Besides, I was only asking directions.” She stepped over his netted, fallen giant form while the chainsaw buzzed incessantly and resisted the urge to kick a fallen, unarmed, or possibly subdued foe. Remember your principles, Hazel, stick to your guns. Her taller, curvier, Gandalf-robed Morphus form knelt by the head of the fallen SharkFace. “Listen, guy, I know it sucks gettin’ caught by a girl. Look what I caught! It’s like I went fishing! Don’t take it personally. Just help me get out of here and I’ll cancel the spell so you don’t have to sit here like a baby seal for the full duration. Can you do that for me? Or should you start barking like a seal?” She grinned at him from up close and barked, “ARRRF! Arf arf!” Then clapped her hands like makeshift flippers.

It’s comforting to know my room is on the other side of the Shitter in the Armpit of Hell.


Armpit of Hell Part 1
Nothing like a little introspection...


Spurred onward in her quest for self-knowledge Hazel was determined to research her way to an acceptable answer. Something was decidedly wrong when she accessed her magic. At least eight out of every ten spells was going wonky with unintended side-effects or some kind of unforeseen and inexplicable permutation on the actual spell. The spells, themselves, still got the “job” done and they functioned along the same lines of the original intent – the “belief” behind the spells – but the end result was twisted somehow. The effects were ANYTHING but textbook spell-effects. Hazel hadn’t heard of this before. Her overbearing, home-school tutor father had blamed it on her imprecise and inadequate mastery of the arcane material. He certainly didn’t accept fallibility as her teacher.

And, up until recently, Hazel had only a passing curiosity in these mystic quirks. Her spell-casting had taken on a life…and indeed, a personality, of its own. It now was an ever-present reminder that this Swiss-Militia Knife in her proverbial tool belt couldn’t be relied upon. It had endangered her friends, members of the super-group, and even her own life! Hazel’s incident with liquid shadows and sinking through ship decks during a midnight raid assault on a giant cargo tanker came to mind. The necrotic ninja’s threats came to mind. Diane had reminded them that the bad guys were out there. Mr. Shadow was just a tool. An able-bodied henchman, sure, but a tool nonetheless. And it was scary to know that she…Hazel and her Magic…would be relied upon to help people she cared about…to thwart the bad guys…with nothing but a bag of wild cards and unpredictable magic tricks.

She needed to get to the bottom of it. Even if she couldn’t stop it or counteract it or even compensate for it…if she could just predict it a little better…she would feel a little more comfortable supporting the Tomorrow Legion team.


Research was its own reward. Hazel still hadn’t finished with Michelle but she was learning new spells that didn’t even have known equivalents in her book of incantations. It was a wild, uncontrolled magic altogether different from her regular repertoire…and completely alien from her telephone-line surfing electric-charge hopping…um, thing that she could do. She stuck to the research. She and Arctic Hellfire would take breaks for days at a time to let Hazel’s ego heal. It was difficult to face failure on a regular basis – especially for a young witch to whom everything mystical came so naturally. She could hear Gerhardt’s shade whisper to try harder. She could hear her father’s phantasm goading her, urging her, impelling her forward to tackle the unknown to face defeat and to breach the bulwark of failure. She could see his ghost laughing at her as she inadvertently froze her finger tips, frost-bitten, and shattered them in frustration. This fire and ice thing wasn’t easy and Michelle made it look like eating chocolate cake. The young wizard was especially embarrassed when she accidentally burned her eyebrows off…and, in a hasty, haphazard attempt to douse the flames she had pulled moisture from the air and frozen a block of ice on her face. The pain had been incredible…unlike anything she had ever felt…but the damage to her ego was more than she could bear. Her lineament had oozed a melted skin viscous liquid. Her face scarred under the lava but it solidified inside the frozen cone. She had to walk around with a giant ice cube on her head for almost twenty minutes! And when it had finally melted enough for them to pull the block of ice off her head her face looked like an Escher painting! Or a Picasso! She was mortified.

