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  • Bogart

    Bogart is a squirrel who lived in the attic of a detective agency’s building.

    One day, he mutated.

    Now a hard-boiled detective, he solves the tough-nut cases that no one else can crack.

    For now he is a member of


    QUICK BACKGROUND: Virgil was going through college on a football scholarship until his powers manifested during a game. He has no secret identity because of this. He is a member of

    Dr Preposterous

    QUICK BACKGROUND: Professor Roarke was on the verge of a major nano-tech breakthrough that his peers and sponsors deemed preposterous. He tested the prototype on himself to great success! He is …

  • Flash Fire

    QUICK BACKGROUND: Jackie is a firefighter during a fire at a chemical plant she was caught inside the building when the flames reached some unstable chemicals and exploded onto her. Instead of …

  • Salvo

    QUICK BACKGROUND: Chas was your typical kid from the bad part of town, heading down a path to nowhere when his mutant powers suddenly activated. He started trying to clean up his neighborhood but …

  • Zeau

    QUICK BACKGROUND: Nicholas already went through his life feeling superior to others the discovery of his mutant abilities only made him more sure of it. The hero name he chose is the name of an …

  • Huntress

    QUICK BACKGROUND: Diane was raised to respect nature and spent a lot of time outdoors. She learned to hunt with her father using the bow and arrow. One day she stumbled upon the magical Bow of Artemis …