Charlie Kane Journals

Okay, first things first. The Journals. There are five of them, and they span an amount of time that starts less than a year after you first met him, to about a year ago.

Journal 1: A young Charlie Kane is excited to be traveling with the wizard/ archaeologist/ adventurer Alex Zela. They travel to various ancient sites around the world, exploring. Occasionally they find artifacts that usually get turned in to proper authorities, but there was one or two times that Alex kept the artifact because it was magical. Charlie wasn’t sure what he did with these artifacts, but the adventures he describes are very “Indiana Jones-ish.” To his dismay there’s very little magic learned during this time. There’s some gap between entries – he didn’t write every day.

Journal 2: Charlie’s older, and it’s a lot more of the same. Charlie deliberately does not describe the artifacts they do find and keep, and this is at Alex’s request. A large portion of this book is taken up describing the white city of Zerzura, which he writes that he and Alex stumbled upon during a particularly violent sandstorm. Once the sandstorm was over (it raged for three days), they left. The eternally sleeping king and queen, the black giants who guarded the gates, and the mythical oasis at the center of the city are described in detail. Charlie specifically mentions the quality, purity and taste of the water from the Oasis and for some time after they leave, bemoans that no other water ever tastes so pure. There’s some gap between entries – he didn’t write every day, except for his stay in Zerzura.

Journal 3: More of the same, but with more magical learning involved this time. No actual spell formulae are present but Charlie does describe spells and techniques he was taught during this time, both from Alex and from the mystics of Shambhala (this essentially completes his training to become a level 1 Mystic Study). Also notable is that he claims to have visited the grave of King Arthur on the island of Avalon, as well as having delved the depths of the caverns to visit Agartha. Charlie starts to voice his frustration that Alex just jumps gung-ho into situations without planning them out first, and how it’s led to some “close calls.” There’s some gap between entries – he didn’t write every day.

Journal 4: This journal begins like the others, and continues their adventures across the world in entries that have some time between them. In this edition they spy on the Nymphs of Nysa, walk with the maiden ghosts of Kyƶpelinvuori, visit the gates of Edinnu, as well as several real-world locations like Stonehenge, Easter Island, and Machu Picchu. Its in South America though that the narrative of the book changes – it’s in their travels here that they begin to discover a lost form of magic practiced by the ancient Nazcans. Entries are much more frequent and detailed, with notes listing their findings and experiments with the magic. However, it’s very scattered and not usable on its own to learn any spells from.

Journal 5: The last journal. This one continues where the last left off, and their knowledge of this magic is starting to make more sense as they talk about it. Charlie also mentions that he’s picked up enough to begin penning a manuscript which details their findings, and Alex was happy to have him record their find. Though Charlie was excited, Alex especially seemed to get “lost” in the adventure of rebuilding a lost branch of magic. Charlie remarks that Alex was becoming even more reckless than usual, and it worried him. The second to last entry talks about a temple which local legends indicated would reveal more Nazcan knowledge, and they manage to convince a local girl, Elena, to guide them there.

THE LAST ENTRY is very somber. Some time has passed, and Charlie narrates out the events of their temple visit. Alex, eager to proceed, ignored both Charlie’s and Elena’s warnings. Alex triggered some sort of magical trap which resulted in Elena becoming possessed by something powerful, and angry. Both Charlie and Alex found themselves fighting for their lives but Alex, perhaps due to bad luck, or maybe because he triggered the trap, was taken out early in the fight. This left Charlie trying to protect his mentor, his friend, while also fending off the powerful attacks of what he now believes was a fragment of a Nazcan or Peruvian god. Their battle caused great damage to the temple but it was Charlie’s unspecified actions which caused the temple to collapse on the possessed girl, Elena – killing her but at the same time allowing both himself and Alex to escape. From this point on the last page is just Charlie “wrapping things up” while in a hospital in Peru. He vents his frustration at what Alex caused and his belief that if Alex had been more careful and less of an eager adventurer then Elena might not have had to be buried in the rubble of that temple. He finishes by noting that when Alex awakens from his coma, he’ll say his goodbyes and return home to his family.

Charlie Kane Journals

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