Yes, research was a welcome reprieve from the rigors of learning alien magic. She started, logically, with the physical transformation her body underwent when she became “Dark” Hazel. No matter what she was wearing at the time she always donned the same over-sized Gandalf Wizard robe – an incredibly weird garment that she had never seen before but looked more expensive than anything she could have EVER hoped to afford. The robe was made of rich fabric, she thought it was silk, and decorated in colorful magic symbols, runes, gemstones, and inscriptions along the edges of the sleeves, hem, collar, and hood. And somehow it was like two sizes too big in the sleeves and the hem…but it managed to hug her curves and accentuate the body of a B-movie Alien sex-kitten. If ever there was a contradiction – she was it! Beneath the getup she had a body and face TO DIE FOR! And beneath the robe she was…ahem, scantily clad. It actually felt incredible, electrifying on her skin. Her eyes narrowed and slitted like a cat’s and she took on feline facial features…if you could see them.


As if that wasn’t enough, from out of thin air a strange, exotic, but extremely elaborate mask planted itself firmly over her face – permanently (it couldn’t be removed…she had tried and gone to great lengths) – and she found comfort in it…in the horrific visage it displayed and the fear it struck in her enemies…and the anonymity it afforded her. She was couched in the secrecy of demonic shadows. Was it demonic in natures? Of course not. And the piece de resistance was another little-known aspect of her transformation. It was difficult to see unless you observed at length or looked really closely. But the mask seemed to be linked to blood red patterns that wrapped around her arms, legs, and torso. Again, it was difficult to see this beneath the robe but when she moved and the giant robe flowed with her athletic physique one could see inscribed on the Hazel’s chest, back, shoulders, and forearms a strange symbol which she believed “marked” her as an agent of destruction. The mask let her enemies know that they faced an avatar of justice…one who would stop at nothing to ensure that goodness and life prevailed.


So she started with some classics: Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” – a quick Goggle search returned a book by Franz Kafka with the exact same title, “Metamorphosis,” Okay. Why not start there? The antiquated writings were fictional and a little try although Ovid tried his hand at quite a few tragic love stories that almost always ended in…well, death or change…which to Greeks was actually the same thing because it ended the cycle of birth…or began the cycle of “re-birth.” Ovid. Check! It took a few days to stomach and digest and really comb through the texts but she was proud of herself for doing so.

During this time she did a little digging on the Shadowboard and managed to find some interesting tidbits about Kafka’s notes on his novel. They were unpublished and discarded after the manuscript came to light but there are hints at some other, possibly more pertinent information he was privy to that never made it into the book. Good! Hazel LOVED mysteries and this little teaser gave her something to start researching:

Die Noten von Kafka. This collection of Franz Kafka’s notes is thought to be the inspiration for his novella Metamorphosis. These notes capture the story of a young man in great detail, over several conversations. They include a description of the man’s earliest memories, the events that led to him transforming into a giant insect, the powers and abilities he possessed as a giant insect, a sketch of his insect form, the young man’s feelings and fears, and most importantly, conversations the young man had with a mysterious figure who offered to be his mentor. In these conversations, the mentor revealed to him the true nature of the metamorphosis and how to deal with his monstrous id-self. The mentor also recounted his efforts to track down other morphing people to teach them to deal with what they were, and educate them. These notes contain the names of several ancient and elder morphs as well as what the mentor knew about the origins of the morphing people.

So there are just people who can…morph? Whose outward physical appearance is just NOT their normal, natural physical form? This is so vague! I need more books!


She scoured the library in the hopes that she’d find anything that related to metamorphosis or sparked her memory…or even just sparked her interest Her father had willingly parted with “Quoniam In Statera” – For The Balance – but it didn’t seem to have anything to do with her. After taking a crash course in Latin – THROUGH GOGGLE TRANSLATE – and practically learning the dead-language she was able to piece together some rudimentary information from the margin notes and her father’s notes and some extrapolation:

This book was bound in plain leather that has stayed remarkably well-preserved over the years, except for the old and worn bindings. It is handwritten entirely in Latin but sprinkled throughout the book are notes written in the margins. Upon review, it is clear that these notes are all in different handwriting and even different eras, indicating many readers over a long period of time. The comments are in a mixture of Latin, English and more archaic forms of English. The ones Hazel can read seem to be commenting as much on the earlier comments as they do on the actual contents of the book. A few of the comments she recognizes as her father’s handwriting.

