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  • The Champions

    h1. The Champions bq{color:#333333;}. _"We're super heroes. We're here to save the day."_ Eleven years ago [[The Unstoppable Four | The Unstoppable Four]] spent almost two weeks rampaging around the world, completely unopposed. Nothing it seemed …

  • M.E.L.I.S.S.A.

    M.E.L.I.S.S.A. is a member of the [[The Champions | The Champions]]. Being such an advanced A.I. android, M.E.L.I.S.S.A. is closely watched by [[:alpha-prime | Alpha Prime]] since the alien knows that her tech is not of native Earth origin. But even the …

  • Barricade

    Barricade is one of the founding members of [[The Champions | The Champions]]. After the death of his sister [[:teen-psyche | Teen Psych]] he is no longer a full-time member and operates mostly independently.

  • Anthony Indbur

    Anthony is a charismatic young man who, in only a few short years, has made his company a national force to be reckoned with. His background has so far remained a mystery to the public but few people seem bothered by this. He is a likable and trustworthy …