Century Station Timeline


From 186X until about twenty years ago:

  • Century Station was formed shortly after the U.S. Civil War, when the Diablo Verde silver vein was discovered.
  • A decade later the silver vein ran dry. Century Station re-purposed itself as a major shipping center.
  • Soon after, the city became a regional distribution center for all kinds of manufactured goods.
  • With time business owners decided to relocate their production facilities to the city itself.
  • For much of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Century Station thrived as a manufacturing town.
  • As overseas competition increased, nearly all the manufacturing plants eventually closed down. This left the large and crumbling city impoverished, virtually deserted in places, and stuck with a rapidly growing crime problem with no solution in sight.

From about twenty years ago until today, 20XX:

  • Twenty years ago the Daedalus Foundation selected Century Station as it’s target location for building the world’s first cold fusion reactor, a project they called Project Daedalus.
  • The city of Century Station was granted status as an autonomous District within the U.S.
  • In the face of opposition to his claims, Dr. Leopold Sarnhoff publically ran several successful, small scale experiments to prove that cold fusion was viable. The opposition backed down and Project Daedalus moved forward.
  • Eleven years ago the world’s first superhumans appeared, followed fairly swiftly by the world’s first superheroes.
  • Over the next few weeks people all across the world began to develop and exhibit superhuman powers.
  • For almost three years, the superhuman growth rate increased exponentially. Century Station was observed to have the highest growth rate in the world.
  • The cause for the superhuman phenomenon remained elusive. A gross side effect of Project Daedalus on a massive, worldwide scale was a favorite theory, but fingers were pointed everywhere. Several gvernments and companies jointly create and fund the Super Human Assistance and Research Division ( S.H.A.R.D.) to investigate and understand the phenomenom better.
  • Eight years ago there was a massive explosion in space above Century Station. Despite investigations conducted by several governments and S.H.A.R.D., the official explanation has remained dubious and unsatisfying.
  • The superhuman manifestation rate began to plateau.
  • Six years ago The Daedalus cold-fusion reactors were completed and powered up, unleashing incredible amounts of power which was then sold cheaply all across the grid for incredible profit. This benefited Century Station immeasurably.
  • Almost overnight Century Station became the foremost research center in the world, drawing brilliant scientists and high-tech industries to it from all over the world.
  • Century Station revisited its “glory days” as an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse.
  • Five years to the day after project Daedalus went fully on-line, the alien Alpha Prime arrived in the city and arrested Dr. Sarnhoff, whose real name was revealed to be Koguss Zere-Tovuxa.
  • A small legion of alien Mega-Heroes were called in by Alpha Prime to disassemble the Daedalus power plant. They then deactivated and confiscated all off-world technology Tovuxa had developed on Earth, as well as any “hybrid” technology that incorporated off-world principles of developments.
  • The Council of Industry formed and fueled anti-alien hysteria so their member companies could fill the voids in the city left behind by the removal of industries and technologies that had used alien tech.
  • Over the past year the CI has tried to fill those voids but despite its best efforts they have not revitalized the city nearly as much as they promised they could, and several of their members have pulled out of the city (and the Council) entirely.


  • The city of Century Station has been in a steep decline ever since Project Daedalus and all the associated industries were removed from the city. The police force is underfunded and understaffed while unemployment and crime are running rampant throughout the city. Despite the promises of the city’s politicians and the remaining Council of Industry members companies the city remains a sad, pale shadow of its former self.

Century Station Timeline

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