Based on the commentaries it seems the book discusses the classical “elements” but also includes additional forces as “elements,” four of which seem to be lightning, ice, light and darkness – much to the chagrin of many a marginalia commenter. This “need” for balance among the elements is hotly debated amongst the commentators. The merits and dangers of reaching out for these elements are all commented on and argued about as well. There is an area of the book where the comments argue about “supposed” elemental amulets and the “so-called proof” they really provide. Though Hazel can’t read the book proper, she does find drawings of four amulets. None of them are Antipodes but one does look similar to Michelle’s.

While RIVETING READING it just didn’t help her with her self-discovery predicament. There absolutely HAD to be some hidden gem she had stolen from Charlie Kane in her haste to grab anything and everything she could buy for under $20,000 – or was it $30k? Sigh…there HAD to be something in this damn library she painstakingly cherry-picked tomes for. Dejectedly, she sat, sighed, and pouted. Being upset might just work.

Hazel and the Shadowboard
Please no spam from the trolls!


Welcome to the Shadowboard!

Well Matty, what do you think? They’re a little stuffy, right? LOLLerskates! “Shadowboooard…oooh!” Like all mysterious and shit. Ugh! I can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s bad enough I had to make an account on Greg’s List and, um what was it? Mangee’s List? We should just start our own super secret private club forum. In fact, maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do…when I retire.


Mmmm…so good!


Okay let’s make our first usage of the Shadow-BORED worthwhile. First post: What’s the secret ingredient in BOING-OH Energy Cola-ade?



Oh bother! This is going to take forever. What do I really hope to get out of this anyway? I keep telling myself, Matty, it’s just another source. Just like the deep web, just like the IRC, just like all my little internet hell-holes, it’s a potential source of information. I should just write another algorithm and save myself a little time.

Welcome! You’ve Got Mail!


“As this is your first visit to the Shadowboard, here are a few hints and pointers to get you started. Just the basics. What this notice board is, who runs it, and so on. “The Shadowboard is simply an online messaging service and information board dedicated to the disciplined study of arcane energies and events. We aren’t talking about tarot, geomancy or jumping naked over bonfires.”

Why the hell would you leave your clothes on? Matty?

Go on…

“We’re talking blood, sweat and tears, pouring your soul into things or invoking life into machines…”


Hablar! These guys take themselves a little too seriously. I mean, if they only knew who’s sitting on this end of the terminal. Sigh. It’s a shame I can’t cast some magic through the computer and get this over with. Hey…wait a minute. Casting spells on the computer? Naw…that’s just plain crazy talk! Or is it? Note to self: RESEARCH.

“…if you aren’t clear about what this means, then this isn’t a noticeboard that will interest you. To continue past this screen, press F2. This will take you to the noticeboard, which is the main portion of the Shadowboard. You may post any messages you please there, although there will be a delay of about a day before your message appears, but we will remove anything which is slanderous, religious, or trivial. When you get to the board you will find a selection of messages left by other users. These may include reports of unusual events and sightings, discussions of theory and metaphysics, partial or complete ritual instructions, pleas for help or information, or anything else that people have decided to leave. Messages are taken off the board after a month, and we have no control over what people have decided to post to us.”

Okay this is called Moderation. Did we really need the hand-holding spiel? I mean, sheesh, it’s 2026! Isn’t it?

“We also cannot guarantee that any specific message is accurate, honest, or sane. Finally, we’ll
save you the trouble and tell you now that the Shadowboard has more than adequate defenses from computer viruses, hackers, et cetera. Don’t bother. You will also be unable to find, physically, the machine which we are using to maintain this board. And of course, if you can’t screw around with or even find our system, then that means that no one else can either. At any point you may register on the Shadowboard by pressing F1. This is a simple procedure, nothing will be installed to your hard disk, and you won’t be asked to give any information. We don’t even want your name. In fact, we recommend that you never divulge any personal details when using the Shadowboard. You didn’t have too much trouble getting the access software, did you?”


