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  • Volume 1 - Special 1

    • After reading some new books which started to shed some light on her powers and abilities, Hazel accidentally mirror-walked into the Nightlands for the first time. Immediately she was accosted by a fellow Nightbane named Sharkface on the other …

  • Grim Gulf

    Grim Gulf

    The Nightland’s version of Century Station

    Estimated Population: 2.5 million; 65% Doppelgangers, 12% humans, 8% human mutants, 15% Nightlord minions, and 5% other creatures.

    City Basics

  • Dr Makalai

    He is based out of a place called “The Lab” in Grim Gulf. On behalf of Lord Rotiel he performs gruesome experiments on humans and mutants in an effort to understand the “superhuman …