Is this guy talking to me? Maybe this whole introductory welcome message was written like thirty years ago and they just forgot to update it. Maybe they leave it up to really fuck with people. I kinda like their style.

“No. Well, that means that lots of other people have got the same software as you, just as easily. Rivals, enemies, the government. Think about it. Be careful. Once you have registered, you will be able to pick up messages left for you at the board. These, addressed to you personally using any User Name you choose, are entirely confidential, and can only be read with an access code which you have preset. "There is no charge for registration or access. The service is entirely free. “The Shadowboard’s administrator is User Name: Netwerk (Hi there!), so address queries, etc., to that name. The whole thing is maintained due to the generosity of The Benefactor, and there are no strings attached.”

No strings, eh? No apron strings? No heart strings? How about no kite strings? Yoyo strings? What about string cheese? WHY SO SERIOUS!!! Wait, wasn’t that an internet meme about 20 years ago Matty?


I know, right? Fuck it. I feel you, babe. Well I had some time between training sessions with Michelle and I am sick and fucking tired of reading ancient Greek text and that Kafka shit is really dry. I mean…c’mon. Tranforming into a bug? Seriously? What kind of German super-heroes did they have back then? Let’s see – First Reich was the Roman Empire, Second Reich was Otto von Bismark, Prussia, and the Kaiser. Third Reich – let’s see….hmmm, they would have been due for some insect super-heroes right about then. Okay. I believe you.

“The Shadowboard is simply the communications organ of The Shadowleague. In fact, it really is the League. Shadowleague has no hierarchies, no controllers, no secret agendas, no one telling you what to do or asking for your loyalty. The League also maintains a series of Free Houses and other services which you may become aware of later. But again, keep in mind that because no one controls the Shadowleague, there is no one making sure that these services are run properly. Understand? Like we said, BE CAREFUL.”

I could have sworn careful was my middle name. Oh no? It’s “Badass” eh? When did that happen? Dark Hazel baby! That’s when! Lashe’evadne Sycorax-Circe Griselda CAREFULBADASS Duchesne. Sounds about right. That’ll work.


Yeah, I’m done with this shit. Let’s just post my question and get the hell out of here. We’ve got spirit, YES WE DO, We’ve got spirit – HOW ABOUT YOU?!?! Time to visit the boss man Matty. I hope those online law classes I took as a dare pay off.

Virgil takes a beating
Vigilance Log for Game #7


It has been a busy couple weeks and it has been straining enough that I have not even wanted to record it in my journal. Alas, here is an update.

I received a summons from the Jessie’s family and Jessie suing me for damages. This has been weighing on me heavily, but I guess it should be expected since Jessie has probably racked up quite a hospital bill. It’s my fault he was in the hospital.

On the other hand, he would have been dead with the rest of his gang when the “Shadowman” slaughtered his entire gang in jail.

I now have two attorneys working on my “side”. Actually I am not sure about this in concerns to sides. The Tomorrow Legion’s Insurance Attorney is on the scene and I have been working with an attorney from S.H.A.R.D. Both are too serious, but the Insurance Man is wound WAY TOO TIGHT! So badly I am tempted to send him out with Salvo on a patrol. Miss Burst from S.H.A.R.D. is interesting to me, although as said a little dry, and evidently she has some powers too. I am still in negotiations with S.H.A.R.D. on how much this is going to cost me. So far nothing, but we all know there will be a price to pay.

S.H.A.R.D. has asked to run tests on me. I have agreed, but I get this sinking feeling I have signed my soul away to the devil by agreeing. I think I will start digging here at my one resource Miss Burst.

Decided to visit Spirit/Matt today. I should have visited him sooner, but life has suddenly gotten very overwhelming in time management. I mentioned about visiting Spirit and to my surprise both Salvo and Diane wanted to go also. I’ve never been to a prison before and although I never want to go again I will for Spirit.

Spirit appeared to be in good spirits (hah hah ha, sometimes I need to make self laugh). He is confident the charges will be dropped. After we left and returned to HQ, Salvo did some digging to see if any false information was placed on Matt, but everything looked legit as Salvo found. Not good.

Odd, I tried to contact Hazel on her cell and got this member is out of provider range. I left a message, but this has me concerned about Hazel. Need to follow up on this.

Then I called Doc P and he rejected my call directly into voicemail. He did eventually called Salvo, but never returned my call. Nice….

Well, I may have never experienced an earthquake, but I have now experienced a giant trying to blow the building down.

Bam Bam and the whole building feels like it is ready to be knocked off the foundation. Archie begins telling us “Intruder Intruder” like that stupid robot out that old tv show. Brings up a video of some 50 foot giant punching the building exclaiming for us to bring out the rifle. Diane went directly for the roof while I got on the phone to the police hoping they would get here to protect the public. I told the dispatch officer who I was and where we were located. What was happening and they wanted me to stay on the line. I am following the rules and it is driving me nuts. Not sure where Salvo went. I think he is trying to calm the secretary down.

I hear Diane get hit. I then heard her scream and gasping as if she is being crushed.

Drop the phone.

I wish I could find a vacuum or anything like that but the lounge chair will have to do. I smashed it to bits as running out the front door and tell the giant, “Here’s you f-ing rifle” as I throw it into the street. I don’t curse, what the heck?

The giant drops Diane several stories up and exclaims, “What have you done?”

A barely make it in time to catch Diane. I keep running as the giant notices trying to get Diane clear of the battle since she is hurt badly. I guess Salvo decided it was time to give an ear infection because it appeared the giant was talking to someone not there. Punched the building with both hands and begun to shrink! I put Diane down and focus back at the building top.

Salvo must have gotten the upper hand cause next thing I see is a man hurdling off the building from an explosion. I do not think anyone can survive a fall from that height and begin running as fast as I can to catch the person. Then I see it is our villain. No matter.

I catch him. Immediately Diane has put two arrows into his leg. Then Slavo is there changing from energy form to give a diving punch into the guy. I am about to start screaming at my team mates until I notice this jerk is smiling at me, the arrows and punches meant nothing to him.

Holy Hot Potato.

I regrip onto his leg and start whirling him around like a shot put on a chain. Skyward bound! I think he made about 400 feet before he began to decsend……a bit higher than the building. As he began to fall he decided it was time to go Giant again.

Since these “Powers” developed I have thought about trying to punch something into orbit. That thought quickly went away and changed to, “Run Away”.

My team mates were not happy that I caught him. At least Diane shot him in the leg and not through the heart. Gotta look at the positives.

The giant does a “Cannonball” into the ground and almost knocks me off my feet with the impact. I punched him hard in the head and it barely does anything. As he was getting up he simply back handed me away which sent me 50 plus feet flying. And yes I was still standing. I guess the giant reassessed me at this point.
I’ve never been hit so hard. I was literally embedded into the asphalt as a figure shape. It took me a few moments to get up and I think the giant had something snarky to say, but I really could not define it from the birds flying around my head.

I believe Salvo had gotten back inside the giant because the giant now began to puke violently into the roof of the Tomorrow Legion Headquarters. Something else must have happened while I was doing snowman impressions because it appeared as if the front of the building was ripped into two and Doc P is definitely not going to be happy.

To Be Continued…….

Volume 1 - Issue 7
When HUGO knocks... The Tomorrow Legion Answers
  • Iron Mike shot a LAW rocket at Salvo’s billboard from his office window in the Kieromin Ironworks. After a rant about how the Tomorrow Legion has pissed him off he renewed a computer conversation with Motherboard. He transferred her a fee to “do it.” She told him it was a pleasure doing business with him.
  • The team was introduced to A.R.C.H.I.E., an advanced computer program which had been previously installed by Spirit to aid the Legion and run their systems behind the scenes. He presented an almost annoyingly upbeat and friendly personality.
  • A giant mercenary villain named Hugo attacked the Legion HQ demanding the unknown weapon they were holding in their vault, or else. The Legion managed to fight him but not before he did some major damage to their building, then shrank until he disappeared.
  • Unbeknownst to the Legion at this time, Hugo in his small size stealthily entered the building and installed some hardware which would give Motherboard a “backdoor” into the Legion’s files. His job done, he left.

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